Minecraft Rift Mods: The MUST-have list!


If you ever feel like that the base Minecraft experience isn’t cutting it anymore, especially the post-Alpha experience, then these Rift mods will surely spice up your gameplay. Rift is a modding API library, mod loader, and overall a tool that makes it easier for API modding to be optimized into the game. We’ve compiled our top picks for the best Rift mods that you’ll need this year. 

Light Overlay (Rift/Forge/Fabric)


Created by: Mychqqq

Although this mod doesn’t work well with optifine, Light Overlay is an overall good choice of mod when it comes to customizing the light effects and illumination, especially with the caching, reach, and smooth lines. It makes the light a bit more refined and less dull. 


Minecraft Mod: “Rift”


Created by: Tony1991

Well, before you can even do anything with these mods, Rift is the mod that you need. Yes, this mod. Rift is basically a loader tool that allows API modding to be easier and lightweight without having to go over so many steps. 


Minecraft Ender-Rift Mod


Gameversion: CB 1.2.5-R2.0

The Ender Rift is a mod that allows you to have an infinite amount of storage and micromanage them while automating items. You no longer need to go over so many panels since you can also do that here. You need to power up this rift for it to work. 


Stacking Dimensional Rifts


Gameversion: 1.7.2

This mod will allow you to create a series or a stack of rift in between each dimensions, making it plausible to make an endless portal that you can access to go across each rift with little to no difficulty.


Midnight Rifting Machine


Created by: Suzz86

Rifts are pretty much rare in the vanilla game. With this mod in your game, it’s fairly easy for you to access the rift by setting it up and waiting til the midnight. 


Minecraft “Rifts” Mod


Created by: Azarian

This Rift modpack with several files inside that contains a large amount of environmental, gameplay, and hud changes. This modpack also includes a lot of mods that are compatible with Rift and aside from that, you can choose which mods are going to the game and which mods are being benched. 


Dimensional Rift


Gameversion: 1.12.1

Dimensional Rift is basically a quality of life mod that will allow you to explore and go on an adventure in various rifts and planes. This pack contains Aether Legacy, the amazing VoidCraft, Glacidus, AbyssalCraft, and many more. If you ever think of picking this mod, you’ll never regret it. 


Simple Light Overlay (Rift/Forge)


Created by: Yevic

This simple light overlay mod is made specifically for low end computers, which makes it viable to play on most devices. It’s an overlay light effect, nothing new. 




Created by: Helfane

Riftin is another modpack, although it isn’t as heavy as the previous modpack in the list. Riftin carries a significant amount of changes with the least gamebreaking mechanics so far.


League of Legends – 1.12.2 – Summoner’s Rift


Created by: UncleThaodan

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Summoner’s Rift. This toxic hellhole is completely playable on Minecraft with the same mechanics as the league game. It’s pretty good because it’s playable on Minecraft. It goes so well with skin mods.


Moonlight’s Minecraft Rift Mod


Created by: Brevi Elfendrago and Spikethedragonlord

Moonlight Rift is a pretty small mod that will allow you to add a significant portion of the Rift’s mechanics in the game but it’s not very complex and very easy to understand. 


And one last Minecraft Rift Mod to conclude!


Created by: Phosphor

It’s a Rift Minecraft skin, nothing new except the hideous face. 


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