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Did you know that there are a lot of Skyrim Civil War mods that will turn the game into a gory, war-afflicted place? Skyrim is a cool medieval place with limited wars but imagine that beautiful snowy place turned into a place torn apart by Civil War, and A LOT OF IT. A place where every house is burning down, there are dead bodies all around you and you get to have an all new Skyrim experience. Sounds dreamy, right?

So I went ahead and searched for the best Skyrim Civil War Mods out there. These are all tried and tested civil war mods for Skyrim that you are gonna love if you are looking for a war-struck Skyrim world. So let’s go ahead and take a look at them, shall we?

List Of The Best Skyrim Civil War Mods

1. Warzones 2015 – Civil Unrest

Warzones 2015 – Civil Unrest is the most popular Skyrim Civil War mod created by MyGoodEye. This mod adds thousands of new and very angry NPCs to Skyrim who are just ready to fight. It also transforms the scenery by adding new battlefields, ambushes, skirmishes and boss characters. You will encounter many interesting characters here. So fight all the pissed off NPCs and capture new areas and fortresses for a highly immersive Civil War experience. 

2. Open Civil War

Open Civil War is a Skyrim Civil War mod created by Simtam. This mod completely transforms the civil war quest-line with original battles. In this mod, you will have to win a city battle in all the holds you have conquered, after the very first Battle of Whiterun. To make things more happening, there will be enemy attempts for the invasion of your holds which you can stop in a city defense battle. This will continue until you have conquered all the holds, except for the final. Lastly, a final hold campaign will start and continue as usual.


3. Immersive Patrols

Immersive Patrols  is a very popular Skyrim civil war mod by Scrabbulor that adds a number of faction patrols to the game. These patrols often cross paths to encounter each other or for unexpected aid. These include Stormcloak, Thalmor, Imperial and Dawnguard patrols for Skyrim and Skaal, Reaver and Riekling patrols for Solstheim.

The mod also adds some small scale Civil War battles to the game all over the map. You will also find some non-Khajiit Caravans traveling between the major cities except for the Winterhold. After you have finished the Civil War quest, the losing faction’s patrol and battle NPCs will be disabled, including Thalmor. Once you have destroyed all the enemy camps after the quest, all of the Civil War NPCs will be disabled, resulting in the end of Civil War for this mod. 

4. The Honored Dead

The Honored Dead mod is a Civil War themed mod created by JakeOberg. This mod reminds you every other minute that you are in the middle of a war-torn game. The mod adds numerous encounters and carnage all over which you will encounter when you are traveling.

You will also come across dead bodies of people who fought for their ideals. Here, you can find loot items with stories of how those people died. There is a lot of loot near the dead bodies so you are also in for a treat.

5. Civil War Repairs

Civil War Repairs is a mod that simply combines three Civil War mods into one, namely Solitude v1.2, Whiterun v1.4 and Windhelm v1.1. The mod pack basically cleans all the Civil War aftermath by fixing the stuff that was damaged by the war. So get your hands on this mod if you want a better and cleaner game with no aftermaths of a civil war. 

6. Civil War Neutrality

Do you wish that there was a way you could stay neutral in Skyrim during the Civil War? Well, this mod makes it possible without letting you miss any important content in the game. The mod also clears out your quest journal and allows you to be the Thane of Eastmarch, without having to become a Stormcloak or a Legionnaire. 

So you will get the Axe of Eastmarch, the “Get Out of Jail Free” card, Calder the Housecarl, and you will get to purchase Hjerim once you finish Blood on the Ice. The mod also places Ice Wraith Bane’s potions in Ulfric’s strategy room in the Palace of the Kings. 

Moreover, it unblocks Korvanjund, which means that you will have access to the Ebony Claw, the Hall of Stories, the Jagged Crown, and the Word Wall for the Slow Time shout. So in total, you get 12 unique things from this mod while staying neutral in the Civil War. 

Download the Civil War Neutrality mod now for Oldrim and Skyrim SE.

7. Diverse Skyrim

Diverse Skyrim
Credits: TheEpicNate315

The Diverse Skyrim mod is a Civil War mod that adds more than 300 new NPCs to the Vanilla leveled lists featuring unique appearances. You can enjoy a great deal of racial diversity and variety while sticking to the lore. 

All the stats, items, levels, spawning, and abilities etc. are based on the Vanilla mechanisms to ensure that the mod is compatible with other mods such as those that tweak the combat stats or add clothing, armor, weapons, and more. 

