Skyrim Fast Travel Mods To Enable And Disable Fast Travel


Sick of traveling on foot? Skyrim does not really have many fast modes of travel. Your only options are to walk or ride on a house, which can be daunting. But why travel for hours when you can cover the same distance within minutes? Yup, that’s right! Now you can fast travel in Skyrim. Fortunately for us lazy fellas, there are many Skyrim Fast Travel mods that let you reach your destinations quickly. So without further ado, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Top Fast Travel Mods in Skyrim

Here are the absolute best fast travel mods for Oldrim and Special Edition that you can install both on your PC and consoles:

Better Fast Travel – Carriages and Ships – Overhauled

Firstly, I have the Better Fast Travel mod for you. This Skyrim mod introduces fast travel in Oldrim via carriages and boats. The carriages operate in small towns and have fares based on the distance traveled. As a result, you get to have a much more immersive travelling experience. Moreover, its pricing is also customizable in the MCM menu. Cool, right? You can set a more realistic pricing system now.

Fortunately, this quick travel mod supports both vanilla and Hearthfires. And the later version comes with player built houses with the carriages as well as some additional locations to the Hearthfire carriages.

Better Horses

Better Horses mod in Skyrim transforms the horses into faster beasts full of stamina. With horses full of stamina and speed, you can travel anywhere quickly. You can even travel to longer distances as they won’t tire any soon. Moreover, these horses will stay away from combats and won’t engage.

Interestingly, this fast travel mod is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. So install it now for both Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition from the download links below!

Marelo’s Overhaul

Do you want to disable fast travel in Skyrim? I have a mod that disables all kinds of fast traveling except when you are riding a dragon. As a result, you can stick to the game’s old-age theme. Just perfect for when you want to experience things slowly!

So Marelo’s Overhaul is a mod that makes major changes in the gameplay, magic, perks and other stuff in Skyrim. Moreover, it also allows you to disable fast travel. When installing the mod, just make sure that you install the standalone optional file called Disable Fast Travel 32. So get your hands on this mod now from the download link below!

Skyrim Disable Fast Travel

This simple mod disables fast travel in Skyrim, allowing you to move on foot, on a horse, stagecoach or in a ferry. So get this mod for Skyrim Special Edition and Oldrim from the links below. No more fast travel!

Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (Formerly Complete Fast Travel Overhaul)

This mod overhauls the transport system in Skyrim. As a result, you can fast travel both in Special Edition and Oldrim. The carriages and ferries in Skyrim have been overhauled to offer you realistic prices and a better mode of traveling. Moreover, the mod also features some cut carriage dialogues, making the experience more immersive.

So get this highly stable and bug-free travel mod from the download links below!

Fast Travel From Interiors 

You can now fast travel anywhere in Skyrim Special Edition on PS4, Xbox One or PC! Because this mod allows you to travel within the interiors to anywhere in Skyrim! However, do not fast travel while in quest sequences as you will end up breaking the quests. That’s ot!

So get this mod now for PC, PS4 or Xbox One and travel anywhere with the speed of light!

That’s All Folks!

Whether you want to enable of disable fast travel in Skyrim, I’ve listed all the best and relevant mods for PS4, Xbox One and PC users. So enjoy! 

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