Skyrim Vampire Appearance Mods for PS4 and Xbox One


Top 5 Skyrim Vampire Appearance Mods to Transform the Appearance of Vanilla Vampires.

If you ever don’t like an aspect of Skyrim and wish it could be changed, you will find a mod for it. Skyrim’s modding community has been the most active community we have ever seen. No matter what aspect you want to change, there are hundreds of mods for it. And if there is one thing that NEEDS to be changed in Skyrim, it is the appearance of vampires.

Let’s face it. The vampires in Skyrim look nowhere near what we have seen in the Hollywood movies. They are an utter disappointment. So we, with the help of some kickass modders, decided to change that and bring  for you a collection of the absolute best Skyrim Vampire Appearance mods. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

1. Fangs and Eyes – A Vampire Appearance Mod

Skyrim Vampire Appearance Mod
Credits: Bob Bob The Gamer

Fangs and Eyes is a vampire appearance mod that does what it says. IT transforms the eyes and fangs of your vampire character and all the other vampire NPCs. For females, these fangs are designed to be shorter and are clearly visible. There are over 10 different eye colors in this mode. 

Moreover, the male vampires will no longer have fangs in their bottom jaw. Whereas their top fangs will now be shorter. All of the NPCs will also have new eyes and fangs. This mod does not affect Harkon, Serana, and Valerica at all. 

Download the Fangs and Eyes mod now for Skyrim, Skyrim SE, and Xbox One.

2. DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance

Skyrim Vampire Appearance Mod
Credits: Brodual

The Dynamic Vampire Appearance mod overhauls the appearance of vampires to show the different stages of being a vampire. The DVA mod also makes several other visual changes, including blood spots around their mouth area after they feed, and glowing eyes when in night vision or in combat. You can fully customize the DVA mod using SkyUI’s Mod Configuration Menu. 

Download the DVA mod now for Skyrim.

3. Enhanced Vampire Face

Enhanced Vampire Face
Credits: mperialAgent1992モッド

The Enhanced Vampire Face mod makes vampires in Skyrim more appealing by removing dirt from their faces and making them look less violent and more attractive. It basically transforms them into prettier vampires. This mod is compatible with all the beautification mods.

Download the Enhanced Vampire Face mod now for Xbox One and PS4.

4. Dawnguard Vampires – Retain your Appearance

The Dawnguard Vampires is a great vampire mod for Skyrim that lets you retain your pretty appearance as a vampire. You no longer have to look like or at ugly vampires anymore. Once you activate the well inside the room, you will have three choices. You can either choose to be Younger (your normal appearance), Older (your vampire appearance), or cancel the process. Once you select any option, you will return to looking like your original Race and not look like a vampire. However, you can still do everything that a vampire does.

Download the Dawnguard Vampires mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

5. Cosmetic Vampire Overhaul

Cosmetic Vampire Overhaul
Credits: Quendulur

The Cosmetic Vampire Overhaul mod transforms all the vampire NPCs in the game to have a better appearance. It also replaces their vanilla eyes with custom vampire eyes in blue and red colors. Moreover, the vampires will not have a deformed facial structure in the game anymore. Vampires will also have more options for body sizes and feature a lighter skin. Their makeup has also been improved to make them look more appealing. 

Download the Cosmetic Vampire Overhaul mod now for Skyrim SE and Xbox One.

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How to Download the Skyrim Appearance Mod?

If you are downloading the Skyrim appearance mod for PC, you can use the Vortex Mod Manager. For PS4 and Xbox One mods, you will have to use the website to add the mods to your library.


So that’s all about the best Skyrim vampire appearance mods, folks. Your vampire character and NPCs do not have to look ugly anymore. Transform their appearance to make them look much more appealing and humanoid. 

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