The Best Minecraft Planet Maps (The Full List)


Minecraft Planet maps are one of those maps that are always given less regard due to story maps that are almost in comparison, has a larger world building scale compared to regular maps which are, more often than not, a little bit too stiff and small in comparison. Anyway, here are the top Minecraft planet maps that will take you to various places in the world, both fantasy and IRL. 

Top 24 Minecraft Planet Maps

The #1 Minecraft Planet Maps Item: Planet Progression


Gameversion: 1.10.2

If you love space and everything that goes around with it, here’s for you astronomy nerds. Planet Progression is a No Man Sky-esque planetary and space exploration map. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in a pseudo and real engineering and science whilst making sure that you’ll be able to have the best experience when it comes to the vibe of the outer space. 


Adventure Map Pack


Created by: Sir Vancelot

Minecraft Adventure Map pack is a jampacked with tons of adventure maps for you to explore. One of the game’s features includes “The Treasure of Planet X”, which a recreation of the Treasure Planet movie, if you’re ever aware of that. This map will not only transport you to various maps, but will also let you experience otherworldly fantasy adventure


Minecraft Dayz Standalone Map (DZCRAFT)

Created by: Skyline LP

This map is basically just like playing DayZ on Minecraft. It’s a survival simulator and action game where you’re gonna be hunted not just by the zombies, but humans alike, especially since you’re all trying to survive. In this map, you’re gonna need to micromanage everything since you’re pretty much not gonna survive the long haul if you’re gonna end up dying whilst scrapping items. 


Cube World Minecraft Mod V2


Created by: Tyken132

Cube World V2 is the second installment of this cubic world that’s both gorgeous symmetrically-pleasing to the eye. This world will let you experience how it’s like to live in a box, outside of it, unless you decided to live inside of it. This Cube World is something so bizarre yet perplexing enough to be beautiful. 


Scary Halloween Coaster


Created by: BrauhausDerHoffnung

A Halloween map created solely for the most thrilling ride of your life as it’s flashing before your eyes. I mean, not in a bad way, per se. This scary halloween coaster map will surely leave make your soul leave the Earth and enter the outer planes. 


Space Architect Mod


Created by: Scamper3396

Space Architect is a Space Engineers version of the game in Minecraft. Albeit it’s not a Space Engineers game, it has the same gameplay mechanics that are quite similar and unique in its own way. Space Architect will make you an astronaut in the game, equipped with the power of science and engineering as you build colonies and spaceships that will help you traverse the expansive outer space. 


PMC Plaza – Planet Minecraft Server Spawn [1.8+]


Created by: Master Artist

PMC Plaza is a Planet Minecraft server spawn map, which was mad eby Master Artist, along with several other players, which serves as a lobby for the community and also serves a rendezvous point for most of the game meetings, especially during events and celebrations. 


The Golden Coaster Mod


Created by: CrespoChimp

If you think there’s nothing more scarier than getting into a Scary Halloween Coaster, then prepare yourself because The Golden Coaster will surely make your Minecraft riding spree hell with the intricate rail designs. What’s more, this golden coaster is really, really long and expansive, which will eventually turn your gears to the extreme, giving you that otherworldly experience. 


Lava Planet Battle Arena Mod


Created by: oblivionraider

Lava Planet is a battle arena map made for people who loves to trip other people into the flaming and burning hot lava. Basically, this map is the phrase “The floor is lava, except you’re not gonna be parkouring your way into the map, but like, killing everyone until you can trap them into the lava chambers. 


Sky Block (Minecraft Planet Maps)


Created by: Poluti0n

SkyBlock is, well, probably Obi Wan’s favourite resting place. This floating high ground will be one of Anakin’s demise due to the how intricately simple its design is. SkyBlock will let you experience what it’s like to live in the gamer capital of Columbia, just like the BioShock Infinite city. 


Outpost 11 – Ice Planet Colony Map


Created by: Momentaneously

Outpost 11 is an Ice Planet colony map. If you’ve ever watched Interstellar, Dr. Mann’s planet is the one with the icy winter wonderland, in which you’ll literally die due to how it’s impossible to get oxygen from the planet, which emits ammonia for breakfast. 


