Minecraft Girl Skins you need to have!


Well, you’ve read the title. These skin collections will definitely turn you into the most beautiful miner in all of Minecraft universe. Here are our top picks for the best Minecraft girl skins that will surely make your life a little bit more beautiful. 

Top 14 Best Minecraft Girl Skins

Minecraft Girl Skins Item #1


Created by: TheSansTheSkeleton

Wearing one of the top outfits of 2013, this girl skin will turn your regular miner Steve into one of the most emo-looking girl in town, with the hip outfit that makes everyone buy the same copy of dress and miniskirt combo in the nearest Walmart. 


Huntress v2


Created by: pandaraze

The hunter of the forest is a girl and this skin will turn you into one. If you’re familiar with these rangers, you’ll probably heard of Brave’s protagonist, Merida. She’s quite a unique design. This huntress is pretty much similar to Dota’s Alleria. 


Wolf Girl


Created by: DJ_Thunder

This skin will turn your silent-type, brick stone carrier, serious-looking Steve into a cute “wolf” girl. Now with high rise fashion boots.


Cute Minecraft Girl Skins Item


Created by: Pandau

This cute girl skin will turn you into a cute girl, which wears one of those traditional peasant dress from the 17th century Victorian fashion. 


Fox Minecraft Girl Skin


Created by: DJ_Thunder

It’s pretty much just a reskin and recolor of the wolf girl design with little to no details added. 


Baby Girl~


Created by: cherryblossom239

If you ever feel like you’re one of those bratty kids, then this skin is perfect for you. Introducing Baby Girl, no idea why it’s called like that, but those cookie designs on this skin is something. 


Rainbow Teen


Created by: akashi

Finally, a fashionable skin. This rainbow teen design will help you become one of the most gorgeous-looking female in town by wearing one of the most eye-catching shirt design. 


Bikini Girl


Created by: BlackLotusMember

This bikini girl design pretty much resembles Ariel from Little Mermaid, minus the jellyfish bra and the fish tails. 


Blue Baby Unicorn Girl


Created by: UnicornPower4Eva

A really cute design, this skin will turn you into a blue baby unicorn girl. If you’ve watched enough MLP and you’re one of the MLPbros that doesn’t store figurines inside a jar, then you’re gonna love this design. 


Tumblr girl


Created by: PotatoAddy

The ultimate tumblr fashion in the peak of 2012 to 2014. This tumblr girl skin will make you’re gonna reblog every single copy-pasted lyrics of My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, and Paramore ever minute. 


Adventurer girl v2


Created by: pandaraze

A really neat design made for the adventurous soul, this skin will pretty much will be your standard camping and hiking outfit if you ever need to go outside and get some mushrooms. 


Flower Girl Minecraft Girl Skin


Created by: stinkymonkey4u21

The Instagram filter made an outfit and it’s one of those iconic designs you’ll see in 2018 during the rise of the flower crowns. 


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