So if you are tired of attacking and slashing the same enemies over and over them, you will get to enjoy some variety. For instance, not every Vampire would be an Elf or a Nord. The mod adds such things in the Vanilla game that were missing for quite a long time. However, it does not change the lore of the game.

Moreover, the mod creator has kept every race balanced. For instance, for every Orc or Argonian Hunter, there are also Nords and Wood Elf NPCs. So the racial distribution of these NPCs is balanced. 

Download the Diverse Skyrim mod now for Oldrim or Skyrim SE.

8. Civil War Aftermath

Civil War Aftermath mod
Credits: TheEpicNate315

As you can guess from its name, Civil War Aftermath is a Skyrim Civil War mod that lets you take the fight over to the enemy base all over Skyrim. Did you ever notice that you could not kill the enemy commander after entering their encampments and killing everyone even after you had won the war? That was pretty annoying. It just didn’t make sense. 

This mod changes that by letting you burn all the enemy encampments and kill the commander as well. Moreover, you will also get money delivered to you by courier from your general whenever you destroy a camp. 

What’s more, any General can now use the camp as their power symbol in some locations. So get your hands on this mod now to kill the enemy commander along with the rest of the enemies. Burn them all to the ground! 

Download the Civil War Aftermath mod now for Oldrim, Skyrim SE, or Xbox One.

9. Exclusive Civil War Troops

The Exclusive Civil War Troops mod adds variety to the troops to make them better suited for Open Civil War. The mod basically tries to make both the troops of both sides more challenging to defeat. Originally, these troops are supposed to be army factions, which means that they should be very hard to defeat. 

However, this is not the case in vanilla Skyrim. You would notice that the army troops in Skyrim are worse than bandits, which does not make any sense. So this mod aims to change that by making the Imperial Legion more organized and smart and the Stormcloak Rebellion more formidable and mighty. 

So you should expect the battles to be more fierce, challenging, and deadly, just how they should be. These stronger troops will be only in Capital battles, Fort battles, and City battles. So the original Skyrim Civil War leveled list is not messed with. Get it now to transform your battles into real ones!

Download the Exclusive Civil War Troops mod now for Oldrim, Skyrim SE, or Xbox One.

10. Helgen Reborn

Skyrim Helgen Reborn mod
Credits: Brodual

Helgen Reborn is one of the best Skyrim Civil War mods that is a completely voiced mod with more than 20 fully voiced actors. The mod basically allows you to rebuild the entire town and embark on some exciting adventures such as reuniting two long-lost friends, unearthing an undercover slavery ring, battling in an arena, and much more. 

This highly ambitious mod has been created by the author of Fallout: New Vegas “Afterschool Special” and “New Bison Steve Hotel” mods. It is the most detailed mod to rebuild Helgen. You will get to learn about the interesting legend of The Keepers of Hattu when you reunite two old soldiers and are forced into unearthing a decades old feud with a cruel and strong Justiciar from the Aldmeri Dominion. 

Moreover, you will also uncover an underground slavery ring, fight for your life in battles, hire and train your very own town guard or seek protection from the Stormcloaks or the Empire, and do so much more. 

You will get to embark on many adventures as you experience workers rebuilding the town. You also get your very own tower in Helgen as a reward with the most interactive display museum. 

Here is what else the mod features:

  • 6 all new custom dungeons.
  • Cienna is now marrigeable.
  • Misc. dialog for many characters.
  • Option to repeatedly recruit Hattu guards.
  • A new quest to send Froki and Haming to a hill in an empty house.
  • Custom quests for guards missions.
  • Fully voiced mod with the 20 best voice actors.
  • Upto 6 hours of gameplay.
  • 3 sets of armor. 
  • A private tower as the player’s home..
  • A big cavern. 
  • A more vibrant community in Helgen. 
  • And much more!

Download the Helgen Reborn mod now for Oldrim, Skyrim SE, Xbox One, or PS4.

11. Man Those Borders

Skyrim Man Those Borders mods
Credits: TheEpicNate315

Man Those Borders is a really immersive Skyrim Civil War mod that adds manned and unmanned border guard posts and fortifications all around the inner hold borders of Skyrim. The mod basically only adds these guards where they need to be.

The mod adds both strong fortifications that are manned and loaded with plenty of food and drink supplies as well as weaker stockades and tents to deter the attackers. In total, there are over 9 manned and unmanned guard posts added by this mod.

Download the Man Those Borders mod now for Oldrim, Skyrim SE, Xbox One, or PS4.


If you found the Civil War battles in Skyrim too limited, these mods are perfect to fulfill your gory wishes. These are some of the best Skyrim Civil War mods allowing you to participate in more battles, immerse in more encounters and get more loot!

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