Skyrim Star Wars Mods For Xbox One, PS4 And PC


Skyrim is full of crazy crossovers but this time, I bring to you a crossover that you are definitely gonna fall in love with! Star Wars X Skyrim, excited already? This post lists down the best Skyrim Star Wars mods of all time. So without further ado, let’s check these mods out and harness The Force from Star Wars in Skyrim, shall we?

Top Skyrim Star Wars Mods Of All Time

The following list contains the best Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Star Wars mods for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

#10 New Animals for Star Wars Worlds ESM version SE

Want more diversity in your Skyrim world to suit the Star Wars theme? New Animals for Star Wars Worlds mod adds several new animals with a new look to the game. They include the Dewbacks, Sheeps, Rams, Bone Hawks, Hawks, Eagles, Crows, and Mummified Animals.

Download here

#9 Star Wars Lightsaber Sounds Expanded

This mod simply adds more sound for your lightsabers, assuming you already have one in Skyrim. You can now hear clearly the sound when you turn off or on the lightsaber, the sound it makes when idle, swinging, or hitting the enemy. This small mod creates a huge impact on your experience!

If you don’t have a Lightsabers mod yet, it’s recommended to install Magicka Sabers or Unique Magicka Sabers for the Crossguard Saber, then just download this mod and place the sound files in your Data/Sound/Fx/wpn/Magicka Sabers folder.

Download here

#8 Star Wars Worlds in Skyrim SE

This mod adds no script and mission to the game, instead, it adds a mysterious portal lay in the Whiterun that allows you to travel to the Star Wars world. There are different places for you to discover as well as a lot of companions or followers such as Boba Fett, Droids, Stormtroopers, Yoda,… and many more.

Download here

#7 Star Wars Lite Conversion

Do you want to completely immerse in a star wars battle in Skyrim? With Star Wars Lite Conversion installed, you will be seeing a lot of new models and textures of the soldiers and weapons. This mod also adds some new gameplay mechanics that may not see in Skyrim before, just like the original mod, Star Wars Redux.

CW soldiers are replaced with Stormtroopers while the Stormcloaks are replaced with the Rebels. If that is not enough, there are also multiple droids belonging to the Dwemer faction that you can use in combat and a bunch of other new weapons like the Tusken Rifle or the Stun Baton.

The most impressive part about this mod is it can directly modify the gameplay. For example, you can use the lightsabers to reflect the incoming projectile to the shooter, realistic gunshot, improved AI, and more! So get ready for the intensified battle!

Download here

#6 Twilek Race Mod – Star Wars

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars popular franchises, you may realize those tail-head creatures. Twi’leks is a humanoid species with a tentacle head that you can find in the world of Skyrim. Although it seems weird, those tentacles are the primary way Twi’leks communicate.

You can find those creatures in the Dragonsreach dungeon and make them your followers or marry them if you like. If they’re dead or dismissed, you can find them whenever you want in the same dungeon again.

Download here

#5 Unique Magicka Sabers SSE

skyrim star wars mods - Unique Magicka Sabers SSE

Unique Magicka Sabers is a Skyrim SE Star Wars mod for Xbox One and PC. This mod adds a huge collection of Lord Haun’s Magicka Sabers including the Crossguard Lightsabers, Double-Bladed Lightsabers, Lightsaber Pikes, Two Mages Staff with Sabers, Dagger Sabers, Tonfa Sabers, and the infamous Darksaber. Interestingly, all of the sabers come in various color options just like in Lord Haun’s sabers.

Additionally, there are also some unique and powerful sabers introduced in this mod belonging to the Jedi and other Heroes from the Star Wars Mythos. For example, it includes Yoda’s saber, Darth Vader’s saber, and many others belonging to the notable characters of Star Wars.

If you are an Oldrim player, there is also an Oldrim version of the Unique Magicka Sabers mod for you. So get this Skyrim Star Wars lightsaber mod now from the download links below.

Available on: Xbox One, PC

#4 Use The Force Skyrim

Use The Force mod in Skyrim to turn your world into a Star Wars world where you can engage with your enemies as a Jedi or Sith, with the help of various Force Powers! These powers have been inspired by both the movies and the Star Wars video games.

You have two ways to harness these Powers. Either go to the Wood section at a blacksmith forge and get the item called Holocron. Or, go to the Force Temple cave located in the west of Falkreath and talk to any NPC to buy these spells in exchange for coins. You can also fight for the Holocrons by entering the Light and Dark sanctums. So what will it be, fella?

Use The Force is a Skyrim Special Edition mod available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 users. So no matter what platform you use, you can get it for all!

Available on: Xbox One, PS4, PC

#3 The Way Of The Force

The Way of The Force is a supercool Skyrim Star Wars mod for PC. This is certainly the best mod in the Star Wars category because it lets you harness the Force with all-new spells, weapons, and abilities. You will have to follow a quest to find all the holocrons and then accompany a sphere called Heich Kai to become either a Jedi or a Sith.

Moreover, these spells that you learned would increase in power and functionality as players level up in the game. So get this Skyrim mod to achieve the Force abilities from Star Wars and become more powerful! Fortunately, this Star Wars mod is available for both Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition.

Available on: PC

#2 Jedi Sith Light Armour

This is a Skyrim Star Wars armor mod that adds armor inspired by Jedi and Sith for PC and Xbox One. It brings armored clothing for the two Star Wars characters for both males and females of all races. Moreover, it has three types of clothes for Jedi and two for Sith. So enjoy this lightweight armor mod available for Skyrim Special Edition.

Available on: Xbox One, PC

#1 Star Wars Mod Collection (Magicka Sabers In Hands)

This mod is a collection of all the best Star Wars mods in Skyrim. Luckily, it combines Magicka Sabers, Unique Magicka Sabers, and a lot of cool stuff from Star Wars into one modpack. So the NPCs will now have Blasters and Sabers in their hands.

Moreover, the mod also changes clothing for many characters to Star Wars clothing. For example, General Tullius will now be dressed in Darth Vader’s armor in his castle, Imperial Soldiers will look like Stormtroopers, the Army of Ulfrik will look like Rebel Assault troopers, and much more! So get this awesome Star Wars mod now for Skyrim. However, don’t forget to start a new game for this mod to work.

Download for Oldrim PC


Is there a Star Wars mod for Skyrim?

There are plenty of Star Wars mod for Skyrim and that’s how we covered them all here. In addition, you can also head to Nexus Mods to find more Skyrim Star Wars mods that suit your taste.

Where to find lightsaber Skyrim?

Why do you think there is a lightsaber in vanilla Skyrim? Of course, Skyrim does not have a lightsaber! You must install mods. And depending on the mod, there are many different ways to get a lightsaber. Mostly, you can craft one at the Blacksmith Forge, and some mods even support the customization of the lightsaber’s color.


That’s all, gamers! To conclude, I have pretty much summed up all of the top Star Wars mods for Skyrim for all PC and console users. Let’s bring Skyrim to the next level with those mod features and have fun!

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