Minecraft Horse Abilites Mods (best List 2021)


You want to improve the skills of your horse in Minecraft? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The Best Mods to improve the Abilities of your horse in Minecraft!

#5 mcMMO Horses

  • Increases the speed of your horse
  • Increases the chance of dodging attacks
  • Increases the health of your horse
  • Temporarily disables damages

#4 Horse Tweaks Minecraft Mod

  • Adds saddle upgrades
  • Reduces horse frustration
  • Adds more than ten new saddles to Minecraft

#3 MyHorse Minecraft Mod

#2 Callable Horses

  • Press a key to call your horse
  • Working in Minecraft 1.16!

#1 Stupid Horse Stand Still Mod

  • Working in Minecraft 1.17!

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