Top 12 Best Skyrim Character Mods for All Platforms


Giving you more control over your characters with these Skyrim character mods for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Are you bored of the same characters in Skyrim and looking for a change? Character creation is an interesting process where you get to create your desired characters from scratch and decide their race, features, and other aspects. Bethesda has done a great job! However, with the limited options available in the vanilla Skyrim, you get tired of the same characters with the same backstories. But that’s about to change!

In this article, we’ve listed down some of the absolute best Skyrim character mods for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. So let’s take a look at them, shall we?

List of the top 12 Best Skyrim Character Mods

#12 300+ NPCs Converted To PC Presets

Skyrim character mods
Credits: OwwThatSmarts

This Skyrim character mod is perfect for you if you have fantasized about living as an NPC. This mod adds over 300 new NPC presets from all races so you can play as your favorite NPCs. Be it Ulfric or General Tullius, you can now live the lives of your favorite NPCs. The vanilla presets have been replaced with these NPC presets.

Get this Skyrim character mod now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

#11 Alternate Start- Live Another Life

Skyrim alternate life mod
Credits: Brodual

As its name suggests, the Alternate Start mod is your alternate start to Skyrim. This mod allows you to skip the long introduction and tutorial and start right from the character creation. You would be playing as an orc character who’s a member of The Companions.

This unique addition will make your playthrough much more interesting and immersive. You can either start as a hunter in the woods, a property owner in the city, or choose from many other options available.

So if you’re tired of the same old playthroughs, Alternate Start is the way to go! Get this character mod for Skyrim SE, PS4, and Xbox One.

#10 Enhanced Character Edit

Skyrim character edit mod
Credits: Tonyo Allie

Enhanced Character Edit (ECE) is a Skyrim mod that allows cosmetic character creation in Skyrim. The mod adds 50+ new color and expression sliders, a zoom function, a save and load function for characters, and multiple lighting options. Moreover, for character creations gone wrong, there’s an undo and redo option to fix any messed-up features. It is a pretty cool mod for people who want to try new looks for their characters.

Get it for Oldrim and Skyrim SE.

#9 Character Creation Overhaul Mod

Skyrim character mod
Credits: BestInSlot

If you miss the good ol’ Morrowind and Oblivion days, this mod is good news for you! The Character Creation Overhaul mod brings back the birthsigns, adds all the 21 classes from The Elder Scrolls games including the custom class, as well as adds the option to set diverse stats for genders and races. It is compatible with nearly all of the mods with alternate starts.

Get the Character Creation Overhaul mod now for Oldrim, Skyrim SE, and Xbox One.

#8 Racemenu Mod

Skyrim character mods
Credits: Brodual

Racemenu is an absolute favorite mod for characters in Skyrim. It is a complete overhaul of the vanilla character creation mod that adds all-new customization features. The mod brings RGB color selection for various nearly all of your features including hair color. In addition to hundreds of customization options for your character covering every aspect, the mod also adds lighting and camera rotation options so you can see your character properly while customizing.

Get the Racemenu mod now for Oldrim and Skyrim SE.

#7 Total Character Makeover

Skyrim Character mod
Credits: theDeluxeSam

The Total Character Makeover mod is a Skyrim mod that adds a big collection of highly detailed and optimized character improvements. As we all know, the vanilla characters in Skyrim are not very pleasant to look at. This does not just apply to their beauty, but also their appearance as humans. They just do not look realistic.

But thanks to this mod, you can now change that by adding new and detailed textures for all the characters to ensure that they look real and beautiful. Moreover, the mod creator has maintained a consistent look in all characters, without taking things too far from the vanilla look.

The mod includes:

  • Improved foot and hand meshes
  • Full texture sets for all races
  • Full vampire textures
  • Full snow elf textures
  • Improved textures for teeth
  • Eye textures for all races
  • Beard textures
  • Eyebrow textures
  • Warpaint, freckles, dirt, high-resolution makeup, and scars

However, the mod does not include hair textures, nude bodies, new beards and hairstyles, eye colors, new warpaint or scars, child meshes, or NPC changes.

Download the Total Character Makeover mod now for Oldrim or Skyrim SE.

#6 Ordinator — Perks of Skyrim

Credits: Brodual

The vanilla perk system in Skyrim does not make it easy to level up. Moreover, there is very little room to customize the character experience in vanilla. Ordinator is one of the best mods in Skyrim that addresses these concerns. It is the most popular perk overhaul mod due to efficiently handling the leveling and application of perk points with the skill tree.

The mod reformats every single perk tree so that you have more options to build out your character’s skill set. As a result, there won’t be any over-specialization for a certain skill, which used to result in unbalancing the game. So if you want your character to have a diverse skill set, get your hands on this Skyrim mod now!

Download the Ordinator — Perks of Skyrim mod now for Oldrim, Skyrim SE, or Xbox One.

#5 Imperious — Races of Skyrim

Imperious — Races of Skyrim mod
Credits: Brodual

Imperious is yet another popular character mod in Skyrim that makes all the races more diverse and unique. The mod overhauls all the powers, stats, and racial abilities of all races, giving each of the three new abilities as well as a quest to unlock their racial power. They can also be used by NPCs!

Its main features include:

  • 3 new passive racial abilities for each race and 1 new power to be unlocked through a quest.
  • NPCs also have access to the same powers and abilities.
  • Configuration options if you have SkyUI installed.

