Skyrim Economy Mods For PS4, Xbox One And PC


If you are looking for the best Skyrim Economy mods, look no further because I have compiled a list of the best economy mods for you!

Have you ever wished for a new economy system in Skyrim? I, for one, find the current economy in the game quite absurd. I mean, the pricing of certain goods and stuff doesn’t make any sense. It’s not realistic at all. So I tried to find mods on reddit and Nexus that adjust the current economy of Skyrim and make it a believable and better economy.

So here are the best Skyrim Economy mods that overhaul the economy of Skyrim in one way or another.

Best Skyrim Economy Mods In 2021

Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul

As you can guess, this mod overhauls the transport system in Skyrim. As a result, you can fast travel both in Special Edition and Oldrim. Firstly, the carriages and ferries in Skyrim have been overhauled to offer you realistic prices and a better mode of traveling. Secondly, the mod adds a dynamic pricing system for carriages and ferries, while giving players the option to customize the prices. Lastly, this mod is free from bugs and is highly stable!

So get it now for Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition from below!

Economy Overhaul and Speechcraft Improvements

This economy overhaul mod in Skyrim makes the economy harder. It overhauls the Speechcraft skill so that players will have to invest in the speech in skill in order to get rich. Additionally, the mod encourages people to earn money in alternate ways such as jobs, quests, and bounties instead of loots.

Moreover, the merchants have also been overhauled to make them more specialized in their fields. Fortunately, you can customize the difficulty level of the economy by using the MCM.  

Trustinlies Price Overhaul

If you want to get better prices for the stuff you sell, look no further! This mod increases the prices of some stuff in Skyrim including pelts, meats, silver and dwemer items and hides so that dungeon crawling and hunting are more rewarding for you/. It also increases the creature drops to give you more meat. 

Rich Skyrim Merchants

This economy mod rains gold on all of the blacksmiths, merchants, innkeepers, spell merchants, fence merchants, Alchemist and Street Vendors in Skyrim. Now everyone will be rich as they get 2 times, 5 times and 10 times more gold (up to you)! All of it also applies to the Master Trader perk. 

This economy mod in Skyrim is available in both the Oldrim and Special Edition versions for PS4, Xbox One and PC users. 

Milk Mod Economy

Milk Mod Economy makes you the owner of numerous cows who you can milk all day for fresh milk. But these aren’t any ordinary cows, no. In fact, you will milk your followers! That’s right! You will have access to milk machines spread all across Skyrim, as well as the equipment in exchange for a small fee. You can sell the milk at amazing prices or enjoy it yourself!

If you are not sure how to install this mod, here’s a Skyrim Milk Mod Economy guide for you! So get it now to become a profitable owner of multiple “cows”!


That’s all, folks! Install these mods now to get a better economy in Skyrim.

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