14 Most Exciting Skyrim Bodyslide Mods of All time


BodySlide in Skyrim allows you to create custom female bodies and bring the lady of your fantasies to life. Today, we have compiled a list of 14 most popular Skyrim BodySlide mods that have been created using the BodySlide application.

Image Credits: ChronoTrigger77

When it comes to the appearance of your Skyrim characters, you have unlimited possibilities. The most popular body mods in Skyrim include the OG body replacers like UNP and CBBE. In addition to CBBE, BodySlide is yet another hot application for Skyrim that allows you to customize female bodies in the game. While CBBE lets you replace skin textures and change the vanilla female NPC bodies, BodySlide lets you customize the body shape.

Most of the best body mods in Skyrim are based on BodySlide. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Skyrim BodySlide mods and see what they do.

14 Most popular Skyrim Bodyslide mods of All time

#1 BodySlide and Outfit Studio

Skyrim BodySlide mods
Image Credits: Caliente

BoydSlide and OutfitStudio is a user-friendly tool that lets you customize outfits and bodies, create new outfits and bodies, and convert these outfits for various body types. This mod brings a huge list of new BodySlide features to Skyrim and Skyrim SE, in addition to great ease of use and flexibility to allow you to get all the outfits you have been dreaming of.

BodySlide lets you customize bodies and outfits without editing the mesh files. It also lets you use sliders to create custom shapes and filter outfits to view which ones you want. Moreover, BodySlide also lets you build morph files to use sliders in Skyrim by using RaceMenu.

Outfit Studio, on the other hand, allows you to step into the shoes of an expert modder. You get to convert outfits for different bodies, create sliders, edit mesh files, and improve the animation weights. You can even edit static meshes that are static with this feature and import and export different meshes, even if you are not experienced with modding. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Download the BodySlide and Outfit Studio mod for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#2 Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT

Skyrim BodySlide mods
Image Credits: ChronoTrigger77

Remodeled Armor is a full set of exposing outfits that have been remodeled for CBBE and adjusted to be used with BodySlide and Outfit Studio. This mod adds a set of basically all Dragonborn, Dawnguard, and Skyrim vanilla outfits. The mod also supports HDT butt and brest physics.

For this mod to work, you will need Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) and the most recent Unofficial Skyrim patch, like the Legendary Edition.

Download Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT mod for Skyrim.

#3 Preset Requests for RaceMenu and Bodyslide

Image Credits: User_29658810

This mod allows you to request presets for UUNP Body Slide and RaceMenu. By making requests for the presets to the mod creator and explaining exactly what you want, the mod creator makes the exact presets you want.

Although the mod creator is not longer accepting requests, you can still find tons of UUNP BodySlide and RaceMenu presets on the files page, created by this mod creator upon the requests of other players. Some of these presets include:

  1. Vermillion 
  2. Purple Demon
  3. Blue Demon 
  4. Chubby BBW
  5. MechaWrecka
  6. The Shape of a Warrior
  7. Red Head

You will need the following mods for all the presets in this mod to work. You can find the links to these mods on the downloads page:

  1. BodySlide and Outfit Studio
  2. RaceMenu
  3. Skyrim — Glowing Eyes
  4. Stoja’s Warpaints
  5. Ponytail hairstyles
  6. The Eyes of Aber
  7. Freckles for Females
  8. SG Female Eyebrows
  9. KS Hairdos — Renewal
  10. Fair Skin Complexion
  11. HDT Physics Extension
  12. Neith Team Warpaints
  13. The Eyes of Beauty

Download the Preset Requests for RaceMenu and Bodyslide mod for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#4 BodySlide Outfits and Mods

Skyrim BodySlide Outfits and Mods
Image Credits: ChronoTrigger77

BodySlide Outfits and Mods is a mod page that offers you a one-stop solution to getting all the mods and outfits ever created to be used with the BodySlide application. This includes all the footwear, amulets, bikini, underwear, and other versions of the main body.

As you can guess, you will need BodySlide and Outfit Studio as well as Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition (CBBE) mod for this mod file to work. You will also need different original armor mods that are mentioned on the mod page.

Download the BodySlide Outfits and Mods mod for Skyrim.

