Best Skyrim Experience Mods For PS4, Xbox One and PC


Boost your XP in Skyrim with these Experience mods for PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Gaining experience in Skyrim to level up can be too much hard work at times. That’s how Bethesda want us to grind their game to explore the lore-friendly world. But if you learn a few tricks, and console commands, or get Skyrim experience mods for gaining experience, things can be pretty easier.

So after searching the internet for Skyrim experience mods and reading a few Reddit posts about Elder Scrolls experience mods, I have compiled down all the ways you can gain experience in Skyrim, either through the best Skyrim mods or by using console commands. Whether you play Skyrim on PC or on a PS4/Xbox One, I have you all covered!

Skyrim Experience Mods For PS4

#2 Faster Leveling

best skyrim experience mods - faster leveling

Looking for ways to speed up that experience bar and level faster? This Skyrim Experience mod for PS4 called Faster Leveling is a pretty simple mod that increases the rate of your skills leveling up, making them increase twice more than the vanilla game.

This Skyrim double experience mod also has a PC version.

#1 Ultimate Player Start

Ultimate Player Start is a Skyrim mod for PS4 that makes the player enjoy an ultimate start, meaning that your character will be fully overpowered from the start with all weapons, armor, and perks. All of your levels will be automatically at 100 with full experience. So enjoy that ultimate start in full experience with this mod!

Note: If this Skyrim experience mod is not working, try keeping this mod at last in the load order.

Skyrim Experience Mods for Xbox One

#3 Faster Leveling

This Faster Leveling mod is the Xbox One version of the original mod with the same name created by RampageBW1. This Skyrim double experience mod boosts your XP bar to level up faster.

#2 Exp Ring

This Skyrim mod for Xbox One adds an experienced ring to the game that would level up any skill that you use to the 100th level. You can find the ring in Riverwood located in the Floating satchel in the cellar of Anise’s Cabin House. So get your hands on this ring now and level up on any skill you want!

#1 Cheat Room

Cheat Room for Xbox One is basically like a Skyrim leveling cheat mod that adds all sorts of ways for you to cheat. This is a vast mod that does not change anything in the original game. You can find this cheat room by installing this mod first which adds the spells in your magic menu under alteration. You can use it to teleport to this room. With this mod in your list, you can basically get unlimited experience to level up your skills and character, and do so much more. This mod also has a PC version

Skyrim Experience Mods for PC

#7 Custom Skills Framework

For once, you can now create your own custom skill in Skyrim using your own perk trees, is it cool? With many new perks, the number of custom skills you can create is limitless! Those skills can be further customized like having their own menu, marked as legendary skill, showing custom messages when leveling up, and more!

Download here

#6 Training Dummies and Targets Special Edition

Training dummies in every single RPG game suck since they’re mostly used for decoration or just a typical training dummy. They act as a sandbag for you to practice your fighting skill and what do you receive? Exactly! A waste of time!

With this mod installed, fighting with the training dummy and archery targets are now important since it can increase your skill level in Skyrim. You can train 4 skills: One-Handed, Two-Handed, Destruction, and Archery skill. However, since the dummies can’t fight back, you will earn less experience than fighting with real enemies.

Download here

#5 Reading Is Good (SKSE)

The higher the level of your skill, the longer it took to level that skill up, you know, right? In Skyrim, by doing new quests and going adventuring, you can find several skill books scattered around the world. By reading them, the corresponding skill level will be increased by 1. That’s why you should use those skill books in the late game.

With the Reading Is Good mod installed, for each book you read, the leveling speed of that specific skill will be increased by 4% and it’s stackable. This means if you read 10 books of sneak, your sneak skill will level up faster by 40%. If you own the Scholar’s Insight ability, the bonus will be brought up to 8% per book. This is one of the most overpowered level mods in Skyrim so far!

Download here

#4 Ish’s Souls to Perks

As its name, Ish’s Souls to Perks mod gives you the ability to exchange your Dragon Souls for more perk points. In your playthrough in the vanilla Skyrim world, you can find a new stone in the Guardian Stones. Normally, you can exchange 10 dragon souls for 1 perk point, and this number can be modified by using the command “set ishperkcost to X”, where X is the dragon soul required.

Download here

#3 Skyrim Unlimited Training

This mod simply allows you to train unlimited times without the five limitations or wait to level up. You just need to spend more gold like usual training. So if you have a lot of gold and don’t know where to spend them, train!

Download here

#2 Experience – Skyrim Experience Mod Special Edition (SE)

Experience by Zax is a Skyrim Experience Mod .ini for SE that lets you level up by simply exploring the world and completing quests. You will get native Skyrim experience points. So no more worrying about advancing the wrong skills anymore.  Moreover, there is also an optional feature to gain experience from kills.

This Skyrim experience mod is for Skyrim Special Edition. There is also a version for Oldrim which is mentioned below.

#1 Experience – For Oldrim

Experience by Zax (creator of this mod) is a Skyrim Experience Mod for Oldrim that lets you level up by simply exploring the world and completing quests. You will get native Skyrim experience points. So no more worrying about advancing the wrong skills anymore.  Moreover, there is also an optional feature to gain experience from kills.

Skyrim Experience Mod Console Commands

You can add experience to your skill trees in order to increase your abilities by using console commands. This method will let you craft any desired set of skills by gaining extra experience. Here’s how you can add skill experience to each skill tree by using the console command:

Remember: Console commands do not work on PS4 or Xbox in Skyrim.

  • Launch the game and open the console from the main menu with the twiddle key ( ~ ) or section key (§).
  • Enter the command AdcSkill [SKILL ID] # on your console. In the SKILL ID space, enter the name of the skill that you want to level up (by gaining experience), and in the # space, enter the number that you want to level up that skill by.

This way, you will gain enough experience to level up that particular skill.


What is the quickest way to level up in Skyrim?

Besides using those Skyrim experience Nexus mods above for fast leveling, if you prefer immersion and vanilla way to quickly level up, we can also help you! There are a lot of methods to level up faster in Skyrim such as using skill books, using summon, healing, armor, transmutation, harmony skill more often, whack a horse, using guardian stones, and a lot more! Even resting will help your Dragonborn level up fast in Skyrim!

What gives you XP in Skyrim?

Since you can only level up individual skills in Skyrim by doing the corresponding action that skill requires, your character level is also increased, depending on how high each skill level is. With that being said, killing enemies, and creatures, or doing quests blindly will not gain you so much experience unless you put the effort into skills.

How long does it take to reach Level 50 in Skyrim?

On average, you may need around 10 hours in total to reach level 50 in Skyrim. But if only you take advantage of everything along the way and try to use many skills and new spell as possible. Otherwise, it may take longer than this, even months to reach 50 levels.

That’s All Folks!

Those Skyrim experience mods will not affect the gameplay or either the combat system even after tons of patches. Use these Skyrim XP boost mods to level up fast and start Skyrim at higher levels. Install them now for your PC, Xbox One, or PS4!

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