Skyrim Reputation Mod [Everything You Need To Know]


Skyrim Reputation Mod by dcyren adds a new mechanic to Skyrim that lets you build your desired reputation, either as a hero or as a villain. The mechanic gives you a morality/reputation score as you finish quests, make decisions and take actions (whether good or bad). It does not interfere at all with the gameplay.

The score you get will determine whether you are a hero or a villain, giving you a “title”. So the NPCs will interact with you based on your title.. You can’t just run errands for NPCs to like you. In fact, your reputation score will determine how they perceive you. For example, if your character is infamous in a region, the townspeople will flee in fear of you.

Skyrim Reputation Mod – All Titles

The mod has seven reputation levels and more than 100 titles across those levels. These titles are given to you after the choices you have made, actions you have taken and quests you have completed. 

For example, Blackguard, Deceiver, Lawless, Fortune Hunter, Thief, Warrior, Daedra, Worshipper, Harbinger, Trickster, Thane, Scoundrel and many others. 

Upon getting these titles, you will be greeted accordingly by the NPCs. For example, if you are a warrior, people will praise you and consider you a hero.. If you are a thief, they will comment on your crimes.

You can toggle the functions of this mod on or off through the MCM menu. Check the video below to get a better understanding of how this mod works. 

Find the download links for Skyrim Reputation mod Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition Reputation mods below. 

Skyrim Reputation Mod – Download For Oldrim and Special Edition

Skyrim Reputation mod has been created for both the vanilla version of the game and the Special Edition. Follow the guide below to download Skyrim Reputation mod for Oldrim and SKSE. 

Skyrim Reputation Mod Guide

You can download and install the mod using the Nexus mod manager. Here’s how it works:

  • Run the NMM program in the background. 
  • Download the latest updated Mod Manager Download file for Oldrim or Skyrim Special Edition 
  • The file will be automatically added to the Download Manager tab in the NMM program.
  • The download will start automatically and once the file has been downloaded, it will be added to the “Mods” tab.
  • Activate and install the mod by selecting the mod and clicking on the Activate Button. 
  • Once the mod has been activated by NMM, it is all ready to run.
  • Simply start the game and your newly installed mod will be running. 

If you are running multiple mods simultaneously, read the following paragraph to learn about Skyrim Reputation mod load order.

What Is The Load Order For Skyrim Reputation Mod?

According to the mod’s creator dcyren, the mod is broadly compatible with many mods including Ordinator, Requiem and many dialog adjusters. So if you are using multiple mods with Skyrim Reputation Mod and you are wondering what the correct load order for this mod is, I have answered your question in the next paragraph.

You should put Skyrim Reputation mod last in your load order. This is the most recommended load order for the mod but putting it above the other mods in a load order should also work fine. 


Skyrim Reputation mod is highly immersive and changes the way the world behaves towards you. Its new system of scoring you based on your actions is pretty cool. If you give in to your evil desires, people will hate and fear you. And if you are a hero, they will love you and sing songs of your bravery! 

So if you want to hear what people perceive of you, this mod is a very good option to find that out as the creator has overhauled more than 4000 dialog assets to offer that highly immersive experience. Apart from the reactions, you can rest assured that this mod does not affect your gameplay.


Skyrim Reputation mod is one of the most popular mods for both the Oldrim and SKSE. The creator has done a really great job and if you don’t currently use this mod, you are missing out on a lot of fun!

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