Top Best 19 Skyrim oblivion mods of All time


Skyrim and Oblivion are the two most popular games to be released by Bethesda till date. But what if you could enjoy both the games at once? Check out these 19 Skyrim Oblivion mods to get the best of both worlds.

Skyrim Oblivion mods
Image Credits: MurderWrath

The Elder Scrolls series has three games released so far, with fans looking towards the future of the series. However, many of us can still not get enough of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim. The two games made it to the list of the most popular PC games so far, and rightly so. Most of the franchise fans have played all of the three games, especially Oblivion and Skyrim. And if you are a series fan, you may be looking for a way to get the most of both worlds.

If so, we have something in store for you. While the Skyblivion project is still in the works, where the creators are rebuilding and porting Cyrodiil with all of its characters, locations, and quests to Skyrim and Skyrim SE, we have the next best thing for you.

For this article, we decided to find the best Skyrim Oblivion mods of all time for you. So let’s take a look at the works of the best modders in Skyrim and bring Oblivion (or at least some parts of it) to life in Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition.

Top 19 Skyrim Oblivion Mods

#1 Oblivion and Morrowind Soundtrack

Skyrim oblivion mods
Credits: adidertulpendieb

This mod adds music from Morrowind and Oblivion to Skyrim without replacing the vanilla Skyrim music. However, do note that the mod itself does not add any of the music from Oblivion or Morrowind, as doing so would mean going against copyright laws.

This only works if you own the music from Morrowind or Oblivion. If you own the music, you can place it in the Skyrim folder for it to work. The Oblivion music is usually played in the forests, cities, and dungeons. Whereas Morrowind music is played around the coasts and swamps.

As far as the battle music is concerned, it will only be played in encounters with low-level enemies. For the bosses in game, the mod will play the original Skyrim soundtrack as it fits better.

Download the Oblivion and Morrowind Soundtrack mod now for Skyrim.

#2 The Oblivion Realms Series – The Gate of Solitude

The Oblivion Realms Series - The Gate of Solitude
Image Credits: MurderWrath

The Oblivion Realms Series brings a whole new Oblivion adventure to Skyrim. The Gate of Solitude is the chapter one of this series of mods, where you will be running into the Dremora hordes if you are level 35 or above. These interactions will take place in the wastelands of Oblivion. While you can bring along a follower with you, only do so if you are ready to accept their date, which can be death.

You, as a Dragonborn, will be asked to explore a strange mystery taking place around Solitude, where people report unusual sunsets happening in the blink of an eye and in the middle of the day. These sunsets vanish just as quickly as they appear.

So if you accept the challenge and want to explore what the rumors are about, we suggest that you play at a higher difficulty level for the best experience. We would also advise you not to fast travel to Solitude and only approach it from the outside.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Click on the mod page below to check the mod requirements.

Download The Oblivion Realms Serie – The Gate of Solitude mod now for Skyrim.

#3 Oblivion Gates

Oblivion Gates
Image Credits: MCR

If you are a fan of the ruined gates in Oblivion, then you are in luck today. This mod adds the ruined Oblivion Gates to Skyrim. These gates are placed at various locations throughout the province. However, do note that these gates are only added for show and won’t take you to anywhere as they are ruined and closed.

So if you are tired of looking at the same old ancient ruins in Skyrim and want something newer, add the Oblivion Gates to Skyrim. Each of these high-textured gates has its own travel/map markers.

Download the Oblivion Gates mod for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#4 Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons for Skyrim

Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons for Skyrim
Image Credits: Gizmodian

This mod adds random Oblivion weapons to Skyrim and Skyrim SE. Although these resources were originally created for Oblivion by the mod creator, they have been ported for Skyrim and Skyrim SE too. You can find the weapons in Whiterun at the Drunken Huntsman, lying in a yellow urn at a seller counter on the left of the entrance.

All of these items are owned by the player and two of them are dual-wieldable. You can dual wield a second item by opening the console with [~], typing help “[WEAPON-NAME]” 0, and using the Page Up and Page Down buttons to scroll through the items. Once you have selected the desired resource, type “player.additem [CODE] 1”.

Download the Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#5 The Oblivion Realms Series – Morthal Pain

The Oblivion Realms Series - Morthal Pain
Image Credits: mannygt

Chapter two of The Oblivion Realms Series, Morthal Pain is a Skyrim mod that adds a new Oblivion-themed quest to Skyrim where you will be in an endless fight against the Deadra. This standalone mod requires level 38, where you will be faced with a new evil from Oblivion.

