Skyrim Magic Mods – Top 5 Magic Mods in 2021


Top 5 Skyrim magic mods to overhaul the vanilla magic system and add new spells!

By Yamna

There are tonnes of magic spells in Skyrim that make fights all the more fun. But I know after a decade of playing the same old vanilla game, you might be bored. Don’t worry though! There are many magic mods in Skyrim that add new spells or enhance the existing ones. So I decided to create a list of the best Skyrim magic mods to make the game more fun for you. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

List of the Best Skyrim Magic Mods in 2021

So these are the top 5 Skyrim magic mods available in 2021 for PC, Xbox One and PS4:

Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim Mod

Apocalypse is one of the most popular magic mods in Skyrim. This amazing mod adds over 155 all-new spells. These spells are completely balanced, unique, lore friendly and of incredibly high quality to blend into Skyrim’s magic system perfectly. 

Moreover, the mod author has also included scrolls and staves for all of these new spells to understand them better. You can buy or even loot these spells, just like in the vanilla game. So get your hands on these amazing new spells with high-quality magic animations to improve your combats!

Download Apocalypse mod for Oldrim, SSE (PC) and Xbox One.

Skyrim Apocalypse mod

Sethiroth via YouTube

Phenderix Magic Evolved Mod

Phenderix is yet another huge magic mod in Skyrim that adds a whopping 400 new and balanced spells in Skyrim. It is the most comprehensive mod available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC that introduces 400 new spells belonging to the new spell archetypes of fire, water, divine, frost, lightning, darkness, earth, poison, wind, blood, bomb, teleportation, spirit, elemental, familiar, summoning, skeletal, rune, enchantment and more! 

What’s more? All of these spells are completely lore friendly to fit in the game. So get this humongous magic mod for Skyrim and you will have enough for a lifetime!

Download Phenderix Magic Evolved mod for Oldrim, SSE (PC), Xbox One and PS4.

Skyrim new spells mod

LunarGaming via YouTube

Mysticism – A Magic Overhaul

Mysticism is a much-needed magic overhaul in Skyrim that fixes all the bugs in the vanilla spells as well as the magic progression system of Skyrim. The mod also adds 200 new spells that are designed to fit in the world of Skyrim, both animation and performance-wise. 

So how can you get these spells? Simple! You can buy, loot or find them in certain locations all around the world. So enjoy a coherent and adjusted magic experience in Skyrim!

Download Mysticism – A Magic Overhaul mod for Oldrim, SSE (PC), Xbox One, PS4.

Skyrim magic overhaul mod

RTDVids via YouTube

Deadly Spell Impacts Mod

This mod adds all new fire, lightning, and frost spell impacts with new and well-defined textures. As a result, the impact size of each spell is now bigger and better. So there are two different fire impacts, new lightning and spit impacts, new melted snow impacts for fire and lightning spells, and a lot more! 

So get your hands on this spell impacts mod for PC and Xbox One from the links below!

Download Deadly Spell Impacts mod for Oldrim, SSE (PC) and Xbox One.

Skyrim magic spell impacts

Robiehn Vids via YouTube

Spectraverse – Magic of the Magna-Ge

Spectraverse is a magic mod with a new questline featuring many new voiced characters that are connected to the Children of Magnus. You will have to intervene in their war in heaven to get a reward from 42 unique Destruction spells. Cool, right? So get this immersive new magic mod with an adventurous quest for Oldrim and Skyrim SE. 

Download Spectraverse – Magic of the Magna-Ge for Oldrim, SSE (PC) and Xbox One.

Skyrim Spectraverse mod

Brodual via YouTube

Wrapping Up . . .

So let’s wrap it up fellas! These are all the best magic mods in Skyrim in 2021 that are a must have! Download them for PS4, Xbox One or PC and have fun!

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