Skyrim Vampire Mods – Top 5 Mods In 2021


Top 5 Skyrim Vampire mods in 2021 to enhance the Vampire playthrough in-game.

By Yamna

If you choose to be a vampire in Skyrim and take the path of evil, things are going to be exciting for you, especially after the release of Dawnguard DLC. Everyone loves the vampire playthrough. But do you know that you can make that experience a whole lot better by downloading some Skyrim vampire mods? Because the vampires in Skyrim could use some tweaks and adjustments if you ask me!

So I scoured the internet and found some really cool vampire mods on Nexus and Reddit. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Top 5 Skyrim Vampire Mods of All Time

These are some of the most popular mods for vampires in Skyrim:

#5 Better Vampires 8.5 Mod

Better Vampires is an extremely customizable overhaul of Vampires in Skyrim that gives players the liberty of how they want to play. The vampires are neither weak nor too overpowered because the player will balance the strength of the vampires. The people who you turn into vampires and you will live and feed to boost your powers. 

The mod strives to balance the game for Vampires, offer flexibility and improve their overall experience. This mod is only for your character and is not compatible with NPCs. So download it now for Oldrim or Special Edition and have fun being a vampire!

Download Better Vampires 8.5 mod for Oldrim, SSE (PC) and Xbox One.

Skyrim Better Vampires

Zero Period Productions via YouTube

#4 Lustmord Vampire Armor Mod

This is a simple vampire mod that adds a Lustmord Vampire armor pack to the game. It is a completely modular and customizable system that comes with unique features including light armor for males and females, a new crossbow, support for vanilla, UNP, UNPB, CBBE body types and a lot more!

So download it now for Oldrim and Skyrim SE and enjoy a new defense system in Skyrim!

Download Lustmord Vampire Armor for Oldrim, SSE (PC) and Xbox One.

Skyrim Lustmord Vampire armor

Brodual via YouTube

#3 Sacrosanct – Vampires of Skyrim Mod

Sacrosanct is a vampire mod that overhauls the vampires and vampire lords of Skyrim. It adds reverse progression, powers, new abilities, perks, hemomancy, tweaks for discerning undead monsters and many new progression systems. 

Download Sacrosanct – Vampires of Skyrim mod for Oldrim, SSE (PC) and Xbox One

Skyrim Sacrosanct mod

Brodual via YouTube

#2 Werewolf Or Vampire Starter Spell Tome

This vampire mod for PS4 adds Spelltomes in Skyrim which are located on a table in the Helgen Keep Imperial  near the entrance side. One of these Tomes is for the Vampire lord and the other is for werewolves. 

Both of these spells are illusion based and have a weight of 8000 in order to connect to the other mod by the same author which has chests full of interesting stuff. 

Download Werewolf Or Vampire Starter Spell Tome mod for PS4.

Even more werewolf mods are listed here!

#1 Molag Bal Vampire Lord Version 2

This mod adds changes to the texture of the vampire lord’s body. As a result, the vampire lord will no longer have a cape and you can even change the color of his armor with the help of some Vampire Body Replacer mods. If you do use other mods, place them above this mod in the load order. 

Download Molag Bal Vampire Lord mod for PS4.

Skyrim Vampire mod PS4

Aurllcooljay via YouTube


So that’s all folks! These Oldrim and Skyrim SE vampire mods for PC, Xbox One and PS4 would be more than enough to balance out your vampire playthrough in Skyrim.

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