Skyrim Slavery Mods – The 15 Most Popular Slavery Mods


Welcome to our list of the most downloaded slavery mods for Skyrim!

Even though slavery is no longer possible in Skyrim, you can still find Skyrim slavery mods to keep slaves in Skyrim. These mods get you new commands, hiding places, quests, and more for your slaves. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Skyrim slavery mods that are still available in the game!

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List of the top 15 popular Skyrim slavery mods

#15 UNP Slave Leia Armor Recoloring

The First Skyrim slave mod on the list is UNP Slave Leia Armor Recoloring. With one and only purpose, is to replace the vanilla texture of Leia’s Armor to make it look better and match other clothes. If you love Leia, this small touch will definitely improve her outfit a lot!

Download here

#14 Paradise Halls Addon – More Slaves

After you travel on a dangerous journey with a lot of devious devices to discover new areas, you must have been finding a lot of slaves. If you’re using Paradise Halls mod, the maximum slave you can have is 15. And this small add-on adds a new option that you can use to increase this number up to 50 slaves.

Download here

#13 Slavetat Stocking Pack CBBE

So you don’t want to treat your slave with slave collars? Slavetat Stocking Pack provides seven new stockings that you can put on your slaves. You can toggle between the color using the Slavetat config file. This small detail adds extra flavor to the Skyrim slavery era!

Download here

#12 Death Alternative – Captured

This Skyrim slave mod – Death Alternative – Captured, has over 350,000 downloads and it adds five new scenarios, where the player is captured and enslaved by other races such as Bandits, Thalmors, Vampires, Necromancer, and Falmers.

Don’t panic since this mod will bring you to the cruel world with zero instructions. In each scenario, you will be kept in a different prison cell with and vary mechanics that you can use to escape the slave life. If you want to change the normal Skyrim gameplay, try this slave mod out!

Download here

#11 Paradise Halls – Slaver’s Hideout Add-On

Paradise Halls – Slaver’s Hideout Add-On by Emotika is an add-on mod for Paradise Halls – Skyrim Slavery WIP. This mod adds a hideout where you can keep your slaves before selling. A hideout is basically a two-story place with a top floor and a basement with nicely decorated interiors.

So the top floor has a bed and a table with a key and an important note. Whereas the basement has a jail cell where you will command your slaves to wait inside. These slaves will never escape the cell even if they find they find an unlocked door. Of course, you will be needing the Paradise Halls – Skyrim Slavery WIP mod for this to work.

Download here

#10 Paradise Halls Dres Trade -slavery-WIP

Paradise Halls – Dres Trade-slavery – WIP is a Skyrim slavery mod created by RET45. The mod adds a whole new paid labor system, two small slave camps, and a follower stand-down for the Paradise Halls (0.6 compatible) mod.

You can buy and sell the desired slaves to Des Trader, a slave trader that can be found in the trade cave. You can look at the map to find the trade cave in the east of the rift. There’s also an encounter with this trader, meaning that you will have to talk to him before making the trade. The mod also adds a chest in the west of the trade cave near the crash site. This chest has more than enough “Binds of Tear” poison that will buy you all of the slaves.

However, remember not to bring your slaves to the prison camp if you are not selling them. You can however keep them in a nearby place.

Download here

#9 Paradise Halls Essential Slave Shouts Slavery Mod

Paradise Halls 0_6 – Essential Slave Shouts – slavery – WIP is a Skyrim slavery mod created by RET45. This mod adds all 4 new commands and mgmt utilities for you to use on your slaves. These are inspired by the UFO Field Command Book. The mod also has new sound effects for these commands.

You can find the command book in Whiterun under a desk in Farengar’s study. You will have to read this book in order to learn the commands. There is an AllFollow command, an AllWait command, a Purge command, and a Teleport command. The first two can control 15 slaves which are up to 1500 units from you. A very useful mod for you to control the slaves.

Download here

#8 Slave Pack Riekling Porter

Slave Pack Riekling Porter is a Skyrim slavery mod by Prometheus. This is a very fun mod that adds an amusing little Riekling porter carrying an oversized backpack who will follow you all around and carry your list of things.

The porter is an outcast who lives all by himself on a small self-declared rocky island called Wak Wak. He will be all yours but there is a little catch. You need to do him a little favor that he asks you. He is a fully voiced character. Have fun roaming around with this funny creature!

Download here

#7 Paradise Halls – Family Feud

Paradise Halls – Family Feud is a Skyrim slavery mod created by OmegaIsraelTerri. This mod brings new characters to Skyrim who are basically heads of The Family trading with slavers. They have brought with them some new merch and dark secrets concerning slavery. There are all-new weapons, characters, collars, armor, staff, slaves, a new place, and a lot more.

You as a player will meet them and without realizing it, you will enter this human traffic ring in a different approach with no turning back. Download now to uncover deep secrets about The Family.

Download here

#6 Underhanded Slavery – House Dres Operations

Underhanded Slavery – House Dres Operations is a Skyrim slavery mod by MihailMods that brings the age-old slave labor trade masters of Morrowind back to life! However, these masters do not seem to be who they once were. Once considered a mighty House, they seem to be broken because of wars, revolts, and the eruption of the Red Mountain.

