Minecraft More Mobs Mod: 20+ Fantasy Creatures in Minecraft

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Do you love to explore your world? Or do you want to create a world with more exciting Mobs? In this article, let’s look at our best Minecraft More Mobs mod!

Minecraft More Mobs Mod

In addition to the basic Mobs in the regular Mod version such as chickens, cows, skeletons, zombies, dragons, etc., This More Mobs Mod brings more difference compared to Alex’s mobs mod. Each of them has its own objects, new blocks, structures, and characters to explore. Explore the dynamics and capabilities of each entity! There are a total of 24 added mobs, there is a lot of content worth following and experiencing!

Let’s Explore Minecraft More Mobs Mod!

You may find some mobs are harder to kill, but they aren’t bosses. Also, those mobs tend to be mystical creatures rather than normal animals like elephants, squid, rats, crocodile, duck, or snakes. To have better animals with tons of new animals and spawn egg, you could check out Animania Mods here.

#1 Shroomling

This is a passive mod. When they encounter the player, they often run away in fear. Shroomlings can spawn in groups. This type of mob can hide in the Mushroom Fields. They are common and rarely appear in the Roofed forest. It’s not too difficult to kill them. If you kill them, you will drop some shrooms. But we don’t recommend killing this mob, as this just wastes the durability of your sword!

#2 Goblins

Green like creepers, the goblin is an aggressive mob. They have a difference in color and don’t do much damage. Goblins spawn in groups and concentrate mainly in forests, goblin villages… Be careful of these guys as they will attack players and villagers. They will drop their skin when they die.

#3 Ghost

Ghost basically has nothing outstanding. They are aggressive mobs that like to attack players. They can hover and are immune to potion and fire effects. Lives mainly in the Nether and will drop Gunpowder upon death.

#4 Skeleshrooms

These are basically skeletons with no weapons, just mushroom caps on their heads. They are aggressive mobs but can’t really do anything to us. Their biomes are mushroom fields. They burn easily in daylight and will drop bones upon death.

#5 Troll

These are aggressive and dangerous mobs. Because the advantage deals high damage and has a lot of health, they often attack the player. Your best option is to run away if you see them. This type of mob rarely spawns. When they die, they don’t drop anything spectacular, only Obsidian drops.

#6 Vampire

Vampires are aggressive mobs and can burn in broad daylight. They hide almost everywhere, attacking villagers and even Iron Golems. When a Vampire dies, it will drop a Vampire Fang that can be used to mix bottle blood. Basically, use any potion and put a vampire fang next to it, you can get a bottle of blood. You will get night and good power if you drink the blood of vampires.

#7 Flying Eye

Flying Eye is an aggressive mob type. It can fly and is immune to fire. They attack the player but do not pose much of a threat. Live in the Nether and when they die, they will drop Glowstone Dust.

#8 Ender Beast

Ender Beast is a neutral mob. They spawn on the outer islands but rarely spawn. You need to be careful when fighting them because they have very high damage and have a lot of health. They will drop Ender Pearls when they die and collect them to add items right into the mode!

#9 Magma Snail

Magma Snail is a defensive mob. They have the ability to be immune to fire and burn the player if we encounter them. Special leave fire and drop Magma cream when they die. Their biome is the Nether.

#10 Tree Stalkers

This is an aggressive mob and has many variations. They are actually great textured stalkers. Especially like to attack players. They will drop Logs and live in different Biomes depending on the variant type.

#11 Wooly Cow

Wooly Cows are just cows with relatively different textures. They are passive mobs, spawn in groups, and are afraid of being attacked by someone. Lives mainly in the Snowy Taiga, Snowy Mega Taiga. Take the wheat in your hand if you want it to follow you. If you kill them, you will get Raw Beef and Light Orange Wool.

#12 Cactoise

Cactoise is considered a defensive mob that carries the variant of turtles. They spawn in desert biomes, possibly immune to cacti. You can hold the cane in your hand if you want them to follow you. When they die, they will drop a cactus, but it’s best not to kill them, simply because they’re cute.

#13 Goat

Goat is a passive but very interesting mob. They are mostly immune to damage, but fear buckets of water and panic when attacked. You can make them follow you by holding carrots or apples in your hand. When you kill them, they will drop Raw Mutton and Beige Wool.

#14 Headcrab

Headcrab is an aggressive mob that lives in swamps at night. They usually spawn in groups. They are immune to damage, often jumping on players to attack them. When you kill them, they will drop Rotten Flesh.

#15 Ghoul

Ghoul is just a faster version of a zombie. They live in arid biomes such as deserts at night. Because they are aggressive mobs, they often attack the player. When they die they will drop Rotten Flesh and Bones.

#16 Stone Golem

This is an aggressive mob that lives in the mountains or underground. They rarely spawn, are immune to fire, and deal high damage to the player. When killed they will drop Cracked Stone Bricks.

#17 Hornet

Hornets deal very high damage when in groups. If you attack them, you will receive poison effects. When meeting you they will still attack because of the aggressive nature of this mob. If you kill them, you will get a Stinger which is used for crafting Poisonous Dagger.

#18 Hornet Larva

Hornet Larva is an aggressive mob type. They attack the player at a very fast speed but don’t do much damage to us. But we should not attack them because they have high damage, especially in groups. It’s not easy to deal with when we face a swarm of them. When they die they don’t drop anything at all!

#19 Piranha

Piranha in this mod version does not give much impression but it is still quite good basically. As an aggressive mob, they are like other aggressive mobs that attack players, spawn in groups and live in the Deep Oceans. They are not really a big threat as they are very slow. When the Piranha dies they will drop Raw Piranha which can be cooked.

#20 Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox is a passive mob and is extremely afraid of the player. In survival mode, they will try to run away if they see the player. They spawn in groups and usually live in the desert. Aside from their cute looks, they don’t drop anything.

#21 Fungus Zombie

Similar in shape to Shroomlings, but aggressive and has a Zombie variant. They can attack the player at any time, even Shroomlings. They will drop Red Mushroom if killed.

#22 Snow Growler

Still an aggressive mob but still cute. When approached, they will shoot snowballs at both the player and the Snow Golem. But we can use Shield to dodge. Snow Growler lives in Snow Taiga and Ice Spikes (Night). They will drop Snow Block on death.

#23 Ominous Shadow

Ominous Shadow spawns only active underground or in dark caves. Ordinarily, it is also dark. When they encounter the player, they will attack again. If we destroy them, we will collect Shadow Shard (used to make shadow tools).

#24 Spider Queen

This is an aggressive type of Miniboss. They live in spider burrows and spawn there. They have the ability to deal high damage, have a lot of health, and are easy to attack the player. You will get a lot of experience points if you kill this monster.

Download Minecraft More Mobs Mod

To get new mobs for your vanilla Minecraft mystical world, you can download More Mobs Mod right below!

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We have outlined Minecraft More Mobs and hopefully, those fantasy creatures can help make your Minecraft overworld alive! If you’re looking for things to decorate your houses, check out those awesome Minecraft furniture mods! And happy playing!

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