Top 6 Skyrim SE Quest Mods In 2021


Get these Skyrim SE quest mods to add new quests and embark on new adventures!

By Yamna

Even though Skyrim Special Edition is only half a decade old, I’m pretty sure y’all have already finished all the quests and are looking for more! Here’s where I come in to bring you guys the top Skyrim SE quest mods to embark on new adventures. I created this list after scouring Reddit and Nexus, so you can only assume that these mods are the absolute best of the best! 

So without further ado, let’s get to it, shall we?

6 Best Quest Mods to Revive Skyrim SE

I included options for all platforms so that no players are left behind. Enjoy!

Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers

If you hate searching for the locations of all the 24 stones in the No Stone Unturned quest in Skyrim SE, this mod is for you! This is the main quest mod for Skyrim SE that adds quest markers for all of these stones to help you collect them without any difficulty. Luckily, this mod is available for ALL platforms including PC, Xbox One and PS4. So get it now to finish the quest quickly!

Download Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers mod for Skyrim Special Edition on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Skyrim SE quest mod

Gaming Drunk via YouTube

Coldhaven – A Vampire City 1.8 SE

Coldhaven is a Skyrim SE vampire quest mod that adds an entire Vampire city beneath Skyrim. So you get to explore and even live in a new and very interesting location in Skyrim SE now! You don’t need to worry if you are a mortal because both mortals and vampires can visit this place. You can even take your follower along with you in this quest mod.

This vampire city comes with new and mysterious quests to make things immersive for you!

Download Coldhaven – A Vampire City mod for Skyrim SE on PC and Xbox One.

Skyrim vampire quest mod

Dragon Grandpa Gamer via YouTube


Wyrmstooth is yet another Skyrim SE quest mod where you have to visit the island of Wyrmstooth to deal with a dragon. But wait up! It’s not as simple as it sounds. There is something sinister going on! Explore it yourself by downloading the mod now for PC and Xbox One.

In order to find Wyrmstooth island, you will have to travel across the Sea of Ghosts and find the dragon to discover why he is tormenting the locals. There are all-new spells, weapons, treasures, and much more in this mod. Finish your job and get much-deserved rewards after all the trouble! 

Download Wyrmstooth mod for SSE (PC) and Xbox One.

Skyrim Wyrmstooth mod

Jonx0r via YouTube

Sea of Ghosts

Sea of Ghosts, sounds eerie, right? Well, it is a pretty eerie and mysterious sea in the north of Tamriel. In this quest mod, you will embark on a mysterious journey on the cold and misty waters where many secrets and treasures lie! Long forgotten, this story is waiting to be heard by anyone who dares. 

So travel this sea of fog and ghosts to find interesting quests, dungeons, and a lot more! It is a completely lore-friendly mod that sticks to the theme of the game. So get it now for PC or PS4 and explore the new waters!

Download Sea of Ghosts mod for SSE (PC) and PS4.

Sea of Ghosts - Skyrim SE mod

STEN via YouTube


If you are familiar with quest mods in Skyrim, you may have definitely heard of Falskaar, the most popular Skyrim quest mod. So what does it do? Well, it is an entire DLC that adds new lands and over 20+ hours of quests, places, people, dungeons, and a lot of cool stuff. The entire mod is fully voiced, lore-friendly, and favors all the characters. So get your hands on this amazing mod now for both Oldrim and Skyrim SE. 

Download Falskaar mod for Skyrim Special Edition (PC) and Xbox One.

Skyrim SE Falskaar

AlexanderJVelicky via YouTube

The Midden – Expanded

This mod expands the College Midden to add a house and some all-new, high-quality dungeons. They are located beneath the college and are extremely immersive. All of the components in this mod are completely lore-friendly and this is a perfect Skyrim SE mage quest mod as it adds multiple new quests.

Download The Midden mod for SSE (PC), Xbox One and PS4.

The Midden Skyrim

Kevin Markham via YouTube

To Conclude …

These Skyrim SE quest mods are enough to last you days! So enjoy new adventures and explore these mysterious places on your Xbox, PS4 or PC.

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