#5 The Book of UUNP Bodyslide – UNP – Sevenbase

Book of UUNP Bodyslide - UNP - Sevenbase
Image Credits: gamefever

The Book of UUNP BodySlide is the largest armor add-on created by the World’s Leader in UUNP Slider Sets. The mod adds more than 500 UUNP Armors, most of which are completely unique. The mod also brings full-game integration and adds both Non-HDT and HDT elements with BodySlide. The mod also adds 36 male chest pieces for male bodies.

The mod also adds 42 steel armors in the leveled lists. The other material types used in this mod include Fur, Iron, Banded Iron, Regional Guard Armors, Steel, Steel Plate, Glass, Leather, Elven, and more. What’s more, all the parts of this mod are Vanilla-balanced. The mod also adds menu objects for armors and the different parts. It’s ready to use with all the armors that have been shaped for the UNP Classic Body.

Download The Book of UUNP Bodyslide – UNP – Sevenbase mod for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#6 Crimson Twilight Armor

Crimson Twilight Armor Skyrim
Image Credits: jmenaru

The Crimson Twilight Armor adds an all new female ebony armor set in Skyrim. Aptly named, the armor has been inspired from the mod creator’s own ideas and artwork. It features HD textures and can be crafted at any forge. What’s more, you can also improve and enchant this armor any time you want.

The armor can be found under the Ebony category. Although it is quite a heavy armor, there is also a lighter version for people who prefer lightweight armors. Although it does not have the same stats as the Vanilla Ebony armor, it is still worth your gold. It will only appear in the forge menu and be available to be crafted once you have the “Ebony Smithing” perk.

There are also some other options available for this armor, including a black texture option for people who prefer it that way. Check the mod page to see its requirements.

Download the Crimson Twilight Armor mod now for Skyrim.

#7 ALSL Body – CBBE BBP TBBP HDT Bodyslide Presets

ALSL Body - CBBE BBP TBBP HDT Bodyslide Presets
Image Credits: AlexSlesh

This mod adds an incredibly realistic looking female body to Skyrim with TBBP and BBP breast physics as well as HDT collision support. From skinny to curvy, there are all kinds of body sizes in the mod. What’s more, it’s not just limited to your character. The female NPCs in Skyrim would also look different.

Here are the different body types added by this mod:

  • ALSL Body
  • ALSL Curvy Body
  • TBBP Skeleton
  • Daedric Revealed Armor for Curvy Body

The mod is compatible with all BBP and TBBP animations, any CBBP texture pack, HDT physics collision, BodySlide preset, and Additional BodySlide preset.

Download the ALSL Body BodySlide Presets mod now for Skyrim.

#8 Dragonbone Barbarian Armors – UUNP – CBBE – Bodyslide

Dragonbone Barbarian Armors - UUNP - CBBE - Bodyslide
Image Credits: Shockero

Dragonborne Barbarian Armors is a lore-friendly mod that adds revealing but modular armors for the female characters in Skyrim, that are available for UNPB, CBBE, and SevenBase. The mod also adds a number of modular armors for males and females, which have 15+ armor pieces, gauntlets, boots, and a helmet that can be equipped. There is also a non-modular female armor if you prefer a less revealing option. Both these mods can be used simultaneously.

Every armor set can be found in three unique locations. If you want to discover them yourself without any hints, put your armor on and explore The Reach, The Rift, and The Pale regions. But if you just want to know the exact locations for these armor sets, check out the mod page.

Download the Dragonbone Barbarian Armors mod now for Skyrim.

#9 Ranger Armor – SSE CBBE BodySlide (with Physics)

Ranger Armor - SSE CBBE BodySlide (with Physics)
Image Credits: docteure

This mod makes the UNP Ranger Armor mod available now in the CBBE Skyrim Special Edition BodySlide version. So the all new UNP Ranger Armor mod now comes with new colors, including Blue, Green, BlackRed (assassin), Burgundy, BrownRed (mercenary), White, Red, and PurplePink (Vaermina). The armor is both upgradable and craftable. You can craft it under the “Leather” category. Find the armor by entering “help ranger” into the console.

You will need BodySlide and Outfit Studio as well as Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition (CBBE) mod for this mod file to work.

Download the Ranger Armor SSE CBBE BodySlide mod now for Skyrim Special Edition.

