Top 13 Must-Have Skyrim Werewolf Mods In 2022


These Skyrim werewolf mods are guaranteed to overhaul and improve the Werewolf character!

Even though the werewolf playthrough in Skyrim is pretty interesting, I don’t think I’ve seen that many people choosing the path of being a werewolf. Yes, there are thousands of them but not as many as people who choose to be a vampire. And I think the reason why that’s the case is that the werewolf form could use some improvements. 

From perks and skill trees to the character itself, the Werewolf in Skyrim could use some changes to improve the gameplay. And what better way to make these improvements than using mods! So I compiled a list of the best Skyrim werewolf mods in 2021 from Reddit and Nexus. Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Best Skyrim Werewolf Mods for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

#13 Moonlight Tales – Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul

Moonlight Tales is perhaps the most popular Skyrim werewolf overhaul mod that tries to create your game as a werewolf much more immersive and fun! For example, it adds a whole new skin system with unique werebear and werewolf skins, makes werebear playable, adds lunar transformations, werewolf and werebear followers and NPCs, sound effects, music, diseases, cures, and A LOT MORE!

So get this mod now for Xbox One and PC and experience a whole new werewolf playthrough.

Download Moonlight Tales mod for Oldrim, Skyrim SE (PC), and Xbox One.

#12 Heart of the Beast – Werewolf Sound and Texture Overhaul

Skyrim werewolf overhaul mod
Gopher via YouTube

Despite their human forms, werewolves are and always be beasts. So this mod aims to maintain that by making werewolves more beasty. It makes them more brutal and aggressive by adding three new sound overhaul versions and all new werewolf bodies and glowing eye textures. You can also choose a speed upgrade to make them faster!

Get it now for Oldrim and enjoy!

Download Heart of the Beast mod for Skyrim on PC.

#11 Predator Vision

Skyrim vampire and werewolf mod
Gopher via YouTube

In this Skyrim mod, Vampire, Werewolf, and Khajiit get night vision that allows them to see clearly at night. The mod also has a predator vision that allows them to sense their prey by feeling their body heat. Cool, right? Luckily, this mod is available for both Oldrim and SSE.

Download Predator Vision mod for Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition (PC).

#10 Werewolf Perks Expanded

Skyrim werewolf perks
Gopher via YouTube

This mod expands the perks of the Werewolf tree in Skyrim by adding new howls, resting bonuses, health bonuses, ignore armor, hunter’s sight, human form buffs, and many more perks! The purpose of this mod is to strengthen the vanilla werewolves and overcome their weaknesses by rebalancing their perk tree.

Download Werewolf Perks Expanded mod for Oldrim, SSE (PC), Xbox One, and PS4.

#9 Unlimited Werewolf Transformations

If you have wished to be a werewolf forever and not be dependent on the moon, this is the perfect mod for you. Unlimited Werewolf Transformations is a mod for all platforms that lets you transform into a werewolf as many times as you like. So get this Skyrim mod for PC, Xbox One and PS4 and stay in the werewolf’s best form forever!

Download Unlimited Werewolf Transformations mod for Skyrim SE on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

#8 Growl – Werebeasts Of Skyrim

Growl - Werebeasts Of Skyrim
Credits: Brodual

Growl is a Skyrim werewolf mod that overhauls the werebear and werewolf characters lightly. The mod improves werebeast combat, experience gain, scaling, reworked perks, lunar transformations, and the synergies between mortal and best form. The mod brings several improvements in werebears and the quality of life.

Thanks to this mod, werebeasts will now be a great choice for players. The mod uplifts this race without making any imbalances in the game. Additional features include:

  • A complete werebeast overhaul.
  • Viable werebeasts at all stages.
  • Quality of life improvements.
  • More werebears.
  • Lightweight scripts.
  • Ability to install the mod during the playthrough.

The mod is available for both Skyrim and Skyrim SE!

Download Growl mod for Skyrim, Skyrim SE, and Xbox One.

#7 Bloodmoon – Land Of Werewolves

Bloodmoon is a lore-friendly mod for the Skaal Hunters war and the werewolves in Solstheim. The mod adds all new furniture, equipment, and locations. You will get to meet new people and explore more about the prophecy of Bloodmoon. The mod also makes all the NPCs lore-friendly by making the quests unsupported. So prepare yourself for a heated war between the werebeasts and the Skaal hunters and explore all the new locations in Solstheim.

Download the new Bloodmoon – Land of Werewolves mod now for PC and PS4.

#6 Epic Elemental Werewolf

Epic Elemental Werewolf is a mod that adds all-new spells to Skyrim. By casting these spells, you can become a werewolf any time you want! In addition to transforming you into a best, the mod also gives you elemental buffs and effects.

For instance, when you cast epic fire werewolf, you will be transformed into a fire werewolf and make a rain of fire that would damage all the hostile enemies near you. The chest in this mod includes:

  • Beast form
  • Werewolf cloak
  • Epic fire werewolf
  • Fire werewolf
  • Epic shock werewolf
  • Shock werewolf
  • Epic ice werewolf
  • Ice werewolf
  • Restoration werewolf

If you find the epic spells too powerful, you can always use the standard elemental spells. Check out this video for chest location and more.

Download the Epic Elemental Werewolf mod now for PS4 and Xbox One.

