Achievements Not Working? Skyrim SE Achievements Mod Is Here


You know how Bethesda disables achievements or trophies when you use mods? That sucks, right? Bethesda had to take this move to prevent people from cheating. So what’s the point of telling if you don’t get anything out of your games? Read on to find if there is a Skyrim SE Achievements mod to solve your issue.

Skyrim mods are not developed so that users can cheat or they need to keep their mods disabled. Mods are not for cheating. In fact, mods are a type of content that users can use to make their gameplays better and improved. Want to fix a bug in Skyrim using mods? You won’t be able to get achievements. Want to add new weapons to Skyrim with a mod? You won’t be able to get achievements! 

Then what’s the point of having mods if you cannot get achievements in any way, right? Well, what if I told you that there was a way to have mods and earn achievements simultaneously?

That’s right! So if you don’t want to lose your achievements and rewards just because you use mods, there are multiple ways to achieve that. There is a Skyrim SE achievements mod that you can use to enable achievements with mods. Let’s learn all about it!

The Best Skyrim SE Achievements Mod

1. Achievements Mods Enabler

Skyrim SE Achievements Mod
Credits: Soopa Mario

Achievements mods enabler is a mod that does what it says. It enables achievements with mods in both Skyrim SE and AE. It is a version independent mod which requires SKSE64 and Address Library. 

But if you don’t use SKSE64, you will also need to download the mod developer’s separate.dll loader file and follow the mod installation instructions before downloading the .dll loader version of the achievements mod. 

2. Auto Complete All Achievements

The Auto Complete All Achievements mod is another mod that will automatically complete all the achievements whenever you begin a new game. After all the achievements have been automatically completed, you can go back to your old saved game and uninstall the mod. No need to be deprived of your achievements if you have mods. Just download this mod and get all the achievements automatically.

This mod requires SSE Engine Fixes. You will know whether the mod is working if you don’t get achievement warnings. Moreover, the [M] will not appear in the saves menu and you can also check the log to ensure that it is working.

How to Install the Skyrim SE Achievements Mods

To download the Skyrim SE Achievements mods, you will need to use the Vortex Nexus mod manager. Download the Vortex mod manager using this link and then set the Vortex manager to deal with Nexus Links. To do that, go to Settings > Download and click on the checkbox that says “Download with Manager”.

  1. Go to the mod’s file page and click on the Mod Manager Download link.
  2. The link will automatically open up and download in Vortex if you have the mod manager installed.
  3. Once it downloads, the notification will prompt you to install the mod. Hit the “install” button.
  4. Now enable the mod by clicking on “Enable” in the pop-up message that appears after the mod has been installed. Or, go to the Mods tab and click on the grey button for your mod to turn it green.
  5. Launch Skyrim and you will find the mod working.

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Now that you know how to get achievements in Skyrim and play with unlimited mods, you can continue using your favorite mods without any fear of losing your achievements. Go ahead and enjoy your all time favorite mods. Say goodbye to Achievement warnings!

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