The Best Skyrim Faster Leveling Mods


Are you looking for mods that boost your experience so you can level up faster in Skyrim? There are many faster leveling mods in Skyrim. This post enlists the top best Skyrim Faster Leveling mods. With these mods, you can level up much faster than the vanilla version. So let’s have a look at them!

List of TOP 5 Skyrim Faster Leveling Mods To Have In 2021!

#5 Skyrim Uncapper Mod

Skyrim Community Uncapper is a simple ini file that makes tweaks to the player’s leveling in Skyrim. This mod is created by Elys and it unlocks the skill level caps of 100 so that you can keep leveling forever. You will also get bonuses and benefits after level 100 till 199.

Moreover, the mod allows you to customize the follow stuff in Skyrim:

  • Experience earning rate of each skill
  • Player leveling
  • Relation between skill leveling
  • Number of perks
  • Magicka points
  • Health points
  • Stamina points 
  • Carry Weight points

With so many options, you can easily modify the rate of experience you get and ultimately level faster. Uncapper is one of the most popular mods and has almost 3 million downloads! So if you are looking for a way to level up faster, this mod is a must have!

#4 SkyTweak Mod

SkyTweak by GrimyBunyip is a Skyrim mod that makes tweaks and adjustments to several in-game settings. Ever heard of the phrase Jack of all trades? This mod is probably that Jack for Skyrim. The mod allows you to adjust basically any numerical setting in Skyrim as you desire. You can also add or remove any in-game balancing perks by using a handy MCM menu. 

By using this mod, you can easily level up faster by making tweaks to the experience gained so you can level up faster. 

SkyTweak is a must-have mod for anyone who plays Skyrim because it lets you change any settings to your liking. Without this mod, the game is actually quite dull. You’ll know it once you start using the mod!

#3 ESO Skyshards Mod

ESO Skyshards by Arthmoor is a very interesting mod that adds ESO Skyshards (blue crystal structures) throughout the world. Several shards are placed in the province including the areas of Dawnguard and Solstheim. Collecting 3 of these shards would give you 1 perk point. There are a total of 66 shards with 22 extra perk points, that can help you level up faster. 

If you are looking for an adventurous experience while trying to level up, this mod is perfect for you. Since all of the shards are placed at unknown spots, finding them can be a huge challenge. So turn your game into a Skyshard-hunting challenge while leveling up faster!

#2 Faster Skill Leveling plus Slower Leveling

Faster Skill Leveling Ultimate (plus Slower Leveling) by LolzMan1325 mod lets you level up way faster than the vanilla version. The mod basically multiplies the XP earned by players by 0.5, 2, 5 or 10! Of course, 0.5 would cut the experience earned by half whereas anything above that would increase your XP for faster leveling.  

#1 Faster Levelling Mod

Faster Levelling by killthealias makes a huge change to the speed of skill levels in Skyrim. The mod boosts the skills from 2x to a whopping 6x, allowing you to level up WAY faster. So levelling up now would match your playstyle and feel more natural, without feeling like the level system is broken.  So get your hands on this mod if you want to boost your skills 6 times!

Here’s a visual representation of how faster levelling works. 


Sticking to the vanilla settings can sometimes be slow. Level up faster on your skills with these mods. These are the top 5 Skyrim faster leveling mods guaranteed to make you level up faster.

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