The Most Awesome Minecraft Mining Mods


Here is a list of the best Minecraft mining mods! Mining does not always have to be boring and mundane. You can always add adventurous and convenient mods to make your mining experience worthwhile. Here’s a list of the best Minecraft Mining mods.

List of the Top 20 Awesome Minecraft Mining Mods

#20 Mining Gadgets (1.16+)

The Mining Gadgets mod is one of the best mining mods for all those miners who are looking for something extraordinary to make their mining experience worthwhile. Other than pickaxes, drills, bores, robots, and quarries, now you have mining lasers, a modern gadget to take things up a notch for you. You can charge these lasers once their batteries run out, to get a true real-life vibe. 

Download here

#19 Better Mining Mod

minecraft mining mods - better mining

Created by: MtnDewey

The Better Mining Mod is yet again a mod designed to make your mining experience better. This mod introduces many unique tools and addons to mining such as a flare gun, a grappling hook, a miner helmet, and many new ores including the Sapphire and Ruby ores. My personal favorite tool in this mod is the miner helmet that provides you with infinite night vision to help you see in the dark. You won’t even need to place torches anymore! How cool is that?!

Download here

#18 Mining Goggles

Created by: Vonwarr

Okay so imagine how easy life would be if you could visualize ores before actually rendering them to see what they would look like! Brace yourself because this Mining Goggles mod actually lets you do that. By using these goggles, you can render ores visually. So get your hands on this extremely practical and handy mod now!

Download here

#17 MiningTNT


Do you know how using TNT at certain spots damages the areas around it? Well, you don’t have to grieve over that loss anymore as this mod is specifically designed to target only the selected areas, meaning that the TNT would only affect what you want it to. The mining TNT mod makes a huge difference to your gameplay by making things easier. It has many more features that are pretty useful while mining.

Download here

#16 MiningLib

Created by: Nishtra

The MiningLib mod is yet another addition to the mods that are specifically designed to make mining easier for you. This mod is a library mod developed for MiningMark48’s mods. Click on the download link below to get your hands on this mod.

Download here

#15 PowerMining

This mining mod is a plugin that introduces two new items to make mining easier for you. A Hammer and an Excavator. Both of these items can dig in a 3×3 area around the targeted block. These items also take into consideration the block face to figure out the direction where they will break. The Base Item figures out what to dig so that it does not break blocks if they are going to be destroyed. Pretty convenient, right?

Download here

#14 MiningTweaks

MiningTweaks is a pretty simple mod that lets you modify the hardness and the mining level of all blocks from the vanilla game or other mods through the config file. You can learn about changing the behavior of blocks by reading the description of config files. 

Download here

#13 Night Vision Mining Hats

Created by: ceknh311

This mod is yet another night vision mod that offers night vision hats to let you see ahead. So say goodbye to darkness and embrace night vision with these mining hats that come in iron, gold, and diamond variants. 

Download here

#12 Auto Utilities: Vein Mining


Created by: TheWii

The Auto Utilities mod makes your work A LOT easier by instantly mining the entire ore veins if you break only one ore. So say goodbye to hard work with this mod that provides a lot of utility and also discounts your tool damage while giving you the same amount of XP. The mod can be used with vanilla ores and other data packs that are ore-centric.

Download here

#11 Vein Mining Datapack

Created by: Firebug

This is yet another Minecraft mining mods download that focuses on breaking the entire veins instantly. On top of an enchantment table, drop a block of lapis and iron/diamond pick (when you have 10 levels) to enchant it with the ability to break entire veins at once. The ores however do not drop XP in this mod. This mining mod is a very smooth one with no lags whatsoever. 

Download here

#10 Borderless Mining

Created by: Plumbobfae

The Borderless Mining mod gets rid of the fullscreen option so that you can have a borderless window to fill the screen, meaning that you can play Minecraft on one monitor and use another on to run other programs (because the game usually minimizes if you unfocus it). So this mod is a real game-changer as you can both work and play at the same time. 

Download here

#9 Harder Branch Mining

Game version: 1.7.10

This mining mod is actually a bit different than the rest as it takes things to a whole new level, a rather difficult one. The Harder Branch Mining provides you with tools to turn branch mining into a challenge. You can make things more difficult by controlling the horizontal, and vertical, depths, tools, items, and ore blocks! This is a perfect addition for those who love challenges. 

