SPERG vs. Ordinator — Which One Is the Best for Skyrim?


SPERG and Ordinator in Skyrim are some of the most popular mods for skill progression. This SPERG vs. Ordinator will help you decide which one of these mods is the right one for you. We hope you can make the right choice after reading our guide.

SPERG vs. Ordinator
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SPERG and Ordinator are one of the best Nexus mods for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition that overhaul the perk trees in the game. These mods are quite similar in the sense of the changes they bring, however, they are still unique. These mods allow you to create diverse and unique character builds by altering your skill levels. However, the playthroughs offered by them differ a lot.

So if you are some who is looking for a unique build that is not possible with vanilla perks, you may have come across these two mods. But which one of these is the best? Players often find it hard to choose between these two mods.

In this SPERG vs. Ordinator guide, we have compared the two mods and shared our opinion based on our in-game experience with these mods. So without further ado, let’s dive right in, shall we?

SPERG vs. Ordinator — Everything You Need to Know

SPERG – Skyrim Perk Enhancements and Rebalanced Gameplay

SPERG vs. Ordinator
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SPERG is one of the most popular Skyrim mods that is basically a simple perk overhaul. The mod aims to make leveling more rewarding and fun by allowing you to get basic perks automatically in order to save perk points to specialize your character with unique abilities and playstyle. It is a highly compatible mod with various congifuration options and easy installation.

Have you ever noticed how some skills in Skyrim are actually hard to level in, as compared to others? Have you noticed how some perk trees are actually worthless? The SPERG mod aims to fix these issues by balancing skill leveling rates, overhauling the perk trees, and adding new sources for gaining skills for those that are harder to level in otherwise.

So the new leveling system actually rewards players for playing the game instead of trying hard to get skills that take ages to level. What’s more, every perk in SPERG is unique and impactful. In fact, they can even be made into standalone mods.

SPERG requires Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE), SkyUI, and the Skyrim -Community- Uncapper mod. Moreover, you will need Skyrim’s version 1.9 or higher to install SPERG.

Download SPERG for Skyrim and Skyrim SE

Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim

SPERG vs. Ordinator
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The Ordinator mod overhauls all the perk trees in Skyrim to make character building more fun and rewarding for you. It is one of the most popular and an incredibly compatible mod that uses clean scripting.

Here are some of the most prominent features of Ordinator:

  • Overhauls all the perk trees to offer a whopping 469 new perks.
  • Lightweight scripting.
  • Allows several new and unique character builds.
  • Can be installed in the middle of your playthrough.
  • Highly compatible.
  • Comes with optional thief skills rebalancing.
  • Also makes Ordinator perks available to NPCs.

Download Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim for Skyrim and Skyrim SE

SPERG vs. Ordinator — Which One Is the Best In Skyrim?

Both SPERG and Ordinator bring somewhat similar changes (or should I say improvements) in Skyrim. If you are someone who’s looking for new playthroughs in Skyrim, both these mods have a lot to offer to you. But which one should you choose?

Well, both these mods have their own pros and cons. Let’s compare the two and I’ll reveal which one I prefer the most.


SPERG is a perk mod that brings some pretty modest perks to Skyrim, enabling users to achieve easy stuff such as an unarmored character. What’s more, SPERG also lets you choose which tree you want through the MCM, which offers a pretty good baseline for mixing and matching various load orders to get a decent mix of perks.

However, something that SPERG users complain of is how the mod can make things escalate quickly and make it easy for you to build an extremely powerful and unbalanced character. What’s more, you may find the SPERG perks boring as it can make your character too overpowered.


On the other hand, Ordinator is a quite complex overhaul of the perks with hundreds on unique and insane options. For instance, with Ordinator, your player can get Vancian magic and get a few spells every few seconds. It offers a lot of interesting content and the amount of perks added by it is insane.

For instance, you can get a really good skill progression with one-handed weapons and dual casting. It also offers unarmed combat perks in the Light Armor tree and heavy mage armor in the Alteration tree. Tons of builds are possible with Ordinator, outside of the usual ones.

However, you may feel short-changed when going for a no armor or no weapons build. These choices are possible with SPERG, but feel shallow when compared to the features offered by Ordinator. It is a more compatible mod


Both Ordinator and SPERG are really good mods. If you are looking for a more immersive playthrough, I would recommend using Ordinator as you can build the specific kind of character that you want. For instance, you can build a stealth archer by putting all the skills in the archery and stealth trees.

On the other hand, SPERG is a mod that offers a more heavily-modded experience. It brings some really fun skills, such as the one that offers faster swing speed. What’s more, you can lower the amount of perks rewarded to you if you feel like your character is overpowered.

Try the SPERG-Ordinator-Combined Mod

Image Credits: kemott11

If you are still unable to choose between SPERG and Ordinator, there is actually a mod that combines these two mods together. The SPERG-Ordinator-Combined mod is a perk overhaul mod that rebuilds every single perk tree in Skyrim based on Ordinator and SPERG. How cool, right?

Both SPERG and Ordinator have some features that cannot be missed out on. For instance, the MCM features and automated perks in SPERG as well as all the new perks added by Ordinator are somethings that cannot be missed out on. Therefore, this mod takes the best of both these mods and adds them all to give you the best of both worlds.

It adds about 180 Ordinator to SPERG trees while keeping the game as balanced as possible. It eliminates all the broken SPERG trees so that the game remains balanced. While some may argue that this mod would make your character overpowered, it actually depends on your mod’s setup.

To install the mod, you will need SPERG, Ordinator, and SPERG Weapon Styles. Once you have downloaded and installed all these mods, make sure that the SPERG-Ordinator-combined.esp is activated in your mod load order.

Download the SPERG-Ordinator-Combined mod now for Skyrim

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So that’s all, folks. We hope this SPERG vs. Ordinator comparison between the two mods was helpful. We hope you can pick the right mod that suits your playstyle. But if you are adamant on trying both of these, you can also download the SPERG-Ordinator-Combined mod to get the best of both worlds.

Happy gaming!

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