Best Skyrim Enchanting Mods for PC, XB1 and PS4

By Yamna

Enchanting in Skyrim is a pretty cool skill that allows you to buff your weapons, armor, and jewelry with magic. But if you ask me, these enchanting effects could use major upgrades in terms of their appearance and balance. Don’t worry though! The gods (modders) have finally listened to us and developed some kickass Skyrim enchanting mods.

List Of The Best Skyrim Enchanting Mods In 2021

In this post, we list down the top 5 enchanting mods in Skyrim for PC, XB1 and PS4. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

1. Summermyst – Enchantments

Skyrim Enchanting Mod

Credits: SurprisedRook

Summermyst is perhaps the most popular enchanting mod in Skyrim. This mod introduces 120 new enchantments to the game that are built-in with the vanilla item system in Skyrim. So you can easily buy or loot them from the enemies and apply them to your items. 

In addition to these new enchantments, the mod has also fixed the vanilla enchantment system by rebalancing it and making it more immersive. 

This super cool enchanting mod is available for both Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition on PC and Xbox One

2. Wintermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim

Skyrim Enchanting Mod

Credits: Brodual

Like Summermyst, Wintermyst also adds 124 brand new enchantments to Skyrim that you can access via hundreds of new enchanted items that are added in the loot lists and vendor inventories. All 124 of these new enchantments are disenchanted. The mod also fixes several bugs in the vanilla enchantment system. Wintermyst also adds thousands of new enchanted items, integrated with the vanilla enchantment system. 

Wintermyst is available for both Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition.  

3. Draco Enchantment Overhaul With Vendor

Skyrim Enchanting Mod Xbox One and PS4

Credits: LunarGaming

Draco is a Skyrim enchantment mod that adds a new vendor to the game near the enchanting table in the college of winterhold. This new vendor deals with all the enchantments in the game as well as 82 all new enchantments. The mod also rebelances the enchantment system in Skyrim so it is better at low levels.

This Skyrim enchanting mod is available for Oldrim, Skyrim Special Edition (PC), Xbox One and PS4.

4. Enchantments Unleashed [PS4]

Skyrim Enchanting Mod PS4

Credits: Verdict of Odin

Enchantments Unleashed is a Skyrim enchanting mod for PS4 that applies practically any enchantments to any piece of armor. By installing this mod, you will be lifting all the item-type restrictions in the vanilla enchantment system in Skyrim. 

Get this mod for PS4 now to unleash all the enchantments in Skyrim!

5. VAE – Visual Animated Enchants

Skyrim Enchanting Mod PC

Credits: Merciful king

VAE is a replacer mod for the animations and visual effects of enchantments on weapons. If you are not a fan of the boring enchantment animations, get the VAE mod to make your experience much more immersive. 

The VAE mod adds visual enchantment effects on weapons without altering their power.These highly detailed visual effects are for all the weapons in Skyrim. For instance, fear now has a screaming face, poison has a glowing skull. The poison effect specially created for this mod is present in a jar in the Dragon’s Reach. Destroy the weapon to make the effects work.

This Skyrim enchanting effects mod is available for both PC and Xbox One.

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Final Words

So that’s all folks! Try these Skyrim enchanting mods to overhaul the vanilla enchantment system in Skyrim and make it more immersive and balanced.

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