Skyrim Unarmed Mod For Xbox One, PC And PS4


Let’s face it, Skyrim has a lot of weapons mods from all ages. From ancient weapons to futuristic guns, you can find mods for every kind of weapon. But for those of you looking to go old school and fight unarmed, there are fewer options. I understand fighting with your fists has its own fun. Moreover, the strength of a true warrior can only be gauged from his unarmed skills, right? So I bring to you the best Skyrim Unarmed mods to fight with your hands! 

I researched the internet and modding platforms to find you the absolute best Skyrim unarmed mods for PC, Xbox One and PS4.  So without further ado, let’s learn about these mods, shall we? 

Phenderix Elemental Fighter – A Skyrim Unarmed Mod

Phenderix Elemental Fighter is a Skyrim unarmed mod for SE. This combat mod adds TEN new elements for you to use in unarmed combat in Special Edition. To begin with, these elements include fire, water, frost, lightning, poison, paralysis, divine, blood, earth and wind. You can equip these elements like weapons and they will teach you martial arts. These elements are for both the player and the NPCs. 

The base damage of these elements increases with One-Handed enchantments and perks and the magical damage increases when you level up in One-Handed. This mod also has unarmed combat animations that change their visual effects as your damage increases. Cool, right? Find these elements at a vendor in Dragonsreach or simply use the cheat chest near Farengar in Dragonsreach. You can also use the help function in the console. 

Luckily, this mod is available for all PC, PS4 and Xbox One users. Get it now from the download links below!

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Hand To Hand Skillz

This Skyrim unarmed mod pack for Xbox One is an overhaul to allow hand to hand combat in the game. To achieve that, it has a number of mods that will let you lose those weapons and use your natural assets blessed by the Nine Divine, your hands and feet. 

This pack changes the animations of the fights too. For example, you can do a cartwheel attack by holding down both triggers as well as kick instead of punch when performing a power attack. Moreover, the mod also adds new perks to help you with unarmed combat. You can find the perks for unarmed combats in the Light Armor skill tree.

Interestingly, there is also a new Dojo off the path of Riften where you can meet a Khajit master and buy special rings from him for more damage and attack speed in unarmed combat. If you are wondering where that is, you can use the map to find the Dojo. So go ahead and try this super cool mod with the animation pack for Xbox One now!

Available on: Xbox One

Way Of The Monk – Skyrim Unarmed Mod

Become a fighting machine by installing this unarmed armor and animation mod for Skyrim  SE and Oldrim. This mod is an overhaul for the entire unarmed combat in Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition. It adds all-new armor, weapons, unarmed and unarmored skills, enchantments, perks, and enemies to Skyrim. 

It starts the game in an alternate way where you will find three scrolls, one for permanent boost to your unarmed damage, one for mind and body power and the last one for Tranquility. So come along on this journey of the monks with me and unleash your hidden combat skills!

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Unarmed Warfare – New Animations For Hand To Hand Combat

Finally, the last Skyrim unarmed mod is a very interesting addition to the unarmed mods category as it brings some really cool combat animations. So use this mod to modify your unarmed attacks and make all of the kicks and hits in the combat look much, much better. For example, with this mod, you can hit, hit, kick and then hit again or kick, kick and kick/hit during the combats.

Moreover, the power attacks in unarmed combat have been changed to various types of kicks. For instance, it has modified the power attack with the left arm, the right arm and both hands. So get this amazing animation pack now for your unarmed fights! For a better visualization, watch the video below!

Available on: PC


To wrap things up, these mods will allow you to unleash your hidden unarmed combat skills. So get them now for PC, Xbox One or PS4 and start practicing your newfound skill!

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