#5 Toggleable Werewolf Form

Do you ever wish that there was a way to simply pull a switch and transform into a werewolf? Well, your wish has been granted! The Toggleable Werewolf Form mod for Skyrim makes three changes to the way you transform into werewolves:

  • The werewolf transformation will now last for much longer.
  • You can hold the howl button and revert any time you want.
  • You can now use the Beast Form power more than once a day as it is now a lesser power.

Download the Toggleable Werewolf Form mod now for PC and PS4.

#4 More Werewolves

The More Werewolves mod does exactly what it sounds like it does. It increases enemy werewolf encounters in many ways, including:

  • Many new wild packs of werewolves.
  • Caged werewolves in multiple dungeons.
  • Werewolf interactions in the wilderness.
  • More attacks on the cities during the full moon.

To get the most out of this mod, use it with Diverse Werewolves Collections to get more variety of enemy werewolf textures. The werewolf locations include:

  • The forest west of Falkreath
  • Clearspring Tarn
  • The swamps that are in the southeast of Solitude
  • The Driftshade Refuge
  • The Gallows Rock
  • The Fellglow Keep
  • Gloomreach
  • Faldar’s Tooth
  • Cities
  • Wilderness

Download the More Werewolves mod now for Skyrim, Skyrim SE, and Xbox One.

#3 The Curse – Werewolf

Skyrim The Curse mod
Credits: verymelonman12

This is the Werewolf version of The Curse mod in Skyrim that turns you into the beast the more you live as a werewolf. Since this mod makes changes to the Werewolf race in “The Curse” mod, you will need to download The Curse mod too.

Here’s what this mod does:

  • It gives you a 5% increase in movement speed and 10% in damage after 10 days as a werewolf.
  • After 20 days, it allows you to use the lesser power Predator’s Vision.
  • After 25 days, it gives you a 5% increase in movement speed and a 25% decrease in damage from animals.
  • After 30 days, you get a 25% increase in damage against targets who have below 25% health. You also have a decrease of 25% in fall damage.
  • After 35 days, you get a 50% increase in Stamina regen. You will also move 10% faster and inflict 10% more damage when you are in full health.
  • After 40 days, you can use the Command Wild Animal power to turn any animal into an ally for five minutes.
  • After 45 days, you get to use the Summon Spirit Wolf power.
  • After 50 days, you will recover at a fast rate with more than 25% health regen.
  • After 60 days, you will transform into a human beast. You will get +25% damage, +10% frost resistance, better critical chance, better sneak, +25 carry weight, and more stamina and health. However, you will get more damage from silver weapons. You will get a -75% penalty of Magicka regen.
  • After 100 days, you will be able to use the Wild Hunt power to summon a werewolf for an hour.

Get all of these features and more with The Curse – Werewolf mod. Download it now for Skyrim and PS4.

#2 Diverse Werewolves Collection

Diverse Werewolves Collection
Credits: Sinitar Gaming

When you install the Diverse Werewolves Collection mod, you will get more variety in the enemy werewolf spawns like in random wild encounters or in Silver Hand bases. Whenever a vanilla werewolf spawns from a leveled list, they will have 38 possibilities, 13 for werebears and 25 for werewolves. Each of these possibilities comes with 11 possible leveled ranks to get 418 new varieties of enemies.

There are also new skin variants for werewolf NPCs such as Singing and Aela. However, do note that the creatures don’t come with unique abilities or meshes. It only changes the textures.

Download the Diverse Werewolves Collection mod now for Skyrim, Skyrim SE, and Xbox One. There is also a LITE version of this mod for Moonlight Tales Special Edition.

#1 Enhance Werewolf

If you prefer playing the werewolf race in Skyrim, you would feel like there is something missing. The Enhance Werewolf mod changes the way canines react when in werewolf form. They permanently become your allies, instead of attacking you.

Moreover, none of the wild werewolves in the area will be hostile to you. But that’s only when you are a werewolf, meaning that if you are in the human form, they may attack you.  Download the Enhance Werewolf mod now for Xbox One and PS4.

How to Install Skyrim Werewolf Mods?

You can download these Skyrim werewolf mods by using the Vortex Mod Manager for all PC mods. For mods for PS4 and Xbox One, just hop on to the mod links mentioned above and hit the “Add to Library” option.

For PC users, Vortex is a powerful mod manager tool that allows you to download, install, and manage Nexus mods for free. It comes with a built-in auto-sorting system that lets you easily manage your mod load order and solve any mod conflicts without any problem.


Can you turn followers into werewolves in Skyrim?

By default, you can’t turn followers into werewolves in Skyrim. But with some help from the awesome mods we listed above, you can have a werewolf companion follow you around and ready to tear your enemy apart. You can try Moonlight Tales – Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul mod or Werewolf Companions is a great mod too!

How do you get infinite werewolf in Skyrim?

In the vanilla Skyrim world, you can use the Ring of Hircine to transform into a werewolf infinity amount of time. But if only you possessed lycanthropy. To solve this problem, you can install the Infinite Lycanthropy Regifts – ILR mod to get infinite werewolf in Skyrim!

Can you become a werewolf more than once in Skyrim?

If you have already installed the Dawnguard DLC, you can transform into a werewolf two times. Otherwise, you can only transform one time in the rest of your gameplay. However, if you want to transform more to discover the werewolf’s abilities, just try out those mods above!


So that’s all, folks! This list pretty much sums up the best werewolf mods in Skyrim for all platforms. Get them now to improve your playthrough as a werewolf!

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