Skyrim Spellsword Mod – Everything You Need To Know


Imagine having martial skills that are powered by magic, sounds dreamy right? Turns out you can achieve it in Skyrim. By combining One-Handed, Destruction, Illusion, Alteration, and Restoration, you can achieve a hybrid playstyle in the vanilla game. Some mods let you become a spellsword, a warrior who instills magic into their sword skills to take down their foes. This article is all about Skyrim Spellsword mod for Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition on PC and Xbox One. So let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Skyrim Spellsword Mod Tutorial

Spellsword mod for Skyrim created by BusinessGoose introduces a new type of spellcasting system in Skyrim. It lets you harness magical powers as enchantments into your weapons, jewelry and shields. You can do so by pressing the MCM configurable casting button to either block or attack. The mod is available for both Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition for PC users.

Download Skyrim Spellsword mod for Oldrim

Download Skyrim SE Spellsword mod for Special Edition

How Does It Work?

After installing the mod, you will need to finish a quest about getting a book from MCM. So open the MCM, get to know about it and set the casting and spell inventory buttons. Then select the option to send the manual “Combat Casting” to yourself. After reading the manual that has all the details about using the mod, you will have the opportunity to begin with a basic spell-enchanted item. That’s how you will finish the quest. 

You will need to fill the new spell-enchantments with the desired spells as they don’t come with any spells. To do so, get the spell in your right hand, go to your inventory, and press either the spell inventory or casting key on the spell-enchanted item. 

To cast a spell from your weapon or shield, just press and hold the casting button and block or attack. All the spells can be set to cast either on attack or block in the MCM, except for the concentration spells that can only be cast on block. However, the jewelry cannot cast spells. It can only hold them. To cast these and the others, you should use any enchanted weapon or shield. 

Note: Only one spell can be active and cast at a time if you have multiple of them equipped. To change the active spell, you will need to cycle through them by using the spell selection key. 

Check the video tutorial below for Spellsword Mod by Brodual

Skyrim Spellsword Animation Mod

Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim is a spellpack that adds 155 new and balanced spells to Skyrim SE with high-quality animations. The mod also enables feasible spellcasters without Conjuration or Destruction. You can also use it as a spellsword animation mod for Skyrim. It is available for both PC and Xbox One users for Skyrim Special Edition.

Download Skyrim Special Edition Apocalypse mod for Xbox One

Download Skyrim Special Edition Apocalypse mod for PC 

Skyrim Spellsword Armor Mod

STAR: Spellswords (A Superior Treasure And Rewards Mod) allows you to get heavy armor and one-handed weapons upon completing quests in Skyrim Special Edition. The chests that you loot after killing others would be filled with this armor, one-handed weapons, spell books, magic staffs, or magic scrolls. 

Download Skyrim SE Spellsword Armor mod for Xbox One

Download Skyrim SE Spellsword Armor mod for PS4

Skyrim Spellsword Follower Mod

Evangeline – the Custom Voice Breton Spellsword mod adds a marriageable spellsword follower in Skyrim Special Edition. Evangeline would comment on everything and would react to everything you do or say. She will also remember things so having her by your side would be fun in Skyrim. Your actions would also have influences on her. 

Download Evangeline for Skyrim Special Edition (PC)

Skyrim Spellsword Block Mod

Dual Wield Parrying mod is a spellsword block mod for Skyrim that lets you parry or block attacks when you are wielding dual weapons. 

Download Skyrim Dual Wield Parrying mod for PC

Download Skyrim Dual Wield Blocking Animations mod for PC 


To wrap things up, that’s all about the different spellsword mods in Skyrim and how you can use them to improve your playstyle. Get them now and become a hybrid warrior. 

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