These Top 13 Skyrim Korean mods Are all You Need


From Korean skincare and K-pop to Korean shows and movies, the Korean culture has taken the world by a storm. In fact, the popularity of Korean culture is not just limited to the skincare, music, or entertainment industry anymore. It has made its way into gaming, with numerous Korean mods being released for the top games of the century, including Skyrim!

If you are a Skyrim and Korean culture fan, you are in for a treat today because for this article, we scoured the internet to find you the top 13 best Skyrim Korean mods of all time. So are you ready to jump on the K-bandwagon? Read on!

Top 13 Most In-Demand Skyrim Korean Mods

#1 Modern Korean Fashion

Skyrim Korean Mods: Modern Korean fashion
Image Credits: SunJeong

This Korean fashion mod for Skyrim Special Edition adds all new sets of modern outfits inspired by the Korean fashion. The Modern Korean Fashion mod adds various combinations of the best modern pieces in the form of a single pack. All of the outfits and statement pieces in this mod are based on the Korean urban fashion, which includes a subtle hints of anime clothing.

The entire pack adds six new outfits to Skyrim SE with a number of variations. The mod also adds some essential accessories to adorn with your Korean outfits, including boots, a bag, and a choker. How cool, right?

Get your hands on this mod now dress your Skyrim characters in the coolest Korean outfits!

Download the Modern Korean Fashion mod now for Skyrim SE.

#2 Devoted Son’s Hand (Korean Ultimate Backscratcher)

Skyrim Korean mods
Image Credits: poppinsoul123

This is a rather fun Korean mod for Skyrim SE that adds a one-handed back scratcher inspired from the Korean culture. This fire enchanted back scratcher can be forged not only to scratch your backs but also to fight your enemies in Skyrim by “scratching” them!

Known as “Hyoja son” in Korea, which means a devoted son’s hand, this back scratcher features a unique swing sound that can be heard when using it to scratch your own or your enemies backs.

Amused yet? Get your hands on this peculiar mod now by clicking on the link below.

Download the Devoted Son’s Hand mod now for Skyrim SE.

#3 Official Korean Coin 2017

Official Korean Coin 2017 Skyrim mod
Image Credits: MilkyBunny12

As you can guess from its name, this mod replaces the vanilla Skyrim coin with the official Korean Mint Coin of 2017. So if you are tired of using the same old coin in Skyrim, get your hands on this mod to get a 2017 Korean coin with 4K Ultra HD improved texture.

This coin comes in two sizes of 1.5 and 1.6 and is available to be downloaded for both Skyrim and Skyrim SE. Just put the downloaded mod file into the Skyrim data file and you will have an all new Korean coin replacing the vanilla Skyrim coin.

Download the Official Korean 2017 mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

#4 Miu – A Korean Nord High Poly Head Preset

Miu - A Korean Nord High Poly Head Preset mod for Skyrim
Image Credits: Orimagen

This mod adds a Korean character preset, named Miu. Miu is an incredibly attractive nord woman with a preset that looks as amazing in-game as in the mod images. The mod uses High Poly, Racemenu, and Expressive Facegen Morph, which means that you will require all these mods for this preset to work.

This new character will make all your Korean fantasies come true! The download file contains both the nif files and the preset. So get your hands on the mod from the link below and add a super cute Korean nord woman to Skyrim SE.

Download the Miu mod now for Skyrim SE.

#5 Korean Fonts 31

Korean Fonts 31 Skyrim mod
Image Credits: ljh7493

The Korean Fonts 31 mod lets you select and add up to 31 Korean fonts in Skyrim SE. This is one of the most essential mods for people looking for Skyrim Korean mods. You can choose your favorite Korean fonts from 31 different options.

This mod includes 31 default fonts and 2 font options for the menu. Moreover, the handwritten and book fonts are used equally throughout the game. The mod can even work in VR! So get your hands on it by clicking on the link below!

Download the Korean Fonts 31 mod now for Skyrim SE.

#6 Hearthfire – Korean Translated Version

Hearthfire - Korean Translated Version mod Skyrim
Image Credits: ofam

This mod is a Korean translation for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — Hearthfire DLC. Hearthfire is the second add-on released by Bethesda for Skyrim which lets players buy a plot of land and build a home for themselves from scratch. The DLC lets you build your own home from materials like claw and lumber. You even have the option to add enchanting and alchemy facilities, beehives, and greenhouses.

So the Hearthfire – Korean Translated Version is basically a Korean translation mod for this supercool DLC which translates all the Dawnguard texts for Skyrim. Of course, you will need the Hearthfire DLC for this mod to work.

Download Hearthfire — Korean Translated Version now for Skyrim.

#7 UI – Korean Translated

Skyrim UI - Korean Translated
Image Credits: ofam

UI — Korean translated is the Korean translation of the User Interface (UI) in Skyrim. The download link has three files, named Font, fontconfig , Translated_English.txt. While this mod translates a number of interface menus and adds support fonts into Korean, it does not translate the entire in-game UI.

