Top 16 Best Naruto Mods Skyrim and Skyrim SE


Naruto is a popular Japanese manga series that people from around the world have been fond of, despite it coming to an end after 15 long years of television time. In fact, Naruto fans are follow its sequel, Boruto.

Fortunately, Naruto fans who also love spending their free time playing Skyrim can stay connected to the anime series through the various gaming mods available. Which gaming mods, in particular, should you be on the lookout for? Perhaps you will find the answers in this blog covering the best Naruto mods Skyrim fans and professional modders have created.

If you’re as excited about these mods as we are then let’s jump right into the topic of the hour!

Top 16 Best Naruto Mods Skyrim

#1 Akatsuki and Naruto Overhaul from Naruto Anime

Naruto mods Skyrim

Credits: Stormwolf

One of the most iconic aspects of the Naruto anime series is the merch that the characters are seen wearing. Naruto fans will be more than delighted with this Naruto ultimate overhaul mod as it includes numerous items of clothing from both the popular group called Akatsuki’s and Naruto’s wardrobe.

The most beloved and in-demand item remains to be the Akatsuki outfit – both in the real and the gaming world. Now, thanks to the 1a1a apparel collection, your Skyrim characters can don these famous robes as well.

The following are some of the other items this mod will add to your game for your character and NPCs:

  • Naruto sage outfit
  • Deidara eye scope
  • Gaara’s gourd
  • Sasuke’s taka outfit
  • Akatsuki har
  • Madara’s mask
  • Ninja outfit with a leaf headband
  • Pain’s piercing
  • Jiraiya headband
  • Kakashi’s mask and headband
  • Tobi’s mask
  • Itachi ring
  • Naruto headband

Download the Akatsuki and Naruto Clothing Pack for Skyrim now from this Nexus version of the Naruto overhaul!

#2 Samehada and Swords from Naruto by Jabus and Tyrelh

Naruto mods Skyrim

Credits: ScorbasGaming

If you’ve already downloaded the Naruto – Seven Swordsmen Blades mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, you’ll be delighted to know that this mod is a conversion of the same for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. When you reach Skyforge in Whiterun in Skyrim, the Samehada will be added there. The original versions include shark skin and bandages – and there’s a surprise mixed version of the bandages and skin.

In addition to this, you will also find Sabusa’s sword, Shibuki, and the Seven Star Sword. The latest version of the mod will allow you to use the weapons in one-handed or two-handed gameplay and with or without enchantments. Moreover, the bandaged-up version of Samehada’s will now absorb Magicka.

Want to find these treasures in Skyrim? Download the Samehada and Swords from Naruto by Jabus and Tyrelh mod for Skyrim now!

#3 Bleach Naruto Anime Style Facepaint and Eyes

This mod includes face paint that resembles several anime characters, including a surprise Mike Tyson tattoo. However, most of the face paints have been inspired by Naruto and Bleach. The mod replaces the war paints featured on both male and female characters in the game with the new and updated face paints of your favorite anime characters.

The following are some of the face paints you’ll find in pack 1 of this mod that is inspired by the Naruto anime series:

  • Gaara
  • Kankuro
  • Kiba
  • Naruto

Want to try the Bleach Naruto Anime Style Facepaint and Eyes mod for yourself? Download it for Skyrim now!

#4 New Mesh Akatsuki Robe Standalone from Naruto

New Mesh Akatsuki Robe Standalone from Naruto
Credits: 陳志邦

Want your character to wear the new and improved, better textured, and meshed Akatsuki robe that closely imitates the original Akatsuki attire? This mod by 1a1a adds the robe when you reach Whiterun at the Skyforge.

The robe’s mesh takes inspiration from Thalmor Hood, replacing the hood with a collar. The mod also allows Skyrim players to use a replacer version, given they already have a monk robe in their inventory.

Download the New Mesh Akatsuki Robe Standalone from Naruto for Skyrim today!

#5 Naruto Susanoo Ribcages Power

Naruto Susanoo Ribcages Power

Credits: Stormwolf

Thanks to Kurasa25, the mod creator, you can have your Skyrim character don the purple or blue ribcages that Sasuke and Itachi manifested at several points throughout the anime series to protect themselves. While the mod won’t let your character transform into Susanoo or give you more than the aesthetic value of the ribcages, it’s still worth giving a shot if you’re a die-hard Naruto fan.

Want to become invincible in Skyrim? Download the Naruto Susanoo Ribcages Power mod for Skyrim today!

#6 Standalone Eyes from Naruto

You’ll find numerous special, chakra-infused eyes from the Naruto universe in this mod by AntiiMatter. The 13 eyes featured in this mod will work with all races and you’ll be able to confuse your enemies as your mimic their abilities, trap them in torture dimensions, and block their mana flow.

Currently, the mod includes the following:

  • Orochimaru
  • 1-3 stages of Sharingan
  • Sasuke Eternal Mangekyo Shringan
  • Sagemode
  • Rinnegan
  • Nine-Tails Sage Mode
  • Kakashi’s Mangekyo Sharingan
  • Itachi’s Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan
  • Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan
  • Byakugan

Download the Standalone Eyes from Naruto mod by AntiiMatter for Skyrim now!

#7 Yondaime and Asuma Kunai from Naruto by Stoltie92

Thanks to this mod by 1a1a, you get two Asuma Tekken, with the ability to paralyze the enemy [Shikamaru jutsu] and a Tondaime Junai, with no special enchantments currently, as Skyforge in Whiterun. The mod is a conversion of the Yondaimes Fliegender Donnergott-Kunai + chakramesser” from Stoltie92.