Download the Imperious — Races of Skyrim mod now for Oldrim, Skyrim SE, or Xbox One.

#4 Morningstar — Minimalistic Races of Skyrim

Morningstar is a pretty basic race mod that overhauls all the racial bonuses in Skyrim while focusing on realism and immersion in the low magic Skyrim world. In the vanilla game, all races have distinct bonuses. However, not all of them are balanced and created equally. Some of them are more powerful than others and some have active powers only available to the player. This is not ideal if you opt for a non-Dragonborn playthrough. Moreover, most of the daily powers players have are not used as you need to select them in the menu and then wait 48 seconds for them to cool down.

This mod changes that by replacing the racial bonuses with two immersive passive bonuses for each race. However, it does not mess with the race data itself to ensure that the mod is compatible with visual overhaul mods for races.

Download the Morningstar — Minimalistic Races of Skyrim mod now for Oldrim, Skyrim SE, Xbox One, or PS4.

#3 The Uchiha Clan

Skyrim The Uchiha Clan

Credits: Stormwolf

This mod adds an entirely new race to Skyrim, the Uchiha Race that has access to great powers and also comes with an ever-evolving Sharingan. The Uchiha clan is known to be one of the four noble and most powerful clans of Konohagakure.

The clan produced amazingly talented and powerful shinobi. They joined forces with the Senju clan to found Konohagakure, However, they were wiped out after being massacred. The stats of this clan include:

  • Health: 50
  • Stamina: 70
  • Magicka: 50
  • One-Handed and Two-Handed favored skills: +10
  • Illusion, Destruction, and Light Armor: +5

In addition to these favored skills, this clan also has special abilities:

  • Sharingan: the blessed eyes that allow you to slow time and decimate groups of enemies in the blink of an eye.
  • Uchiha’s Talent: A boost to unarmed combat and 50% resistance to fire.
  • Sharingan Awakening: A spell that lets you use Sharingan once you have met some requirements. If you cast it, you will be able to unlock new abilities if you meet the requirements.
  • Refresh Sharingan: A spell that lets you reselect your path when you cast the Sharingan Awakening spell. However, it can only be used once.
  • Eye’s Manager: A spell that lets you store your default eyes.

Download the Uchiha Clan mod now for Oldrim and Skyrim SE.

#2 Epic Elves Race

Skyrim Epic Elves Race mod
Credits: Brodual

Epic Elves Race is a mod that adds an all-new Elven race to Skyrim featuring new eyes and eyebrows. The Epic Elves have a great bond with nature and love to stay in harmony with nature. They are really good at healing magic, bows, and potions. The racial bonuses of this mod include:

  • Illusion +10
  • Restoration +5
  • Marksman +5
  • Enchanting +5
  • Speechcraft +%
  • Alchemy +5
  • Lesser Power
  • Command on Animals
  • Resistance to Magicka: 25

The main features of this mod include:

  • Stats and power overhaul
  • Improved Textures
  • Option high-poly with elven ears for females
  • Racemenu compatibility
  • Script fixes

The mod installation requires you to have the Racial Compatibility for the Dawnguard mod.

Download the Epic Elves Race mod now for Oldrim.

#1 Predators — The Lost Tribes

The Predators mod adds 3 completely playable Predator races into Skyrim. Yes, the very same ones from Alien vs. Predator. These races have Deadlock eyes, styles, and body customizations. You also get your hands on 42 all-new Predator weapons with hundreds of new predator bio masks, equipment, and armor.

Download this mod to find high-tech equipment and items scattered among the Tribes of some hostile and some friendly Predator Civilizations. You will also get to interact with Xeno and other predators from the lost tribes of Yautja descendants who have been stranded in Skyrim for thousands of years, living on the borders of the Nord wilderness and preying on the edges of Tamriel.

Moreover, this race has stocked cultural gear in hidden locations. You will also find abandoned and hidden drop pods on the landscape. You can start off by getting hints from a book in the Helgen Keep Tutorial, outside the Helgen’s keep.

You will also find points added to the map for the locations of the Yautja. However, be careful of the Savages, Berserkers, and Badblood Yautja who happen to be hostile headhunters and are not very friendly to the outsides, just like the Sentinelese. However, the Yautja living far to the North East are not hostile. So you can enjoy friendly interactions with them. Download the Predators — The Lost Tribes mod now for Oldrim, Skyrim SE, or Xbox One.


How do I make the prettiest character in Skyrim?

After installing those Skyrim character mods, you may want to know how to create the best character, right? Just like vanilla Skyrim, you need to drag all of the sliders when creating a character to the middle and work your way until you satisfy. You may also want to start with a bald head and a clean face to easily modify the shape first. And the beauty of your character also depends on the race you choose. For example, a cute orc or a friendly dark elf may not be the best-looking character.

Can you alter your appearance in Skyrim?

If you don’t like your character’s appearance in Skyrim and already started the game, you have one more chance to customize your character again before exiting Helgen. This way, you can change your appearance, race, and name.

How do you make an attractive female character in Skyrim?

Besides reducing all the sliders to the left, you may want to customize your character a little bit to give them an attractive appearance. Additionally, you can use mods to furthermore change your female’s look such as Coverwomen, Better Females, Eyes of Beauty, and Hair mods.

Wrapping Up

So that’s all folks! We hope you enjoy those lore-friendly and fantastic character mods. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments below. Until then, enjoy modifying your Skyrim characters with these awesome mods!

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