Skyrim Daggerfall Mods – Top 5 Of All Time


Enjoy Daggerfall recreated in Skyrim with these incredible Skyrim Daggerfall mods!

Let’s admit it. Bethesda has developed some incredibly amazing games till now. From the legendary Halo to the epic Skyrim, this company has brought us the absolute best games of all time. But imagine having a crossover of two of these epic Bethesda games, Skyrim and Daggerfall. Sounds dreamy right? So turns out, you can actually make that happen by installing Skyrim Daggerfall mods. 

Top 5 Skyrim Daggerfall Mods of All Time

So I went ahead and decided to create a list of the best Daggerfall mods. Let’s take a look at these mods, shall we?

Skygerfall — Daggerfall’s Main Quest in TESV

So this mod gives you an alternate start in Skyrim. It adds the entire main quest of TESII: Daggerfall in the TESV engine. After completing the quest, you can continue with the original Skyrim’s storyline which starts from character creation.

Moreover, you can even keep the XP, loot and new spells with you in Skyrim. With remastered music, voice acting and amazing graphics, you get to enjoy some of Daggerfall’s magic in Skyrim, a much better and updated engine. 

However, Daggerfall’s quest is not a choice but a requirement for you to proceed in the game. You will be acting as the Emperor’s friend to achieve an important mission. And you will not be able to deny his request for this quest. As of now, this mod is only available for PC users for both Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition. So get it now from the links below!

Skeletons of Daggerfall

As you can guess from its name, this mod replaces the vanilla skeletons’ sounds with those of skeleton warriors from Daggerfall. So get ready to hear some loud-pitched screeches coming out of skeletons that would make your ears bleed (lol). 

Long ago, the Skeleton Warriors from Daggerfall had a loud screech that feared everyone who heard it. Those sounds have now been added to Skyrim. So you can expect things to get a bit scary!

Fortunately, you can get this Daggerfall mod for both Xbox One and PC. So go ahead and install it no w from the links below!

Daedra of Daggerfall – Azura

Remember Azura from Daggerfall, one of the most interesting Daedric princes in the game? Well, this mod adds Azura from Daggerfall as your follower. As a result, you can now make Azura your follower and even marry her. She will begin at level 30 and then level with you.  

However, do note that there are no custom voices added for this follower. She’s just a basic follower who also happens to be a strong sorceress. She knows all the elements of destruction and the other schools of magic. So get your hands on this mod now for PC and Xbox One to get a supercool follower!

Daggerfall – Music Overhaul

Next in our list is a Daggerfall music mod. This mod basically overhauls the entire music in the game and replaces it with that of Daggerfall. So you can now enjoy Daggerfall’s music in Skyrim. This mod is available for both Skyrim SE and Oldrim. 

Daggerfall-Inspired Sanguine

This mod gives a unique appearance to Sanguine, inspired from Daggerfall. It overhauls Sanguine to look a bit more like what he really is, a sanguine. The appearance is inspired from Daggerfall while maintaining elements of his original form. 


So that’s all folks! Get these mods to revive Daggerfall. Enjoy!

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