You are to protect a mysterious evil Master who is about to curse the entire Tamriel into damnation by using the Gates, both as catalysts and connection to send Tamriel to the Void. While you can take along followers on the journey, you are responsible for their survival. For an ultimate experience, we suggest that you play at a high difficulty level.

In addition to this adventurous quest, the mod also adds custom sounds and music themes, items, secret locations, loot, features, and bug fixes. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this super fun mod today!

Download The Oblivion Realms Series – Morthal Pain mod now for Skyrim.

#6 Oblivion Artifact Pack

Oblivion Artifact Pack
Image Credits: Watcherzero

This mod pack adds several artifacts from Oblivion to Skyrim and Skyrim SE, including weapons, armor pieces, and more. Some items added by this mod include the Blackwater Blade, The Redwave, the Escutcheon of Chorrol, the Draconian Madstone, and others. In addition to these items, the mod also adds all-new, fully-textured skill books to Skyrim that have information on how they got to Skyrim.

For this mod to work, you will need the Hearthfire, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard official DLCs. To learn about the locations of each of these items, you can find a journal in coc Qasmoke. You can also check the locations of each of these items on the mod page.

Download the Oblivion Artifact Pack now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE

#7 Spellbreaker Oblivionized Retexture in HD

Spellbreaker Oblivionized Retexture in HD
Image Credits: zzjay

This mod for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition retextures the spellbreaker by adding the Oblivion color scheme. It is an HD texture pack that overhauls the spellbreaker so that it looks more like that in Oblivion. It also increases the resolution of the specular map.

Download the Spellbreaker Oblivionized Retexture in HD mod for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#8 Nightmare Armor – Oblivion

Nightmare Armor - Oblivion
Image Credits: nausicaa36

This mod converts the Nightmare Armor for Oblivion by Hentai to CBBE3, making it compatible for Skyrim. It adds the armor, cape, shoulder pads, boots, and gloves for your character, which are all craftable at Leather, DragonScale, and Daedric. The shoulder pads and cape can be crafted at jewelry.

Download the Nightmare Armor – Oblivion mod now for Skyrim.

#9 Oblivion-like Loading Menu

Oblivion-like Loading Menu
Image Credits: uranreactor

As you can guess from its name, this mod replaces Skyrim’s loading menu with that of Oblivion. So you now have over 94 lore-friendly loading screens for both Oldrim and Special Edition, including patches for the best loading screen mods out there.

The new Oblivion-themed loading screens added by this mod come in two options, stone and paper. The themes of the loading screens include Daedra, Factions, Creatures, Dwemer, Aedra, Current Events, Races, and General Lore. However, the text in these loading screens remains the same as the Skyrim vanilla load screens.

Download the Oblivion-like Loading Menu mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#10 Rumors like in Oblivion

Rumors like in Oblivion
Image Credits: RobinTheHoood

If I miss something a little more than the all amazing quests and lore of Oblivion, it has to be how everyone in town had the newest gossip for you. This mod aims to bring that to Skyrim by adding the juciest gossip from Oblivion to Skyrim.

Once you install this mod, every Skyrim NPC in town will have the latest gossip for you. For these changes to take effect, you will need to enter and leave any house after installing the game. All the dialogues are in English and there is also a German version available.

So if you are someone who loves to stay on top of all the news and gossip, get your hands on this mod now!

Download the Rumors Like in Oblivion mod now for Skyrim.

#11 Oblivionesque Active Effects For SkyUI

Oblivionesque Active Effects For SkyUI
Image Credits: ElSopa

As you can guess from its name, this mod adds active effects for SkyUI, that are based on Oblivion. All of them are visible in dark backgrounds. However, not all are based on Oblivion. Some of them have been created by the mod author.

Download the Oblivionesque Active Effects For SkyUI mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#12 Oblivion Interaction Icons

Oblivion Interaction Icons
Image Credits: RbtRvltin

This is yet another Oblivion-themed mod that adds custom Oblivion-themed interaction icons to Skyrim, such as those for sleeping, harvesting, talking, and activating. So get your hands on these handmade icons to replace the vanilla Skyrim icons with those from Oblivion.

Download the Oblivion Interaction Icons mod now for Skyrim SE.

#13 Oblivion Horses

Oblivion Horses
Image Credits: OlegSerih0

This Oblivion-themed mod replaces the vanilla Skyrim horses with those in Oblivion. The original horse’s body is based on a Unicorn, that has been ported from Oblivion. The mod also fixes the original horse’s legs and proportions so that they look more realistic.

