Skyrim Racemenu Mods For PC And Console


This post lists down the best Skyrim Racemenu mods for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Skyrim starts with an interesting opening sequence of the carriage ride to Helgen where you are prompted to build your character. By using a racemenu, you can select your race, build, facial features, gender and a few other attributes to build your character and follow his faith throughout the game.

But do you ever wish you could rebuild your character or change some of their attributes at any point in the game? Do you ever wish that you could pop that race menu up any time and change your fate? Do you ever wish that you had more options in the racemenu to build your character? If you do, I’ve got you covered my friend! 

This post features a list of Skyrim Racemenu mods that you can pop up to build an interesting character. I’ve also added a mod that you can install to access the racemenu anytime in the middle of the game! So let’s get to it, shall we?

List of Top Skyrim Racemenu Mods

Race Menu Any Time

Race Menu Any Time in Skyrim is a racemenu mod for PS4 that lets you access the race menu anytime you want! How, you ask? Well, you will find a strongbox in Farengar’s office sitting on a bookshelf above the two goblets. In that lucky box, you will find 50 special gems called the Gems of Destiny, enchanted with mysterious magic.

So what you gotta do is just drop one of these and a race menu will appear on your screen. Remake your character and pick your desired race, sex, build, facial features and even a new identity. Voila! You have rebuilt your character from scratch. 

After the gems have been dropped, they are gone forever. Use the remaining gems to rebuild your character any time you like! However, do not drop all of them at once as you will lose them forever. 

If you are wondering whether there’s a way to refill the box after you have used up all of the gems, there is a hack! Just save your game, disable the mod, save the game again and re-enable the mod to find the box filled again. Cool, right? Get this racemenu mod for PS4 now from the link below. This mod is not available for Xbox One or PC currently. 


As you can guess from its name, the RaceMenu mod for Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition overhauls the entire race menu. As a result, you will now have the option to customize the features of your character. For instance, there are new body paints, hand paints, RGBA warpaints and many other options to pick for your character. However, you will be needing SKSE to run this mod. 

Skyrim RaceMenu Mod Not Working?

So you have just installed Skyrim RaceMenu mod and it’s not working. What to do? Well, the reason might be a mod overwriting the interface folder in SKSE. Moreover, move the mod in a lower load order and see if it works. 

If it still doesn’t fix the issue, it might be that the Racemenu plugin is disabled. In the “Plugins” section of Vortex, enable the Racemenu plugin and the mod will work now!

Cheat Room

If you are looking for a Skyrim racemenu mod for Xbox One, Cheat Room is your best bet. Cheat Room for Xbox One and PC is basically a room created for cheating. This is a vast mod that does not change anything in the original game. 

You can find the room by installing the mod first which adds the spells in your magic menu under alteration. Use them to teleport to this room. With this mod in your list, you can change your character’s appearance, height and basically everything else in the game to your liking. So get this Skyrim SE cheat mod now to avoid playing by the rules. 

Skyrim Racemenu Console Command

If you have a PC, you can also use console commands in Skyrim for Racemenu. Just open the console, enter the command showracemenu and you will be able to alter your character. However, do note that resetting the race would also reset your skills, health, magicka and stamina levels. Moreover, after you have made the changes and picked a name, the temporary active effects will be removed. 

To Conclude . . .

These are all the best racemenu mods in Skyrim that you can use to remake your character the way you want! Download now to transform your character anytime in the game.

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