Skyrim Vore Mod – Everything You Need To Know


Learn how to install Skyrim vore mod on your PC here!

Did you know that you could devour entire people as whole into your bellies in Skyrim? Well, turns out, that’s not some kind of a bug or glitch. Actually, there is a mod for Skyrim that lets you devour other people and let others devour you as well!

Yup, there’s actually a vore mod in Skyrim and people love it. The mod is called Skyrim Devourment mod and this article will tell you all about it, including how to install Skyrim vore mod and where it is available. So stay tuned!

What Is Skyrim Vore Mod?

Devourment for Skyrim is a vore mod that allows all of the female characters and NPCs to devour others as whole. The mod introduces a bulging belly mesh and scat pile graphics that can be disabled. Moreover, you can even disable the NPCs hungry for you, if you don’t want much of a “predator” experience. 

What Is Capacity Vore Mod?

Skyrim Capacity Limited mod is another addition to the vore mods in the game. Since too long, vore fans only had the option to use the Devourment mod. But now they also have an alternative mod called Skyrim Capacity Limited created by Vicyntae. 

So the Capacity Limited mod introduces new effects of eating on actors. For example, if you have eaten too much now, you will slow down and the effects of your last meal would be clearly visible. Additionally, the mod also adds a new system that increases your stomach capacity as well as stores more items down there to retrieve later, kinda like rumination. 

Moreover, there is also a mod extension for this mod called Skyrim Capacity Vore

How To Install Skyrim Special Edition Vore Mod?

If you are looking for a way to install Skyrim Devourment mod pack for Special Edition, here’s a manual installation guide for you. This mod pack contains Devourment v.65D, addons, scripts, SKSE plugin folders and some extra optional stuff. So get this mod pack now for SSE and install by following these steps:

Step 1: First, create a backup of Skyrim’s data folder. Then download and install the following prerequisites to get the Devourment mod pack:

  • SKSE: Install manually and don’t enable this. 
  • SKYUI: Install with Nexus Mod Manager. 
  • CBBE: Install with Nexus Mod Manager. 
  • FNIS: Install with Nexus Mod Manager. 
  • LOOT: Install with its own installer and don’t enable this. 
  • Leyenda’s 2K Skin: Optional. Install with Nexus Mod Manager for belly textures. 

Step 2: Download the mod pack and extract the data folder from the rar archive you just download. 

Step 3: Now copy the extracted files to your Skyrim data folder. 

Step 4: Next, enable all of the Devourment mods through Nexus Mod Manager’s plugin tab. 

Step 5: Now run LOOT and then FNIS. 

Step 6: Launch the game by using the SKSE_loader and check if Devourment is running. Enjoy!

Is Skyrim Vore Mod Available For Xbox One Or PS4?

Unfortunately, Skyrim vore mod is not available for Xbox One or PS4 because Bethesda does now allow any fetish contents for console. You cannot even find the vore mod on Nexus due to its adult content. 


So that’s all about the Skyrim vore mod folks! Hope the installation guide helps you get the vore mod for SSE. If you have any other questions about it, feel free to ask!

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