13 Best Skyrim Enchanting Mods for PC, XB1 and PS4


Enchanting in Skyrim is a pretty cool skill that allows you to buff your weapons, armor, and jewelry with magic. But if you ask me, these enchanting effects could use major upgrades in terms of their appearance and balance. Don’t worry though! The gods (modders) have finally listened to us and developed some kickass Skyrim enchanting mods.

List Of The Best Skyrim Enchanting Mods In 2022

In this post, we list down the top 13 enchanting mods in Skyrim for PC, XB1, and PS4. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

#13 Summermyst – Enchantments

Skyrim Enchanting Mod

Credits: SurprisedRook

Summermyst is perhaps the most popular enchanting mod in Skyrim. This mod introduces 120 new enchantments to the game that are built-in with the vanilla item system in Skyrim. So you can easily buy or loot them from the enemies and apply them to your items.

In addition to these new enchantments, the mod has also fixed the vanilla enchantment system by rebalancing it and making it more immersive.

This super cool enchanting mod is available for both Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition on PC and Xbox One.

#12 Wintermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim

Skyrim Enchanting Mod

Credits: Brodual

Like Summermyst, Wintermyst also adds 124 brand new enchantments to Skyrim that you can access via hundreds of new enchanted items that are added in the loot lists and vendor inventories. All 124 of these new enchantments are disenchanted. The mod also fixes several bugs in the vanilla enchantment system. Wintermyst also adds thousands of new enchanted items, integrated with the vanilla enchantment system.

Wintermyst is available for both Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition.

#11 Draco Enchantment Overhaul With Vendor

Skyrim Enchanting Mod Xbox One and PS4

Credits: LunarGaming

Draco is a Skyrim enchantment mod that adds a new vendor to the game near the enchanting table in the college of winterhold. This new vendor deals with all the enchantments in the game as well as 82 all-new enchantments. The mod also rebalances the enchantment system in Skyrim so it is better at low levels.

This Skyrim enchanting mod is available for Oldrim, Skyrim Special Edition (PC), Xbox One, and PS4.

#10 Enchantments Unleashed [PS4]

Skyrim Enchanting Mod PS4

Credits: Verdict of Odin

Enchantments Unleashed is a Skyrim enchanting mod for PS4 that applies practically any enchantments to any piece of armor. By installing this mod, you will be lifting all the item-type restrictions in the vanilla enchantment system in Skyrim.

Get this mod for PS4 now to unleash all the enchantments in Skyrim!

#9 VAE – Visual Animated Enchants

Skyrim Enchanting Mod PC

Credits: Merciful king

VAE is a replacer mod for the animations and visual effects of enchantments on weapons. If you are not a fan of boring enchantment animations, get the VAE mod to make your experience much more immersive.

The VAE mod adds visual enchantment effects on weapons without altering their power. These highly detailed visual effects are for all the weapons in Skyrim. For instance, fear now has a screaming face, poison has a glowing skull. The poison effect specially created for this mod is present in a jar in the Dragon’s Reach. Destroy the weapon to make the effects work.

This Skyrim enchanting effects mod is available for both PC and Xbox One.

#8 Animated Enchantments Overhaul

The Animated Enchantments Overhaul mod removes all the unnecessary sounds, quests, and content, and adds animated enchantments to Skyrim with magic school damage, allowing you to use new effects by disenchanting all the weapons. The mod works on all custom and vanilla weapons.

It adds:

  • Two-Hand Sword Enchants
  • Sword Enchants
  • BattleAces Enchants
  • Daggers
  • Fully functional two enchants for single weapons.
  • And more.

The mod author has applied proper schools of magic to the enchantments. Moreover, all the enchantments are silent when sheathing or unsheathing as well as in 1st and 3rd person changes. The burn effects and duration of them are similar to vanilla. Download the mod now to overhaul the animated enchantments in Skyrim!

Download the Animated Enchantments Overhaul mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#7 Enchantment Reload Fix

Enchantment Reload Fix is a mod for Skyrim and Skyrim SE that fixes the bug that drains more charges from weapon enchantments and increases the price once the game is loaded. It is a pretty annoying bug in the game engine that drains more charges after the player reloads or saves the game.

You may have also noticed how the prices of enchanted weapons increase dramatically and the issue also gets worse as your enchanting skill improves. This all happens due to a problem in how the game saves enchantment data, causing it to calculate the costs of player-made enchantments incorrectly.

This mod fixes that issue, allowing you to have an enchanted weapon that retains the same number of charges and price as displayed at the enchanting table when you enchanted it for the first time. It won’t change no matter how many times you reload the game. However, the mod does not fix the enchantments that we made before you installed this mod. You will have to enchant new items after installing this plugin.

Download the Enchantment Reload Fix mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#6 Thaumaturgy – An Enchanting Overhaul

The Thaumaturgy is an overhaul mod for the Skyrim enchanting system. The mod author aims to balance all the existing enchantments as well as add all-new weapon and armor enchantments that are super powerful. The mod fixes several issues in Skyrim’s enchanting system by leveraging the game’s slot restriction mechanic. However, it does so by ensuring that all the enchantments remain meaningful.

In addition to these changes, the mod also removes all the bugged or useless enchantments, gets rid of the crafting loop, adds any missing generic items to the lists, and makes them equal in strength to the enchantments you create.

