Minecraft Anime Mods


It is no secret that gamers love watching animes. And if you are a Minecraft fan, you will definitely love having anime mods in Minecraft! So here are the top 5 anime mods in Minecraft, specially handpicked for anime lovers:

List of the top 5 Anime Mods in Minecraft

Kanto Pokemon World – Like in the Anime


Created by: Eisenbahn

This minecraft anime mods must-have transforms your map into Kanto, a region from the Pokemon world. The creator has developed landscapes to look exactly like the map from the anime. Everything from the landscapes and towns to the forests is exactly like in the anime. It features the Safari Zone, Cerulean, Vermillion, Celadon and many other places built with perfection to resemble the Kanto world. So if you are a Pokemon fan, this mod is a definite must-have for you!


Anime Meme Pack Minecraft Mod


Created by: Cryiingemoji

Anime themed mods are cool but imagine a mod where everything is filled with anime memes and references. Now that is SUPER cool, right? This resource pack mod includes mobs, blocks, items, tools, paintings and alot more, all based on one or another character/theme of animes. How awesome is that? A whole Minecraft world full of different anime references. Get your hands on this fun and exciting mod now to see what I’m talking about!


[1.7.10] Naruto C – based on the Naruto anime [WIP]


Created by: JinRyuu

The Naruto C mod, as the name suggests, is a Naruto themed mod that changes your appearance into a Naruto character, learn new skills, run in the signature Naruto run style, choose your power types and change their intensity (you can even play around with your Chakra power). With a huge number of Naruto themed blocks, items, weapons and tools, you are in for a wholesome Naruto experience. 


Naruto Anime mod Final History


Created by: Nerante

This mod is a modification to the original Matioks Naruto Anime mod. The modified version introduces a lot of cool stuff for Naruto lovers like Jogan, Six Path, Chakra, Rinnegan, Tenseigan and much more. So get your hands on this mod if you have played Matioks Naruto Anime mod (or not) and get a much better Naruto experience in Minecraft! 


Delleys Minecraft Anime Mod


Created by: Pinkzombiecupcakes

This yet another Naruto themed minecraft anime mods must-have adds NPC’s from the Naruto anime including Minato, Madara, Deidara, Ace and Brook. In addition to the NPC’s, the mod also adds ramen as a food item in the game. There are many more additions including some weapons from the anime such as Hidan’s Scythe, Zabuza’s sword and Kisame’s sword. So fill your world with Naruto based characters, items and stuff and live your Naruto fantasies in Minecraft! 


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