Skyrim Player Voice Mod for PS4, PC, and Xbox One


Are you tired of the same old player voices in the game and are looking for a Skyrim player voice mod? Skyrim is more than a decade old game that players still play and enjoy. However, after all these years, the entire in-game experience may seem a little too familiar and you may want something new, something unexpected, and something unpredictable.

For instance, many players get sick of the same old character and NPC voice lines. For such players, we have gathered a list of the best Skyrim player voice mods. So let’s take a look at them, shall we?

1. Player Voicesets

Skyrim Player Voice Mod
Credits: Brodual

Do you find it weight how your violent episodes of murder and rage are completely silent? Well, with the Player Voicesets, you can change that by making your psychotic and non-psychotic episodes more immersive. There is also a custom voice option that makes your experience even more immersive.

You can download the Player Voicesets mod for Skyrim and Skyrim SE.

2. Additional Player Voices for Skyrim

Skyrim Player Voice Mod
Credits: Remix Revive

The Additional Player Voices mod for Skyrim adds voice lines for the player for different events. The mod adds various new voice lines when your character is attacking, casting spells, sneaking, exploring locations, taking damage, or getting dragon souls. There is also an optional file in this mod that will stop your character’s comments while they are sneaking.

You can download the Additional Player Voices mod for Skyrim, Skyrim SE, and Xbox One.

3. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
Credits: Brodual

The Relationship Dialogue Overhaul mod adds more than 5,000 completely voiced lines for NPCs. There are 50 different voice types that are added for your spouses, followers, rivals, and friends. All of these voice lines are repurposed from the original voices from the vanilla game, by adding existing voice lines to wherever suitable and generating all new dialogues.

Some of the dialogues for friends and your allies are much more friendly and personalized, rather than just acknowledging and recognizing your presence. 

Moreover, your followers will sound less robotic and more realistic, like a companion you are traveling with. Your spouse will also talk to you like a real spouse, instead of just another follower. 

The complete follower dialogue available for all 42 voice types and some unique voices too. So voices like those of the Children, Commoner, Elder, Argonian, High Elf, etc. will now support the fully voiced follower dialogues. 

Get all of this and much more with the Relationship Dialogue Overhaul mod for Skyrim, Skyrim SE, and Xbox One.

4. Guard Dialogue Overhaul

Guard Dialogue Overhaul
Credits: Robiehn Vids

The Guard Dialogue Overhaul adds more dialogue for the Guard to make your experience much more immersive. All of the Guard dialogue bugs have been fixed and there are many more dialogue additions that are completely compliant with the lore. 

The mod increases your immersion in the world by recognizing your actions and responding with immersive replies rather than annoying you or passing disrespectful comments. Don’t get me wrong. This mod does not remove any of the guard’s comments. They will still mock you during the start of the game. 

However, once you have completed all the in-game quests and have earned their respect, the guards will be less rude to you and their attitudes will eventually change. 

Download the Guard Dialogue Overhaul mod for Skyrim, Skyrim SE, Xbox One, and PS4.

5. Realistic Conversations

Realistic Conversations mod
Credits: LunarGaming

The Realistic Conversations mod is a voice mod that makes your conversations with NPCs much more realistic. There won’t be any more long pauses between their dialogues. Instead, the NPCs in Skyrim will talk like real people do. They will act less robotic and more realistic. In addition to their dialogues, their emotions and expressions have also been overhauled. 

You can download the Realistic Conversations mod for Skyrim, Skyrim SE, PS4, and Xbox One.

How to Download the Skyrim Player Voice Mod?

You can download the Skyrim player voice mods for PC using the Vortex mod manager tool. For PS4 and Xbox One, you can download the player voice mods by adding them to your library from

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So that’s all, folks! Get your hands on these top 5 Skyrim player voice mods to make your in-game dialogues much more immersive and realistic.

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