Pokeball 1.0 – Home of the Pokemon Map


Created by: CEdMarten

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live inside one of those torture device called Pokeballs? Well, you’re in luck, you can immerse yourself inside this spherical prison where the only time you can go out is when you’re forced to fight against your kin. But don’t worry, we don’t do animal torture here. Home of Pokemon is simply a Minecraft map in which you’ll be able to experience the life of a party animal. 


Sky Islands Minecraft Map


Created by: Minecave

If you’ve heard or played SkyBlocks already, and you ever feel like you’ve been grinding for nothing, well, guess what? Sky Islands is here to save your Minecrafting days. Sky Islands is basically, a better SkyBlocks and less painfarming. This minecraft planet maps item will immerse you in a world full of blocks in the farthest reaches of the skies. Be a king in your floating islands or be a peasant in the lowly farmlands of your castle. It’s up to you how you’ll make your way with this. 


Solar System – Huge Scale Minecraft Map


Created by: Capp00

Created by Capp00, this Solar System replica will make sure you’re gonna be learning everything that is to learn about our home star system. The only reason why this map isn’t popular is because you nerds keep on playing RPG maps, but seriously, you should try this one. The map features each planet in our system and it works as an educational tool that will help you later. 


Lucia C 703 Station Minecraft Map


Created by: MrBatou

An original creation by MrBatou, this space station is made solely for the representation of what it’s like to be a Tier 2 civilization. The alien looking designs ain’t from Earth, but the vibe that you’ll get from playing one is like an advanced version of it. 


Galactic City – Star Wars Map


Created by: artathecanadian

Fan of the Star Wars, especially the series? Well, this Coruscant representation in the Minecraft community has made its way into our servers. Join thousands of SW fans as they play with the map’s complex design and state of the art accurate display of the said planet.


The Death Star – Star Wars Map


Created by: artathecanadian

If you think you’re going out of the Star Wars train ride, no. This Death Star representation is so good, you might Alderaaning every single planet in existence due to how accurate and well-made this map is. It really makes you feel like it’s a trap or something that fish general in the republic said. 


Planet Impossible – Survival map with Mods


Created by: IndianaCrafting

Do you think it’s possible to survive the game if everything’s against you? If you answered yes, you might need to rethink that. Planet Impossible is a survival map that will pit you against the world, making sure that you won’t be having so much as a rest to give you time to recuperate or anything close to a total recovery. This world is a punishing one so you must steel yourself as if you’re a sword. 


Huge Restored Strong Hold Minecraft Planet Maps Item


Created by: SmallzE

SmallzE’s restoration will rival any of the restoration gods of any kind of forgery. This Stronghold holds a lot of secrets and one of the most puzzling maps you’ll have in this list. 




Created by: Bam55555

Planetoids is a weird but oddly satisfying map filled with, well, planet-shaped islands that makes up the whole world. If you’re into that kind of thing, well, feel free to play in this map. It’s a pretty fun one and its emphasis are purely into the maps overall looks that makes it feel like you’re playing inside an alien planet. 


Kingston Flyer Rollercoaster


Created by: Poedew

This map isn’t just any kind of coaster map, it’s a really, really exhilirating ride between adrenaline and the excitement of dying from disastrous start of the cart trails. Kingston Flyer Rollercoaster will drive you insane with its insane designs and gorgeous setup that will test even the mightiest of theme park riders. 


The Red Dragon Coaster Map


Created by: CrespoChimp

If Kingston Flyer didn’t kill your excitement already, then here’s another one. The Red Dragon Coaster is a another coaster map that will take you to heights you’ve never been before. 


Luke’s First House Pack


Created by: C0smicCow

I seriously have no idea who the hell is Luke, but this map is packed with a lot of things that might luke interesting. Haha, get it? Look = luke? No? Well, this map is packed with what it seems like a fantasy setup that has a medieval theme attached  to it. It’s a pretty standard design for an RPG-esque towns. 


One last hiddem Minecraft Planet Maps gem:

The Planetoids Minecraft Planet Maps Item


Created by: safwaan1234

Planetoids but like, underwater. There’s nothing significant about this map except for the bodies of water since it’s pretty much non-existent in the first map .


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