#10 Immersive Armours – SSE CBBE BodySlide

Immersive Armours - SSE CBBE BodySlide
Image Credits: Jeir

The Immersive Armors mod for Skyrim Special Edition is a CBBE conversion of the most popular armour mod in Skyrim. This conversion features BodySlide add-ons for all of the female outfits, including necklaces, boots, and gauntlets. It also adds various mesh improvements and fixes the Hunter texture path.

Some of the many armors that have been changed by this mod include Apotheus, Ebon Drake Light/Heavy, Archer, Paladin, Redguard Knight, Conan, Shaman, Ebony Mage, Vanguard, Viking Hauberk, and more.

As you can guess, you will need the Immersive Armours mod for this mod to work, along with the BodySlide and Outfit Studio and Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition (CBBE) mods.

Download the Immersive Armours – SSE CBBE BodySlide mod now for Skyrim SE.

#11 Lustmord Vampire Armor

Lustmord Vampire Armor
Image Credits: docteure

This mod adds one of the most popular vampire armors in the game in CBBE SSE BodySlide version. That’s right! The Lustmord Vampire Armor mod now comes in the CBBE SSE BodySlide version. It is actually a multi-component modular Light Armor system for both females and moles. It also adds a new crossbow with explosive and standard fire bolts, as well as an independent crafting system based on spells.

What’s more, players will also get the chance to immersive into a mini start-up quest that involves investigating a problem near Lost Tongue Overlook. The mod also adds Garter pouch, which is a storage pouch container. Excited yet?

Download the Lustmord Vampire Armor mod for Skyrim SE.

#12 Legendary Armors – CBBE Bodyslide with Physics

Legendary Armors - CBBE Bodyslide with Physics
Image Credits: noobgoldberg

This Legendary Armors mod is a set of Bodyslide files to get Legendary Armors for a CBBE body. This conversion will also add models for CBBE Physics body by Jeir, Ousnius, and Caliente if you have CBP Physics or any physics system similar to HDT.

However, do note that the mod author does not edit meshes in this conversion. So you will need to make them on your own in BodySlide based on your preferences. Just pick your body preset, select the “Legendary Armors” group in Bodyslide, and hit the “Batch Build” option.

You will need Legendary Armors – DeserterX Collection SSE by cp44, as well as BodySlide and Outfit Studio and Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition (CBBE) mods for this conversion to work.

Download the Legendary Armors – CBBE Bodyslide with Physics mod now for Skyrim SE.

#13 UUNP Vanilla Outfits Bodyslides

UUNP Vanilla Outfits Bodyslides
Image Credits: Shiva182

This mod allows Skyrim SE players to build all the DLC and vanilla outfits in BodySlide. The mod allows all HDT and UUNP variants, including first person meshes, amulets, gauntlets, hoods, footwear, and more. You also have the option to get all the outfits in Immersive HDT, HDT, or Non HDT options.

Do note that you will need the esp file to view every outfit perfectly. There is also a female version of the Prisoner Rags added by this mod, which comes with only pants and a bra. Check out the mod page to learn about what else this mod adds!

Download the UUNP Vanilla Outfits BodySlides mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#14 MiniDresses Collection for UUNP Bodyslide

Skyrim BodySlide mods
Image Credits: gamefever

This is an excellent mod adds the one and only collection of minidresses in Skyrim and Skyrim SE that has been converted to CBBE body with physics and bodyslide support. Every single mesh in the original mod has been run through the outfit studio and transformed into the CBBE shape adding weights and sliders. The is also a prebuilt collection in the CBBE curvy shape if that’s what you prefer. The mod author has also removed all the odd and unfitting nifs from the mod to make things cleaner.

So if you are looking for a super cool vanilla clothing replacer that changes all the outfits into highly appealing minidresses, get your hands on this mod now! It is available for both Oldrim and Skyrim SE.

Download the MiniDresses Collection for UUNP Bodyslide for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

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So that’s all, folks! This article pretty much sums up the best Skyrim BodySlide mods for both Oldrim and Skyrim SE. So get your hands on the best Skyrim nexus mods for males and females based on the BodySlide application. Make your Skyrim characters and NPCs look astonishingly attractive.

If you are wondering how to install these Skyrim BodySlide mods, use the Nexus mod manager. If you don’t want to install these mods using an installer, download them manually by going to the Nexus download pages for each of these mods. Make the most of these Ultra HD BodySlide addons!

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