Skyrim Glasses Mod For Xbox One And PC


Have you noticed how glasses literally transform our personalities? Like, you just put a pair on and you go from a boring person to a cute and smarter one. So how can modders at Skyrim miss this amazing accessory? Just like the game has mods for every other accessory, it has a few for glasses too. And this post is all about Skyrim glasses mod for PC and Xbox One users on Oldrim and Special Edition. So let’s check them out and equip our characters and NPCs with some cool eyewear, shall we?

Realistic Eyeglasses – A Skyrim Glasses Mod for Oldrim and Special Edition

This mod adds several eyeglasses in Oldrim. These eyeglasses can be completely crafted, enchanted, and bought. Fortunately, these glasses match the Medieval theme of the game and are just like the first-ever glasses that were invented in real life. You can craft them at any forge in the Jewelry section. 

Interestingly, these eyeglasses come in many variants. Firstly, the frame is available in dwemer, silver, gold, steel, and wood. Secondly, all of these eyeglasses in the mod have round glasses. Thirdly, the lenses are available in black, blue, gray, green, orange, red, purple, and yellow. There is also a special eyeglass with unique enchantment called Eyeglasses of Night Eye. As a result, equipping these on would give you night vision. 

After crafting your desired style, you can enchant them as well as sell them. Wondering how to get them? Here’s your answer. After you have spent 48 hours in-game from the installation, these eyeglasses would be available to be bought from the merchants, especially from the court mages. Similarly, you can also find them in chests and from hostile mages and vampires. 

Moreover, this mod also gives eyeglasses to many NPCs, for example, Belethor, Orgnar, and many others. So get this Skyrim glasses mod from Nexus now for PC users!

Download Skyrim Special Edition Glasses mod for PC

Download Skyrim Glasses mod for Oldrim

ImoMegane – Glasses – A Skyrim Glasses Mod for PC and Xbox One

This mod adds 5 different types of glasses in three color variants to Skyrim. Although these glasses are modern and do not support the lore, they are pretty cool to wear and transform your character into a cute guy/girl instantly! Fortunately, this Skyrim glasses mod is available for both Oldrim and Special Edition. 

Download ImoMegane – Glasses mod for Oldrim (PC)

Download ImoMegane – Glasses mod for Skyrim Special Edition (PC)

Download ImoMegane – Glasses mod for Skyrim Special Edition (Xbox One)

The Beauty Of Skyrim Add-Ons | Accesories – A Skyrim Glasses Mod for Xbox One

This Skyrim Special Edition mod for Xbox One adds multiple craftable accessories to the game including earrings, piercings, hair accessories and eyeglasses to the game. Moreover, these glasses can be worn both by your character and the NPCs. So find them at the Forge under the Jewelry section and accessorize your character with cool stuff!

Download The Beauty of Skyrim Add-Ons Mod for Xbox One

Wrapping Up . . . 

To conclude, these are all the glasses mods you can find in Skyrim for PC and Xbox One. So go on and get a new look for your character with these supercool glasses. You have many options to choose from!

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