Skyrim Gun Mods – Top 6 Mods [2021]


Skyrim has all sorts of lethal medieval weapons such as various kinds of swords, blades, bows and axes. These weapons add to the game’s identity and let you stay in character. But what if, hear me out, you could get different kinds of pistols, rifles and machine guns through gun mods in Skyrim? I know they would totally be against the game’s theme but having guns would be a good change, at least for me. 

So I scoured the internet to find out the absolute best gun mods for Skyrim. Not all of these are too far from the lore though, so you won’t be feeling out of character that much. Thank me later! 

Here are the top 6 Skyrim gun mods in 2021:

List of Top 6 Skyrim Gun Mods Of All Time

Flintlock Pistol – By Mikloud

Flintlock Pistol – By Mikloud is a pretty basic mod that adds a good ol’ flintlock pistol to Skyrim. A perfect gun that is not too modern (like those machine guns) and somewhat goes with the game’s ancient theme. This pistol is very strong and has a base range of 10,000 units. Moreover, whenever you land a perfect aim, your Archery will be leveled by 20. You can even edit the amount of damage this pistol inflicts through the scripts. 

Skyrim 40,000

If you are like me who loves game crossovers, then you will definitely love this mod. Skyrim 40,000 is a weapons pack created by TheycallmeQ that adds a whopping 17 weapons from Warhammer 40k to Skyrim. Warhammer 40k is the most loved miniature wargame so you are definitely in for a treat, or a kickass arsenal, I should say. Two of these weapons are ranged (a Bolt pistol and a Plasma pistol) and the rest of the fifteen are melee. So if you are looking for guns for Skyrim, get your hands on this mod now!

Rifles – Guns – OH MY 

Rifles – guns – OH MY is a weapons mod created by Tony1991 that adds a number of interesting guns to Skyrim. It brings an M1 Garand, an M1 Carbine, a Kar 98, a Mosin Nagant and three other guns to the medieval game, all perfect to wreak havoc! There is also a secret gun to make things more interesting for you. So explore these weapons out and bring some change to your in-game arsenal.

Dwarven AWP Sniper Rifle

Dwarven AWP Sniper Rifle is a mod created by Loshirai14 that adds a terrific AWP rifle to Skyrim, just like that green AWP rifle in Counter Strike. You can craft this rifle in any forge. The mod also adds a whole new kind of ammo with muzzle flash effects and a new sound effect. You can use the rifle in silenced and normal modes. However, the silenced version has a bit lower damage. 

Interestingly, this model of the rifle was crafted by the Dwarven people some millennia ago. So this mod is also lore-friendly.

Dwarven Arm Gun

Dwarven Arm Gun is a weapons mod created by Mahty that adds two all new Dwarven arm guns and a bullet to Skyrim. The two guns are created for both arms; one for right and another one for the left hand. This unique arm candy (see what I did there?) is a perfect weapon if you wanna fight in style. 

Junk’s Guns

Junk’s Guns is a weapons mod created by Junk that takes things to the next level! It adds a number of fully automatic guns to Skyrim. Because trust me, with all of the enemies and hostile creatures lurking in Skyrim, you’d wish you had automatic guns!

It adds an AK-47, AR-15, M-4 Carbine, Dual Revolvers, a Lever-Action Shotgun, a Rocket Launcher (cause why not?) and TNT to Skyrim. With all of these destructive weapons, the game would feel less like a medieval game and more like a modern warzone game! But trust me, it’s worth it! The mod also adds audio effects, graphics and projectiles for each of these weapons.


Now that you know the secrets to some kickass guns for Skyrim, get your hands on these Skyrim gun mods and brace yourself for a whole ‘nother Skyrim feel!

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