Download the UI — Korean Translated mod now for Skyrim

#8 League of Legends Ahri Voice Pack Korean Version

Skyrim League of Legends Ahri Voice Pack Korean Version
Image Credits: VinAri0807

This is yet another Skyrim mod for all the Korean fans out there that transforms your character’s voice into Ahri’s. Ahri, the Nine-Tailed fox is super popular a League of Legends champion and this mod replaces your voice with hers in Korean.

Do note that this mod will only change your character’s voice. The NPCs’ voices remain unchanged. The mod only replaces your voice into Ahri’s in Korean. It does not add its original dialogue from League of Legends.

So if you are a League of Legends fan want your character in Skyrim to sound like a super hot Nine-Tailed Fox in Korean, get your hands on this mod today!

Download League of Legends Ahri Voice Pack Korean Version now for Skyrim

#9 Woldo of The General Lee Sam — Korean

Woldo of The General Lee Sam — Korean mod Skyrim
Image Credits: tekkenjjang2

This is a Korean mod for Skyrim that adds an all new exotic oriental moonblade belonging to General Lee Sam from Chosun Dynasty. Lee Sam was known for his impeccable swordsmanship, scrupulous personality, and unmatched loyalty to the King.

His exotic moonblade looks like a glaive which is referred to as “un wall do” by Koreans. Un wall do means a blade that appears like a crescent moon with a spear shaft. There is also a carving on this blade, “Yong Gwang Sa Woo Du Sung”, which means “lighting the king’s willingness, by being the sword arm of the one”.

This unique moonblade weighs 2.9kg and is 191.5 cm long. You can forge and enhance it at the Deadric smithing section. So if you want to add a historic weapon from General Lee Sam’s legacy to your arsenal in Skyrim, get you hands on this mod!

Download Woldo of the General Lee Sam — Korean mod now for Skyrim

#10 Simple UI (No Dodge Key Setting)

Simple UI (No Dodge Key Setting)
Image Credits: Fhaarkas

This Korean version of the Simple UI mod adds a 60 fps menu, a hotkey, a fast first-person view switching option, a favorites menu segmentation, more stable colorful map markers, and hides, moves, scales, and removes various HUD elements.

If you want to see significant visual changes in the user interface of Skyrim, get your hands on this mod now for Xbox One! However, do note that you will need to download the quality world map separately for this mod to work.

Download Simple UI mod now for Skyrim on Xbox One

#11 QOL Compilation Korean Version

Skyrim QOL Compilation Korean Version
Image Credits: deleted93399393

This Korean version of the QOL and Bug Fix compilation mod basically combines 34 most user-friendly and bug-fixing mods in Skyrim to give you a holistic improvement in game. Some of the most significant improvements made by this mod include:

  • Quickly getting up after falling down
  • Speed of NPCs adjusted
  • Automatically dismounting the arrows
  • Reduced frequency of NPC greetings
  • No crimes reported by animals
  • and much more!

This Korean patch does not require the original mod to work. So just get your hands on this mod and you are well on you way to making some really great improvements and fixes in Skyrim.

Download QOL Compilation Korean Version mod now for Skyrim on Xbox One

#12 Amazing Follower Tweaks – Korean Translation

Amazing Follower Tweaks - Korean Translation
Image Credits: Dheuster

This is a Korean translation of the Amazing Follower Tweaks mod that adds multiple followers to Skyrim. What’s more, you get to manager their combat style, spells, outfits, home assignments, and level them up. You can even make them vampire and werewolf lords! Additionally, your followers can make camps, ride horses, avoid traps, auto relax, auto change into different outfits, ignore friendly fires, auto-toggle helmets, dance, pose, and do so much more.

All you need for this Korean translation patch to work is the original Amazing Follower Tweaks mod and the Korean Skyrim Localization mod mentioned below in this list.

Download the Amazing Follower Tweaks — Korean Translation mod now for Skyrim on Xbox One

#13 Korean Skyrim Localization AE/SE Korean Patch

Skyrim Korean mods Localization AE/SE Korean Patch
Image Credits: Mandoo6435

The Skyrim Localization Korean Patch basically corrects all the off Korean translations and replaces them with the more correct and natural version. So if you are sick of finding really unnatural Korean translation mods for Skyrim, this mod will change that for you.

To make it work, download the mod and it will be installed automatically. Then, quit Skyrim, restart the game, and go to the mod page to view the mod layout by pressing Y. Once you find it, deactivate it and start the game as is, without quitting it. Now go to the mod page and reactivate the mod. You will now be able to use the perfect Korean translations in Skyrim now!

Download the Korean Skyrim Localization Korean Patch now for Skyrim on Xbox One

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So that’s all, folks! This list pretty much sums up the top 13 Skyrim Korean mods of all time. If you are a Korean who is tired of not having their favorite mods in their native language, you don’t have to endure any more problems. You can easily enjoy your favorite game with the best mods in Korean language. Happy gaming!

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