The mod creator has also painted new textures for the horses as well as taken the manes and tails from various realistic horses mods for Skyrim. So if you are looking for realistic Oblivion-themed horses in Skyrim or Skyrim SE, get you hands on this mod now by clicking on the links below!

Download the Oblivion Horses mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#14 Oblivion Camera

Oblivion Camera
Image Credits: LankySmooove

The Oblivion Camera mod is a standalone SKSE plugin that changes the camera angle in Skyrim and Skyrim SE to make it appear like Oblivion conversation camera angle. It basically recreates the face-to-face conversation camera from Oblivion in Skyrim.

So if you are looking for the popular face zoom-in camera from Oblivion during conversations, get your hands on this mod today. It requires SKSE to work and can be installed by manually or by using the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM).

Download the Oblivion Camera mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#15 The Races of Oblivion – Golden Saints – Dark Seducers – Winged Twilights

The Races of Oblivion - Golden Saints - Dark Seducers - Winged Twilights
Image Credits: alanovichromanov

This mod adds the most popular races of Oblivion to Skyrim, including the Winged Twilights, the Golden Saints, and the Dark Seducers. So you can now play as any of these three characters from Oblivion in Skyrim.

There is a separate file for each of these races. And as you can guess, they each have their own skills, stats, abilities, and powers. So get your hands on some of the coolest races of Oblivion and play as these. characters in Skyrim SE.

Download The Races of Oblivion mod now for Skyrim SE.

#16 Oblivion Chillrend

 Oblivion Chillrend
Image Credits: Araanim

This mod recreates the Chillrend sword in Skyrim and Skyrim SE to make it look like that in Oblivion. So the Chillrend sword will no longer look like a blue colored glass sword. Instead, it will look like the Oblivion Chillrend sword which appeared to be more detailed and cool.

This mod adds three color options for the Chillrend sword, including a shiny gold variant, a Skyrim-themed moonstone variant, and an Oblivion-themed silver or white-gold variant.

Download the Oblivion Chillrend mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#17 Classic Oblivion Jail System

 Classic Oblivion Jail System
Image Credits: sagittarius22

If you remember the OG jail system in Oblivion, you must remember how your stats used to decrease, depending on the number of days you spent in jail. This mod aims to bring that jail system from Oblivion to Skyrim. So if you are in jail in Skyrim, your random stats will go down depending on the number of days you’ve spent in jail.

It basically feels like life in a real-life jail where your health and emotional well-being deteriorates the more time you spend in jail. So your skills stats will go down the more time you serve. Enjoy!

Download the Classic Oblivion Jail System mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#18 Followers of Oblivion – Complete Series

Followers of Oblivion - Complete Series
Image Credits: BlueGhostFox

As you can tell from its name, this mod adds standalone followers from Oblivion to Skyrim SE. All of these followers have a UNP body case as well as custom assets. These female followers are quite attractive, unique, and strong.

In total, the mod adds 9 female followers from Oblivion with a UNP body and some optional patches. You can find these followers at The Child, which is a peculiar location in Winterhold that is used as a prison. Each of these characters have unique classes and skills, can reach a maximum level of 60, and are marriageable, except for Yuki.

All of the followers come with custom black prisoner outfits by default. You can change their outfits by using clothing mods, such as Amazing Follower Tweaks. You can also customize the hair and eyes of these followers when creating your character in Skyrim. The mod also adds a chest with some valuable items.

Download the Followers of Oblivion – Complete Series mod now for Skyrim SE.

#19 Skyrim SE Main Font Replacer (Oblivion)

Skyrim SE Main Font Replacer (Oblivion)
Image Credits: Dovahsaur

This mod replaces the main UI font in Skyrim Special Edition with that in Oblivion. Although a very subtle change, you will definitely notice it if you are a true Oblivion fan. What’s more, it is even available in three languages, including Spanish, French, and English.

However, do note that this mod will not work with any other main font replacement mods for Skyrim. But it can work with mods that replace other types of fonts, such as the letter or text fonts. What’s more, it can also work with Oldrim.

Download the Skyrim SE Main Font Replacer (Oblivion) mod now for Skyrim SE.

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So that’s all, folks. This list enlists some of the best and must-have Skyrim Oblivion mods ever created for Oldrim and Skyrim SE. Get the best of both worlds in one of the best games Bethesda ever created. The list above includes options for both Skyrim and Skyrim SE. Add Oblivion-themed new weapons, new spells, custom meshes, caves, better dungeons, and new architectural sites with these mods in Skyrim.

Make the most of them before the Skyblivion mod is released. Good luck!

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