Download here

#8 Mining Machine


Created by: HoolOfTheNorth

The Mining Machine mod makes your mining experience automated by adding many new cool machines without needing to type any pesky commands. You don’t even need to build machines because they are set up automatically! Just add some fuel into them and let the machines do all the digging!

Download here

#7 Mining Lantern

Created by: thaalesalves

Another must-have for your Minecraft mining mods inventory: Illuminate your dark paths by getting your hands on this lantern. This simple yet crucial Mining Lantern will cast light from the player to lighten up the surroundings. Since this is not a real Minecraft light, it won’t stop the mobs from spawning. The lantern changes texture when it is on or off, and can even be spotted on others’ backs. You can activate the lantern using a configured key to turn it off or on. 

Download here

#6 Mining Overhaul

Created by: rowan662

This Forge mod gets rid of the vanilla ore and generates the ore types as new blocks that drop “chunks”. By crafting 9 chunks into a mesh, you can shove it into the furnace and get yourself an ingot! This mod also adds new ores such as copper, tin, tungsten, bauxite, and many new tools as well.

You can craft 9 of these chunks into the corresponding mesh of the ore. Put this mesh in the furnace and you get your ingot! So make your vanilla experience more challenging and lively!

Download here

#5 The Mining Mod


Game version: 1.12.2

With more than a whopping 45k downloads, this simple yet fun mod is an absolute favorite. This basic mod adds new tools and armors. Here’s what it includes:

  • Sapphire ore, with tool and armor sets
  • Ruby ore, with tool and armor sets
  • Copper ore used to make bronze
  • Tin ore used to make bronze
  • Bronze, with tool and armor sets
  • Mithril, with tool and armor sets
  • Silver, with tool and armor sets

You can find the recipes here.

Download here

#4 Safe Mining

This role-playing survival game will allow you to keep your findings safe from thieves by directly adding them to the player’s inventory. But if your inventory is full (good work, miner), the blocks will drop on the ground. The mod also introduces sound effects and works for all kinds of ores.  

Download here

#3 The Mining Dead


This modpack is hands down the BEST mining pack that is full of adventures and fun. You can visit multiple dimensions in this Minecraft mining mods download including Twilight Forest, the Beneath, Simple Void and so many more. The fun doesn’t even end there! This mod comes with all the standard 1.12.2 mods to provide you with a complete fun package. And if you want to return to reality, you can always head back to the overworld to dig! 

Download here

#2 Ore Excavation

Ore Excavation is a famous utility mod that allows you to mine the same blocks in just one go. You can either mine a big coal vein, to an entire spruce tree within five seconds! But your tools’ durability will be reduced by the exact amount it takes to actually harvest the blocks.

You can adjust this mod so it can serve you the best. For example, you can blacklist any block you don’t want this function to work on like stone. Or change the configured key to use this special ability.

Download here

#1 MiningCash

Let’s conclude the best Minecraft mining mods list with this one: The MiningCash mod is a basic plugin that gives you cash every time you mind ores so you can feel rewarded for your hard-earned work. It grants you dynamic amounts of money whose value can be changed by the configuration. So get your hands on this mod to earn something in return for all the mining you do!

Download here


How do I use Veinminer mod?

By default, the Veinminer activate button is either the shift key, control key, or grave key. In some circumstances, you may need to press and hold that button instead of just pressing it. And to make your life easier, Veinminer allows you to change the activate button in the Control setting menu.

What mod gives you more ores?

There are plenty of mods that add new ores to Minecraft such as More Ores in ONE, Gobber, Ores Above Diamonds, Extra Ores, Basic Nether Ores, Base Metals, Ore Sheep, Metallurgy, Bedrock Ores, and Rhodonite. And if you want to experience furthermore, try some modpack like Tekkit and FTB series.

What mod adds nether ores?

You can try Basic Nether Ores or Nether Ores mod. Not only do they add a nether variation of vanilla Minecraft ores, but they also add new nether ores such as tin and copper.


That’s the end of the list of the best Minecraft mods! Through those awesome modifications for mining in Minecraft, you’re finally can strip mine all day long without boring! Prepare your fortune pickaxe and be ready to dive into large ore deposits as well as other cave systems!

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