While many believe that most of the House’s members are dead or in exile, that’s not truly the case. A peculiar settlement has been established in Solstheim’s ashes. All of a sudden, the Argonians and Khajiit are disappearing and the fear of slavery is once again looming in the corners of Tamriel.

It is up to you to join the House Dres’ in their schemes or stand in their way. But whatever you do, make sure you choose wisely because some chains can never be broken! Get your hands on this super immersive mod today to make your choice.

Download here

#5 Simple Slavery – Open Cities – Compatibility Patch – Visit the Auction House

Simple Slavery – Open Cities is yet another Skyrim mod by Baaleos that adds a mysterious door to the Mistvale Keep that you can use to access the slave auction house. This door exists in the Riften Worldspace and not in the Tamriel Worldspace. This mod only teleports the door from the Riften world space to Tamriel through Open Cities.

However, do note that the mod creator did not rebuild the navmesh. So you won’t see NPCs traveling between Riften and the auction house. But your followers can follow you through this door to the auction house. To use this mod, you will have to install the Simple Slavery and Open Cities mods for Skyrim.

Download here

#4 Spell Slavery – Some Spells Work for Free

Spell Slavery is a Skyrim slavery mod by EllipsisEtc that eliminates spell slavery by making all the in-game spells absolutely free! You will no longer be the slaves of spells. How cool, right? This general idea means that problems like bow and melee characters attacking indefinitely and mages being defenseless after a few seconds of spellcasting won’t exist anymore. So you are no longer bound by how often you can use the spells.

Download here

#3 UNP Slave Leia Clothing

Image concept for UNP Slave Leia Clothing - A Skyrim slavery mod
Credits: FeuerTin

UNP Slave Leia Clothing is a mod by sorajmoe which is basically an adaptation from another original mod. The mod basically adds a number of cool outfits and a new collar for Leia. All the outfits come in color variations and are highly defined. However, do note that all of the items in this mod are clothing and not armor. Therefore, you cannot upgrade or craft them. Get your hands on this mod now to dress Leia in some really beautiful clothes and enhancements!

Download here

#2 Make Them Slaves

Skyrim Slavery Mods - Make Them Slave
Credits: AluCard

Make Them Slaves is a mod by Silencedoom that lets you make anyone your slave. Basically, whenever an actor starts to yield or crouch, they will be equipped with handcuffs with shackles. As long as the wearer have handcuffs, the actor will be your slave. However, this does not apply to NPCs who do not yield and the Unique Voice Actors.

Once an actor is your slave:

  • They will always remain your friend and help you, depending on the factions they belong to. So if your slave is from Riverwood, they won’t find someone from Riverwood.
  • You can give them orders as you do with your followers.
  • You can access and use their inventories.
  • You can take up to 5 slaves with you and get more Dialog options.

You will also get a spell the first time you use the dialog “Follow Me” on a slave. Using this spell, you can resurrect any NPC (even the ones you kill) and they won’t harm you. If you plan on using this mod with the ‘I Yield’ mod, you should put this mod under the I Yield mod.

Download here

#1 Capture Enemies – Dwemer Slaver Spheres

Capture Enemies is a Skyrim mod by atducey that lets you enslave weak enemies and make them fight with you. The mod basically adds Dwemer Slaver Spheres in Skyrim that are used to capture the minds and bodies of your enemies instead of their souls. 

However, you can only capture the enemies who are in a weak state and have less than 15% health. So you cannot capture enemies who possess a strong will to live, which includes all the essential characters. However, the dragons are not immune to this.

Wondering how this works? Well, once you install the mod, you will get three spells in Conjuration and five Dwemer Slaver Spheres. The first spell is known as “Enslave” and it enslaves weakened enemies within these spheres. When you drop a sphere that contains an enslaved enemy, they will be released and become your friend/slave. 

This slave will just act like your follower and fight for you if needed. However, they won’t fight with someone with who they were formerly close. For instance, a Whiterun guard won’t fight another Whiterun guard. But that does not mean that they would start fighting you. They will just stay neutral. 

If you want to release a spell, you should drop the sphere and use the ‘Released Enslaved’ spell on it while the slave is still inside. As a result, the slave will get back to normal and act as if nothing happened. Beware though, because getting back to normal means they may try to instantly kill you. 

The third spell lets you keep track of your lost spheres once you have dropped them. Use this spell and the sphere will return to your inventory immediately, no matter where they are.

Download here


How to Install Skyrim Slavery Mods?

You can download all of these slavery mods in Skyrim by using the Vortex Mod Manager. Since the mods we have mentioned above are all on Nexus, you can use the Vortex Mod Manager to easily download any Nexus mods.

Vortex is a powerful mod manager tool for desktops that makes it easy to download and install all Nexus mods for free. This mod manager features a built-in auto-sorting system that lets you seamlessly manage your mod load order and solve the mod conflicts without any hassle. You can download the Vortex Mod Manager from here. It is very easy to install and set up.

Can you have slaves in Skyrim?

By default, Skyrim won’t allow you to have any kind of slaves since it is banned by the Empire and does not be in Skyrim’s lore. That’s why we scout around and cover the list of top Skyrim slavery mods for you to download right here!


These are some of the most popular Skyrim slavery mods that bring back the old traditions of slavery to Skyrim. So if you’re looking for slavery mods that add new characters, slaves, slave camps, and hideouts, we hope you’ve found what you’re looking for here!

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