Although Thaumaturgy does not use any other mods to operate, you can use it with other mods easily. For instance, this mod adds weapon enhancements to the Alteration and Illusion archetypes of the Mysticism mod. Moreover, some new armor enhancements are like the portion effects in Apothecary.

The mod is compatible with any other perk overhaul mods. So download the Thaumaturgy mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#5 Honed Metal -NPC Crafting and Enchanting Services

This mod allows the mages and blacksmiths from all over Skyrim to craft, enchant, and temper their weapons, armor, and equipment that has been added by other mods. Your barter abilities and craftsmanship skills would affect the price and quality of their work. IT is a fully customizable mod that can be molded according to your liking using the MCM menu.

Since Skyrim is essentially a land of Blacksmiths, this mod aims to bring back the legendary forging skills in Skyrim. In the vanilla game, you may have noticed how not even one smith can craft a shoehorn for you despite the Nords being praised for their epic forging skills. No matter how much you bribe or coerce them, they will not be willing to forge for you.

This mod aims to change that by making the blacksmiths and mages enchant, temper, and craft weapons, armor, and equipment for you. You can download the mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#4 Rustic Alchemy and Enchanting Tables

Rustic alchemy and enchanting tables
Credits: hodilton

The Rustic Alchemy and Enchanting tables are a rustic overhaul of the enchanting tables and alchemy in Skyrim. The mod brings real rustic vibes to the arcane crafting tables so that they actually represent their origin.

Have you ever wondered about the origin of enchanting tables and alchemy in Skyrim? You can’t purchase them from the Belethor’s shop or find them growing on trees. In fact, you can only get alchemy tables from a steward in Dragonsreach. They are unique and ancient artifacts that do not come by easily.

This mod aims to reflect their ancient origin by making a rustic overhaul to these tables. Download the Rustic Alchemy and Enchanting Tables mod now for Skyrim.

#3 Enchanting Awakened

Enchanting Awakened
Credits: Thyworm

The Enchanting Awakened mod is a unique overhaul of the Enchanting system in Skyrim. This mod emphasizes on the game’s balance and the specialization in one of the three Enchanting styles. The mod reimagines Skyrim’s enchanting skill system completely while sticking to the lore.

If you also think that the enchanting system of Skyrim does not give rewards for your endless skill grind and if you have already tried all the popular enchanting mods and have not found what you are looking for, you should definitely check out Enchanting Awakened.

The best features in Enchanting Awakened include:

  • Pick your desired Enchanting style from Corpus, Chaos, and Aether.
  • All the enchanting styles are suited for different playing styles and modified to allow distinct playthroughs with various characters.
  • Unlock “Essence” perks and get an enchanting experience when you trap souls.
  • It is now necessary to unlock perks to trap souls, disenchant items, and enhance the charger numbers that are yielded by your enchantments.

Get all of these and more exciting features with the Enchanting Awakened mod for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#2 Enchanted Arsenal

Enchanted Arsenal
Credits: Brodual

Enchanted Arsenal is a Skyrim enchanting mod that allows you to create custom visual effects for all enhancements very easily. You can do so by mixing and matching the animated effects of various enchantment effect mods to create entirely new visual effects. The mod synthesizes all the creative assets of various enchantment effect mods.

The mod’s MCM system lets you change the visual effects of your enchantments when you are playing. You can quickly switch between different presets or design your own new custom effect for visual enchantments from hundreds of ingredients. How cool, right?

Get the Enchanted Arsenal mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#1 Animated Weapon Enchants

Animated Weapon Enchants
Credits: REKiwi

The Animated Weapon Enchants mod adds animations for the enchantments on your weapons. The vanilla animated enchants on weapons are not extraordinary. So this mod aims to fix that by adding super cool animations for weapon enchants.

For fire enchants, there are fire dancers, and for shock enchants, there are storm flashes. There are also many more animations for weapon enchants that match the general color scheme of the game. For instance, there are white animations for frost, red animations for health, and some fun animations too.

When you download this mod, there will be an animation with all the standard weapon enchants. So when you go to an enchanter table and throw an enchant on a weapon, it will become animated. The mod basically takes all the existing animation shades, copies them, makes some tweaks, and ties them to the existing effects. Download the Animated Weapon Enchants mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.


What is the fastest way to increase Enchanting in Skyrim?

The fastest way to increase the Enchanting skill in Skyrim is to disenchant every single item that you don’t use. Because not only you can find enchanted items faster while traveling, but also disenchanting an item gives you much more Enchanting XP. And later on, you can use that enchantment to add to another armor or weapon of your choice.

Can you have 3 enchantments in Skyrim?

In short, you can’t. By default, you can only enchant each item in Skyrim once. However, the Extra Effect perk in the Enchanting skill tree will allow you to put one more enchantment to an item, bringing the maximum number of enchantments in one item to two.

What is the most powerful enchantment in Skyrim?

To be honest this depends a lot on your gameplay and play style. Fortify Restoration seems to do a good job if you want an easy path, where you can keep using enchantment to reach a higher level and keep making potions or armor. If you like to combat a lot, a Chaos Damage enchantment is your good friend!

Final Words

So that’s all folks! Try these Skyrim enchanting mods to overhaul the vanilla enchantment system in Skyrim and make it more immersive and balanced.

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