Click here to download the Yondaime and Asuma Kunai from Naruto mod for Skyrim now!

#8 Naruto Hair Pack by Gameothic

Naruto Hair Pack by Gameothic

Credits: Kurtwillgame

The Naruto Hair Pack mod by Gameothic adds 2K hair textures that have been designed by scratch using a substance designer/painter and the latest version includes a redone UV map, which introduces a better resolution for Skyrim and Skyrim SE players.

With this mod, you can roleplay as a weeaboo or shinobi and change your character’s hairstyle to some of your favorite characters from Naruto. Created for The Uchiha Clan Race Extension, the mod features hairstyles of the following:

  • Sasuke
  • Orochimaru
  • Obito [long hair]
  • Mei
  • Hinata
  • Neji
  • Hashirama
  • Deidara
  • Itachi
  • Madara
  • Minato

Want to test out this mod? You can download Naruto Hair Pack by Gameothic for Skyrim and Skyrim SE now!

#9 Naruto Headband By sesorizcl

This mod by sesorizcl adds two different types of ninja headbands; Kakashi and Naruto which can be found in Sleepinggiant. However, Skyrim players are required to utilize their ninja skills or ability to plot a theft to steal it from a barrel near the bar. If there’s anything you should be on the lookout for, it’s the popular Naruto headband collection offered in this mod.

You can download the Naruto Headband mod by sesorizcl for Skyrim and Skyrim SE now!

#10 Tobirama Paint (Naruto)

Naruto fans around the world are fascinated by Tobirama’s red markings on his face, which included one under each of his eyes and one on his chin. Until 2014, no Skyrim player could find a mod that could add Tobirama Senju’s markings into Skyrim – that is, of course, until Duality13x created a mod specifically for this purpose.

The mod replaces the first female and male warpaint of specific races, including Nord, Breton, Imperial, Orc, and Redguard. 

Want to add Tobirama Paint into your game? Download this mod for Skyrim and Skyrim SE now!

#11 Naruto Eyes by ReisGuard

Although just a retexture of the regular eyes, this mod enables Skyrim players to subtly showcase their love for the Naruto anime series. The eyes can be used on all races and you will only have to rename them for your convenience. You will get 12 different eyes from this set, including those that belong to Byakugan, Shisui’s Mangekyo, Sasuke’s Rinnegan, Kakashi, and Sharingan.

You can download the Naruto Eyes Skyrim mod by ReisGuard now!

#12 Naruto Pack Replacer

The Naruto Pack Replacer mod contains several Naruto mods, including costumes, weapons, and some surprising miscellaneous items. The mod by Several has combined the mods that were created by exoshinoizme and groundedbeef.

Whether you want to use Sasuke’s sword with one- or two-handed play, you can do so with this mod. Moreover, you can also dress your character in Chunin [Thieves Guild] or Sasuke [Roughpun Tunic] costumes. You will also find some miscellaneous items featured by the Uchiha in Naruto. So this is your chance to be a part of the Almighty Uchiha clan!

Want to explore the Naruto Pack Replacer in Skyrim? Download this mod for Skyrim now!

#13 Naruto Fire Release Great Fireball Uchiha

Naruto Fire Release Great Fireball Uchiha

Credits: NaniDev

The Great Fireball Technique, where the kneaded Chakra converts inside the body and is released through the mouth as a continuous flame-thrower or orb of roaring flame is one of the many great moves seen in Naruto. This mod adds the spell of Fire Release Great Fireball from the anime series into the game.

Want your character to master the art of controlling the volume of chakra to alter the scope of their The Great Fireball technique? Download Naruto Fire Release Great Fireball Uchiha for Skyrim today!

#14 Dragon Ball and Naruto Spell Package

If you would like to cast Naruto jutsu in Skyrim, this is the mod for you! Created by luheu1 in 2019, the Dragon Ball and Naruto Spell Package mod for Skyrim adds several spells inspired by the anime series Naruto and Dragon Ball. The spells can be found in a chest in Dragonsreach, which is located on the left of the entrance. Some of the best include Rasenshuriken, Sand Coffin, and more.

The spells are divided into two groups; Chakra and Ki, which are further divided into subgroups, such as Kaioken, Rinnegan, and Sage. However excited you may be to use the available spells, you must ensure first that your character is not on low health or a low level – otherwise, your character may die.

Download the Dragon Ball and Naruto Spell Package for Skyrim now!

#15 Naruto War Paint

Created by LETHALrunzXBL, the Naruto War Paint mod adds a whopping 10 new Naruto-themed war paints into your game, replacing the vanilla ones available in your inventory. The vanilla war paint collection will be replaced by a high-definition Naruto war paint collection.

Want to replace your vanilla war paint collection with Naruto war paint? Download the Naruto War Paint mod for Skyrim now!

#16 Itachi Ring from Naruto Anime

The Itachi Rin from Naruto Anime mod by 1a1a adds a re-texture of all the rings to have them mimic the shape, color, and design of the Itachi ring. The ring features the symbol of Shu [Skarlet], which makes it appear similar to Itachi’s ring and the mod does not require any codes.

To find this ring, head to the Whiterun at the SKyforge. You will only need a ring with a gem in your inventory to use this mod.

Download the Itachi Ring mod for Skyrim today!

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Concluding Thoughts

Did you enjoy reading about all the best Naruto mods Skyrim can be made even better with? If you’re a fan of the anime series, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on any of these mods for PC! Now that you have read the actual mod description for each of these, bag these Skyrim Naruto mods now and test out the various packs to find out which one best suits your gaming style and needs today! Also, take a look at our related articles section to stay up-to-date with the latest news on your favorite game’s best mods.

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